Toshiba c55 b5277 Review – A standard notebook for you to work and bring to your household might need your attention. Of course, it is a given that you cannot immediately purchase with minimum consultation. We can consider browsing and learning a somewhat unavoidable step.

To begin with, Toshiba has provided one of the oldest laptops. Customer reliability also dates to the brand resilience in the market. Given that this might not always result in the best of products, it is good to understand why.

Let us get to know the Toshiba series much better by assessing the features. This Satellite series is budget-friendly and comparatively easy to buy from other higher price ranges.

What are the internal specifications for Toshiba c55 b5277?

The Toshiba satellite is a notebook very capable of your study routine and tasks in the office. Desktops in offices offer a decent overage for data transfer and report making. What we expect from notebooks are also these basic tasks. For a lesser price and portability, you can do so in this Satellite, which is still a bargain.

  • This notebook operates with the Windows 10 Home Operating System. This is compatible with almost all office work and school. It is a later version of most Windows.
  • The processor for the laptop is the Intel Celeron N2840 with a 1 M Cache. The speed can go on till 2. 58 GHz.
  • Toshiba c55 b5277 comes with Integrated Graphics, which is a plus point for this purchase. It has Mobile Intel HD Graphics and a shared graphics memory.
  • Connectivity and network features are available on the laptop. A 10/100 Ethernet and a Wi-Fi Wireless networking with 802.11b/g/n is available.

What are the Physical Details of Toshiba c55 b5277?

  • The notebook has a 2 GB RAM capacity. This can run a little slow if not upgraded. But for your overall simple work usage, it will do fine. It is a DDR3L with 1333 MHz
  • The storage capacity for this notebook is 500 GB with 5400 RPM. It is a Serial ATA hard disk drive. This storage is a decent space enough for your daily work.
  • Getting into the display, the laptop has a standard 15.6-inch diagonal widescreen with a TruBrite TFT display. The native resolution HD is 1366 x 768. It supports 720p content and also comes with an LED-backlit feature. The display is a 16: 9 aspect ratio.
  • Sound is a mandated feature in a laptop for all users. Toshiba c55 b5277 has built-in stereo speakers. This is useful when playing sound without external connected speakers or headphones.
  • The keyboard and the touchpad is standard feature. The keyboard is with a 10-key regular kind. The TouchPad has a multi-touch control feature.
  • The webcam is available on the laptop along with a built-in microphone.
  • There are ports built-in for multipurpose. It has an RGB and HDMI for video-related. There is a microphone/headphone port for sound. For data transfer, there is 1 USB port for V3.0 and 2 USB ports for v2.0. There is also a slot available for security lock.
  • The Toshiba c55 b5277 laptop weighs 4.85 pounds which is decent for a daily carry-on.
  • The body dimensions are 14.96 inches, 10. 2 inches, and 1.05 inches (W x D x H).
  • There is a Memory Card Reader available for expandability and you can purchase the adapter for it. It supports SD, SDHC, SDXC, microSD, miniSD, and card as well.

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What are the Perks?

The initial reason we can consider a perk is the price. Lesser budget laptops are in demand for a quick purchase relating to immediate need. We know that this notebook will work well for your day-to-day needs. Now, moving on to the other factors that might be a good reason enough to choose the Toshiba c55 b5277.

  1. We can start by analyzing the processor speed. It can go till 2.58 GHz which you might say is not the fastest. However, this speed is good enough for your presentation work, assignments, and more tasks compatible with the software. So, if you are on a tight budget issue you can still get your work completed.
  2. Entertainment is a big part of technological devices. Purchasing a laptop without video/audio support is not viable for most. Along with work, you can watch films, music videos, and listen to music.
  3. A decent storage capacity with 500 GB, which is similar to most notebooks with a higher price as well. So, might as well spend on a lesser kind.
  4. Another important feature to consider is the internet connection. There is no point in considering a laptop when there is no connectivity available. This will disrupt most work intended for the laptop by the user.

Is This Purchase at a Lose?

Now, we have seen some of the benefits of buying Toshiba c55 b5277 at such a less price. But it cannot be all fun and games. Some things will be missing if you consider spending less, and that is a given. The only important factor is, does this affect your thoughts on the overall product? Will you still buy because you are in dire need? It is subjective to every owner.

  1. The processor as we mentioned does its job. But do not expect a higher task if that is what you intend to do.
  2. The laptop does not come with an Optical Disk Drive. Now, many can do without this feature. But, if you need to use a Disk Drive, you will be missing out on it.
  3. The keyboard does not have a Backlit display. Although, there are many in higher budgets which do not have this feature. Hence, it might not be an issue for most users.
  4. The battery life for the laptop might not be the most suitable for users. The capacity is at 3 to 4 hours. Considering the usage, it might go less or more.

If you have met up your mind to purchase after the review, there is no harm. Making an informed purchase is likely to benefit you more. The price is a grab, and the work can get done. But also, be ready to deal with slower paces if RAM is not upgraded and the battery expectancy. All in all, a compact device to carry and own in a low-price range.

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