How to Make a Clan in Destiny 2: – Whether beginners or experts, it won’t be wrong to say that gamers are everywhere. We’ve seen that many are so obsessed to complete a mission that they even spend hours and hours without thinking about anything else. We must say that games are life for such people.

There are so many popular games in the market that not only pro gamers but other people also love to play to spend some leisure time. One such game is ‘Destiny 2.’ We know you must have heard about that game and play it as well. That is the reason why you are on this post to know how to make a Clan in Destiny 2. 

Don’t worry, we’ll discuss this, but let us first have a brief look at what this game is all about. Besides this, we’ll also talk a bit about what ‘clan’ means in destiny 2. 

What is the Destiny 2 Game?

Developed by Bungie, Destiny 2 is an online multiplayer shooting game. Due to its amazing graphics, this game gained popularity in a lesser time.

One of the best things that we love about this game is that it is free-to-play. This simply means that you only have to create a free account and you can enjoy this game. Destiny 2 was originally released as a paid game, but on October 1, 2019, it became a free-to-play game under the title ‘New Light.’

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This game can be enjoyed solo but, if you have 3-4 friends to play along with, the enjoyment will just get doubled. That’s where the role of clans come in.  They help you find gamers socially within the game and let you maximize the gaming experience. Let us see more about clans.

What Are Clans in Destiny 2?

In simpler terms, clans are a group of people in the Destiny 2 game that play together under a banner. Clans help you communicate easily with your friends and organize raids together.

Besides all this, you’ll also get exciting rewards as you progress to higher levels in the game. Let us now see how to make a clan in the Destiny 2 game and improve your experience with the game.

How to Make a Clan in Destiny 2?

The first and foremost thing you need to consider while making a clan is that it can only be done on Bungie’s website.

  • Now, if you already have enough players to play Destiny 2 together, then you can create your own clan. Creating a clan does not require any technical knowledge so stop worrying about how to create a clan in Destiny 2.
  • So, let’s start with the meaty part of our post. To create a clan, you must have an account on If you have an account, then you simply need to visit log in to your account. Once this is done, you’ll see several fields that you need to fill in the ‘Create Clan’ tab.
  • The fields that you’ll be required to fill are ‘Clan Name,’ ‘Clan Short Name,’ ‘Clan Motto,’ and a short phrase to introduce yourself. This will help those gamers who don’t know you.
  • While creating a clan, you will also have the liberty to select a language. Besides this, you can also set the privacy for whether your clan is open to all or it needs an invitation.
  • Once you are done with filling in the entire key information, hit the ‘Create clan’ button. Congratulations! Your clan has been created using

We hope that now you have gotten an idea of how to make a clan in Destiny 2 via the Bungie website. Before we wind up, let us have a look at how you can make a clan in Destiny 2 via the companion app.

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How to Make a Clan Using Companion App?

Built by Bungie, the companion app is designed to serve as a platform for the content shown on the official Bungie website.

One can download this app on his/her Android or Apple phone from the relevant platform. Let us now see how to create a clan in Destiny 2 using the companion app.

  • Now, the first step you are required to take is to download the Destiny 2 companion app on your phone if you don’t have one. Remember, you can download it from the Play Store and also App Store based on the smartphone you are using.
  • The second step you are required to take is to launch the app and log in to your account.
  • Once you are logged in, you will see ‘Clan’ at the bottom of the page, hit that button.
  • After that, click on ‘Create Clan’ that will appear on the screen after completing the previous step.
  • Now, you will see a form same as we’ve discussed while creating a clan via Fill all the fields named ‘Clan Name,’ ‘Clan Shortname,’ ‘Clan Motto,’ and ‘Mission Statement.’ Don’t forget to choose the language though.
  • After filling in all the details you have to hit the ‘Create Clan’ button present at the bottom of your phone’ screen. Whoa! Your clan has now been created.

So, we can now say that we have answered your query ‘how to make a clan in Destiny 2’. Plus, we are also sure that you must have grabbed the information pretty well.

The Bottom Line

Destiny 2 is undoubtedly a popular game that is played by millions of users across the globe. When we talk about this game, ‘clan’ is something most important that enhances gamers’ experience. Clan connects you with other players and create a group to play together.

Besides this, it also helps get amazing rewards as you move ahead in the game. But, the goal of writing this post was not to tell you what clan is. As we know that you are very much aware of that. Our goal was to help you know how to make a clan in Destiny 2.

We hope that our goal of writing this post has been fulfilled and so does yours to land here. 

Happy Gaming!

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