A pivotal point in searching for a PC to purchase is the reviews. You can build an understanding by checking the features, the capabilities, and the feedback from users. Usually, consumers who pay attention to detail, also love providing others with knowledge. You might have an idea in mind to purchase a specific work laptop. Toshiba C55t-c5300 reviews will also help you understand the model better before owning it.

You can go to the market physically and browse while the sellers explain the features. You can see the interface, the physical feel, and the body’s appearance. These are very important when planning to own a laptop. However few researches which were done online act as a plus point to this process. You can still check from the market and feel the quality of the camera, the typing, touchpad, etc. But the difference is, you will be analyzed with more accurate knowledge of the product. A little understanding is still more helpful than a blind purchase.

First Getting into the Material Features

  • This satellite series laptop from Toshiba is a touchscreen laptop.
  • The hard drive capacity is 1 TB, which is good storage. You can include all your work files and entertainment collection with ease. A hard drive with 5400 RPM and Serial ATA.
  • The optical drive is your DVD super-multi drive compatible with 11 formats. It is also M-Disc compatible.
  • When it comes to displaying, the laptop has a standard 15.6-inch diagonal widescreen display. An HD native resolution of 1366 x 768 TFT.
  • The C55t-c5300 model has a touchscreen display supporting 720p quality that a user will enjoy. It has a 16:9 aspect ratio with an LED-backlit display.
  • The device provides an external sound via the laptop body speakers. Now, you can listen to songs, video chat sounds, and movies via built-in stereo speakers.
  • Getting into the body, the laptop has a keyboard that is frameless TrueType with 10 keys. For your cursor, you can use a touchpad pointing device that has multi-touch control.
  • The laptop comes with a built-in webcam that you can use for video calls and also clicking a photo. Although webcams aren’t the best way to click a picture, one can do so for any required situation. This is a liberty part of having a webcam, besides the video feature. The in-built HD webcam has a TruTalk dual-microphone feature.
  • Bluetooth connectivity is available in C55t-c5300 laptops for wireless transfer to external devices.
  • The laptop has a memory card reader accessible with SD, SDHC, miniSD, SDXC, microSD, and Multi-media cards.
  • There is an HDMI port for video purposes. You can also find an earphone and microphone combination port for audio. To transfer data and more, you have one USB 3.0 port. Another two USB 2.0 port is also available. A LAN port of RJ-45 is also available on the device.
  • There is a slot in the laptop for a security lock.
  • The physical body of the Toshiba Satellite laptop is a textured resin in brushed black color.
  • The weight of the laptop is 5.29 lbs and you can carry it for travel and work requirements. The weight may also change according to the personal configuration of the user and vendor-related components.
  • C55t-c5300 model body dimension is 14.96-inch x 10.19-inch x 0.96 inch (W x D x H). Average standard body for your complete usage.

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Internal Details of the Toshiba Satellite model

  • This satellite series brings you a Windows 10 Operating System with its latest features.
  • Intel Core i3 – 5020U processor with 3M cache and 2.20 GHz speed capable enough to handle your activities.
  • The Satellite laptop has Mobile Intel HD graphics, equipped to provide good videos, with shared graphics memory.
  • Your PC will allow 6 GB DDR3L with 1600 MHz.
  • This model provides network connectivity with 10/100 Ethernet and Wi-fi for wireless connection with 802.11b/g/n. The transmission speed of the connection may vary.
  • C55t-c5300 has Toshiba software and utilities along with third-party software.

Advantages of the Toshiba C55t-c5300 Product

The product is sleek and not extremely heavy to carry for work and travel. It is a touchscreen product, which is an added feature to a regular laptop. The storage capacity can be considered good with 1 TB, which is more than enough for data collection. Unless you require professional heavy work storage, 1 TB is good coverage. The processor works well for your online duties. You can browse, do online shopping, and stream. Work-related online calls can be managed and multiple tasks can be fulfilled for work and student projects. Student’s online classes can also be included while checking the internet connectivity in the laptop.

The battery life is about 7 hours long. However, depending completely on your usage it is bound to change. Minor tasks and single work will not eat up battery life. In general, the battery life is decent for daily use, provided that you charge every requirement.

Disadvantages to tackle

The Toshiba Satellite laptop keyboard might not be the fastest kind. It is decently speedy for its budget. Users also find the keyboard pressure slightly hard, inconveniencing the typing. This could also vary from every single product to another. It also depends on the user, since some are relatively alright with the keyboard. There are also user reviews of the product slowing down not soon after the purchase. Often laptops slow down after the warranty duration ends. However, sooner slowing down of the product can be a disadvantage to deal with. Freezing issues are a burden for any laptop user. It creates havoc in the simplest of daily tasks.

Technical support is offered by the manufacturer for issues with free assistance. But this is within specific terms and conditions of which the user has to be aware. It is essential to know what the company offers to fix and under what circumstances. The user has to be aware of downloading third-party data. This may result in freezing the laptop and crashing requiring a reboot and technical assistance.

Overview of Toshiba Satellite C55t-c5300

On purchase, you will receive a 45 W AC Adapter with the body. The laptop has a 4 cell/45Wh Lithium-Ion battery in it. The product has about a standard one-year warranty. The laptop is overall an easy-to-use product and free from a complicated interface. The i3 5th Gen provides a good speed for your work and leisure. The price is an important thing to consider if not the most. Tackling budget issues will provide clear insight into what you want and can purchase. The price for the product can be on the higher end if you are a student. While working personnel might consider purchasing a standard device for daily activities, there are ones with lesser price. Now, with the slightly increased cost, it does provide goodies like the touch screen feature. You can either lower the price for a cheaper technology with fewer features. Or one can opt for it if the budget is not a deal-breaker and features are sturdy enough. Toshiba C55t-c5300 is overall a good usage piece of technology.

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