2022 brings the new iOS 14.4 for the awaited audience. The update can be acknowledged in your apple devices starting from your iPhone 6s and iPhone SE, to your latest Apple device. If you are not on Beta you will get the update. If you cannot find the iOS update, go to your settings. In the general section, you will find the software update. If you do not find it there, you can also click the automatic update. Here, you can turn off the Download iOS Updates. This will likely help you to find the update. The storage requirement for the update will vary according to your iOS device and your previous software update.

Let us get down to the nitty-gritty details of the best things with this update.

Headphone Safety

Sound & Haptics, you can go to Headphones Safety. There it enables you to be notified when to adjust the volume when there is a loud sound. This is for the safety of your ear. You can turn on the Headphone Safety mode. If you connect your iOS device to a Bluetooth device, you get options to select depending on the device. It could be a Bluetooth speaker, a car speaker, or your earphones. However, depending on your preference you would want the volume to be adjusted. With the feature available in Bluetooth settings, you have the option. You can now choose the device type. Hence, the volumes will not automatically fluctuate.

QR Code

This matrix barcode is used in our devices to help us scan. iOS 14.4 has an update, which enables you to scan QR codes that are not considered big. This means it is easier to scan a small QR code via the camera application. Therefore, you can also scan when not too close to the QR Code.

ECG (Electrocardiogram)

If you are a user of the Apple Watch, Series, 4, 5, and 6, you can avail of an update for ECG. It provides useful information regarding the heart. You will have reading material with Four Things To Remember. This helps you understand that the feature does not help you detect a heart attack. It provides you with enough knowledge to understand if there is anything wrong with your heart. It tells you to contact your doctor in such cases.


You can receive the update on your HomePod. HomePod users will receive bug fixes for a smoother run after the iOS 14.4 update. After the update, the HomePod becomes more responsive whenever your phone is nearby. You can avail your Handoff music to the HomePod. You will receive an automatic media control when next to your HomePod. The user will also be able to utilize the suggestions for listening provided on the iOS device.

Features in iPhone 12 series

The iOS 14.4 update enables the iPhone 12 series models to secure their hardware upgrades. Authenticity is a required possession. If you change the camera or the battery, this update enables you to know the authenticity. Hence, you will not be a victim of duplicated items after the upgrade. This feature is one of the genuinely best things you can find in 14.4.

AirPod Max

This feature is for your AirPodMax users. Hey, Siri is now clean and supported with the update. You can now have the voice assistant on your AirPods Max easily.

Photo information

The updated iOS 14.4 software has fixed the bug regarding the colour issues etc. The iPhone 12 series users can avail of this feature.  HDR mode enables you to know the artifact when you click a picture.


Widgets on previous software did have bugs and there were issues with real-time accuracy. However, you can find yourself having bug-free widgets after your update to 14.4.

Fitness Widget

The new improved iOS 14.4 gives you a cleaner run for the former bugs. If you are an Apple Watch user, with the Fitness Widget in your phone, the lag has been fixed.


Keypad typing issues are the worst. You cannot get by day to day without decent typing usage. Therefore, bugs lagging the issues in typing are focused for the user’s benefit. This new update has clean out the lagging issues.


Most of us use suggestions of words when texting or writing an email. There were former complications with the accuracy of the suggestions while typing. Users had a hard time finding immediate word options. This has tremendously been updated. Now, with iOS 14.4 update you can receive the required words.


Users had difficulty getting the desired language on the keyboard. Whenever you select different languages on the keyboard, former issues withheld proper display. Hence, it did not create accurate chosen language and errors were present. The software update has collectively solved all these language bug issues.


On the Accessibility in the phone settings, you have the Switch Control. When the Switch Control is turned on, there were issues faced by the users. They were unable to receive phone calls in this mode. Now after this updated version, the iPhone issue mentioned has dissolved. Receiving phone calls with Switch Control On is not a hindrance anymore.


You can start to enjoy the performance of your iOS device after this software update. The cleaner update will also let you experience completely smooth usage minus the lag. You can expect the battery life to not have any hindrances.

Modem Firmware

Connectivity is a significant part of your device. Smooth running connectivity is the desired performance for all users. Once you have updated your device to iOS 14.4, you can notice a new Modem Firmware. The network and Wi-Fi in your device are now updated because of the modem. Therefore, network performance will not face complications.


Exposure is a notification system that was made for better management of COVID-19 cases. Exposure enables the health authorities to help people, and better if they were exposed to the disease. An app for Exposure will help you. A new feature now has enabled you to notify other people via the health authorities. This is in case if you have been exposed and need to notify.


Privacy is a much-needed element in this digital age. You can stay in a room and be physically closed away from the outside world. However, your online life is not always safe and away from the noise. The feature after the software update helps keep away trackers. Therefore, there will be lesser worries about getting tracked by social media and websites.


In News+ you can enable audio stories to listen to them. There were issues with this. There were pauses, lags, and return issues in the News+ when you try to continue it. After iOS 14.4, this difficulty has vanished. Now, there is no requirement for restarting, as it will resume as you desire.


We are all cautious about the beauty of the phone as much as the workings. Wallpapers are an important part of your phone. You can play around to beautify and enjoy the usage. You can enable a Parallax Wallpaper on your screen. This allows you to enjoy having an aesthetic 3D view.

Unity Watch Face

If you are an Apple watch user, with the features of the 14.4 software update you can start using Unity Watch Face. This is a beautiful display of patterns that stay changing on the watch. There are many more features that come along with the Unity Watch Face.

FindMy Items

If you prefer effort and enjoy occasional reaping of the benefits, you can hook yourself.  You can connect your iPhone to your Mac. You will have a developer panel in your settings. In this developer panel, you can access the FindMy Items. This is a helpful feature for tracking everyday things. You can add more and also keep messages connected to it, in case another user finds it.

Make Your Own App Icons

The recent update has added more new features to its shortcut apps, which include the ability to create your own icons for your apps and fully customize the look of your phone. The process is somewhat tedious but if you want to stand out you need to put in the effort.

New updated software enables your device to overcome glitches and lags. But there are bonuses and more goodies that always help in the long run. I am sure 20 of the points above mentioned has convinced you to understand better the new updates. Now, without hesitation just free up some space and start installing the updated software. A smooth, resourceful, and handy iOS device is in your hands.

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