Let us see what the Dell Inspiron model has in store for us. This Dell model is a notebook and priorities itself as a personal device. You can expect to use the laptop for study requirements and office tasks. What do we know when we say, work? We include all the presentations, reports, and excel sheets. You can make use of this notebook for the workaholic side in you and perhaps even more.

 Features of the Dell Inspiron i5555-2859

The notebook series is what you can consider an easy and quick usage device. It is indeed like a notebook, good to carry and get your work done. The specifications are there for you to understand the built better.

This is a standard notebook however the price is mid-level going towards the higher budget. You can check and see the features to juggle between price and usage.

  • This Dell Inspiron model processor is AMD A8-7410 Quad-Core APU with 2.2 GHz. It can go till 2. 5 GHz.
  • The RAM details for the laptop, 12 GB DDR3L at 1600 MHz
  • The laptop comes with Integrated Graphics which is a good point to consider. It has AMD Radeon R5 graphics.
  • You will find an Operating System of Window 10 in Dell Inspiron i5555-2859. This is a newer set of Windows.
  • Internet connection is a must for any technological device. There is a connectivity feature available in the notebook. It has an 802.11 ac dual-band Wi-Fi connection.
  • Another connectivity feature required is Bluetooth. There are laptops without it if within budget, but it still is a required asset to many. This model has Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology in it. You can connect to external Bluetooth-enabled speakers, with absolutely no wire/cable connection. You can also connect to other devices that have Bluetooth capability.

The Physical Features of the laptop

  • The Hard Drive capacity is 2 TB SATA with 5400 RPM, which is a good storage capacity. Since 500 GB is standard enough for the storage of data, entertainment films, and videos, this is plenty. You can expect a satisfying usage in terms of collection.
  • Dell Inspiron i5555-2859 model has a DVD Drive. This enables you to have your laptop read the external DVDs. Although this is not a usage requirement for all, it is still an advantage.
  • The display screen for the laptop is 15.6 Inches which is a standard size and quite comfortable. It has a TrueLife HD display. The display resolution comes at 1366 x 768.
  • The physical weight of this notebook is 5.4 pounds. This is a pretty decent weight to carry around in a bag. You can expect to carry it for travel reasons and also back and forth from colleges and offices.
  • Moving on to the audio of the laptop, there are inbuilt stereo speakers. The speakers are with Waves MaxxAudio. You can play sound from videos and movies on the laptop without inserting headphones. This is a standard feature and useful when you do not have external speakers and earphones.
  • The Dell Inspiron i5555-2859 comes with a 720p webcam. This webcam feature will be useful for video call meetings, casual video chatting, and even video recording.
  • The keyboard is an important unavoidable feature. However, this model gives you a Backlit keyboard, which is a very helpful detail. This helps us work while in less lit areas. The display brightness sometimes overpowers and minimizes the ability to see the keyboard keys. Backlit helps in situations such as this.
  • The notebook also has a memory card reader. The SD/SDHC/SDXC.
  • The laptop comes with a single USB 3.0 port and 2 USB 2.0 ports.
  • There is an HDMI 1.4a output available in the laptop for an HDMI-compatible connection from the device.
  • The Dell laptop has a Kensington lock slot available.
  • The physical dimensions come to a 15’’ x 1’’ x 10-1/4’’ W x H x D.

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Getting into the Dell Inspiron i5555-2859 Review

The customer review and experience are important to step in purchasing the item. That is because we all deserve a good test before finalizing the product. It is often difficult to change and redo the purchase. You can expect to get yours done right, beforehand. Reading through the pros and cons that come with this laptop helps you to know this specific model. Moreover, it also widens your knowledge of what you might need.

That is desirable content in itself, isn’t it? Now, what makes this product a comfortable purchase for the user?

Why Dell Inspiron i5555-2859 Purchase is Beneficial?

The advantages of the laptop are quite interesting. There are good features that you will find beneficial.

  1. The external feature that is useful is the keyboard Backlit display. You can use them to play an average set of games and use the keys. You can use it for typing loads of office work. This is also useful for students using it for their assignments and study material. Consider avoiding unnecessary extended light purchases just for the keyboard.
  2. The laptop is also decently weighed. You can carry the device easily to the office and colleges. If you are a freelancer and love to work in cafes, this is a decent-weight laptop.
  3. One of the most attractive attributes of the device is its storage capacity. This laptop offers a very good amount of space. You can store games, videos, movies, music, your work collection, and creative works as well. For someone in a creative field, storage is a need, so this will be a bonus point.
  4. Another feature that exists is also beneficial and can also be easily obtainable from standard notebooks.

What are the downsides of spending on a Dell Inspiron i5555-2859?

The most understated yet important factor is the price. The money required for the entire device has to be reciprocated with its capabilities. Now, does this product do so?

Well, there are always subjected choices of an individual that will make them desire a particular model. This model for the amount of price offers quite above average features but nothing too exceptional. There are standard qualities exhibited.

  • Few good things to take away would be the abundance of storage. Especially, if you are looking for a device to keep all heavy data collection it is perfect. But what if you need average storage and other highlighting features? It might just be a disappointment.
  • The processor speed is also decent enough for any work you desire. However, avoiding all the intensive tasks, it should do pretty well.
  • But would you spend the amount of price for this AMD laptop? Or would you reconsider the budget and search for an Intel?

Overall, the buyer does have the upper hand in choosing. Nevertheless, this has made a few things more comprehensible. You can navigate through the external features and if it piques your interest you can invest in it.

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