Dell Inspiron M731R Review Buying a Dell Inspiron Laptop

There are brand and budget questions that every laptop buyer needs an answer to. Let us check one of the leading brands for laptops worldwide. The Dell Inspiron series has a good build quality and a sturdy nature. The physical appeal is one of the main features when consumers check for the device. A buyer can imagine using the device when it matches their appeal. This is not limited to any specific design. Hence, sturdy and sleek might be different preferences for different customers.

Dell is known to have a gaming series and the Inspiron series which is popular with consumers. Dell Inspiron M731R model is not a gaming-specified laptop. Since there is a separate line for gaming laptops simultaneously the Inspiron is made for other usages. A customer care service that the manufacturer provides to the consumer plays a prominent role in attracting possible buyers. Dell does seem to have a reputed interaction with its consumers.

What Features does the Inspiron Model Possess?

This is a vital question when browsing for a laptop purchase. The body and the functionality are sides of the same coin. Some users might focus on the capability of the laptop and less on the outer look. This is usually common when looking for a specific feature and you have decided your purchase.

But what if you are merely browsing to understand and choose what draws your attention? Most users try this tactic as it works better.

Here are the specifications to help you understand the Dell Inspiron M731R better.

Internal specifications for the Dell Inspiron M731R Model   

  • This laptop brings you an operating system of 8.1 with a 62-bit computing system.
  • The processor is an AMD A10 5745M coming at a clock speed of 2.1 GHz. The maximum turbo speed for this can go to 2.9 GHz.
  • The number of Cores for the laptop is Quad-Core.
  • The cache detail is 4 MB.
  • The chipset type for the laptop is AMD A76M
  • The laptop has an integrated graphics processor, the AMD Radeon HD 8610 G.
  • For communication details, the laptop has a wireless and wired protocol. An 802.11b/g/n and a Bluetooth 4.0 both are available. For wired, a 10/100 Ethernet is available.

The Physical Details of Dell Inspiron M731R

  • The display is an LED type. It is a WLED backlight with a widescreen display. It is a TrueLife monitor.
  • At a diagonal size of 17.2 inches, the laptop has an HD+ display resolution.
  • The laptop has a DVD-RW Optical Drive.
  • The storage interface is a Serial ATA-300.
  • The RAM capacity of this model is 8 GB with a memory speed of 1333 MHz. The type is DDR3 SDRAM. The maximum supported size is also 8 GB. The form factor for it is SO-DIMM, 204-pin.
  • For a video requirement, this Dell laptop has a webcam with a capture resolution of 1280 x 720. The webcam has a 1-megapixel integrated feature.
  • Dell Inspiron M731R model has built-in stereo speakers and a microphone for audio features. T has Waves Maxx Audio.
  • There is a hard drive on the laptop with a capacity of 1 TB. It has a spindle speed of 5400 rpm and the type is HDD.
  • The keyboard is a regular numeric keypad type. There is a touchpad for a pointing device feature.
  • There is a 4 in 1 card reader available for external cards. It supports memory stick, memory stick pro, SDMC, and SDHC.
  • The laptop is operated with a 6-cell battery with decent battery life.
  • There is a slot for PCI Express half mini card.
  • The Dell Inspiron M731R laptop has ports for
  1. HDMI
  2. LAN
  3. 2 ports for USB 3.0
  4. 2 ports for USB 2.0
  5. A single port for the microphone and headphones.
  • The laptop is slightly more than the average lightweight product. It weighs 6.39 pounds.
  • The dimensions for the body are 16.2 inches, 10.6 inches, and 1.4 inches (W x D x H).
  • The laptop is ENERGY STAR certified.

It is easier to navigate after recognizing what characteristics the specific laptop model has. The Dell Inspiron model is a consumer-friendly upgrade to consider. Like every other benefit, there is also a downside to product usage. How good is the user experience? Let us find out.

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Using the Dell Inspiron M731R Set

The interface is user-friendly and the user can make personalized homes and the start screen. The widescreen display is on the larger side of the standard Notebook. The price for the product can be considered mid-level. So, if you want to invest a certain amount, the features are quite up to the mark.


The laptop does provide a decent gaming capability if you are looking for a gaming feature in your purchase. This is not a specific gaming-based laptop. However, it does allow you to play tons of what is available in the market. The integrated graphics card in Inspiron M731R is also capable of giving a good enough feed for gameplay. The 8GB RAM and the 1TB storage allow coherency in a gaming experience.


When we say editing, we inculcate video and photo editing strength in the laptop. This device does allow you to have an editing experience of your collection. Making a fun-filled video for your friends and family, you can do so easily in this model. Video making for the office presentation or college work can also be fulfilled. The interface is capable and the storage is good enough to hold the content.


The internet is not only an entertainment piece but also informative. It is a must-have for all. Since the laptop offers a good wireless protocol, you can browse and surf along with the internet smoothly.

Internet feature also allows you to stream online platforms and social media connections. YouTube and other video viewing platforms are accessible with no hassle.

Connectivity usage via the webcam is possible when a good internet connection is received. You can video call for a meeting and catch up with friends via Skype usage.

Should you consider the Inspiron M731R? 

One of the main essentials of a laptop is processor strength. This Dell model has a Quad-Core processor. For more or less the same price consumers often like to opt for i3, i5 processors, etc. But the Quad-Core Dell laptop has a good capacity of fulfilling most user necessities.

In terms of internet usage, a powerful connection is mandatory for smoother surfing. Lesser speed internet might cause to lag while browsing because of limited range.

The laptop is on the bulkier side. So, if the physical body is an issue, you might not prefer the build. However, the portability of the product is not impossible. You can travel and carry them for work. It just might not always be a comfy alternative. Spending the amount of the price to sit and home and use the notebook is more of a better option.

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