Surprisingly these days, Motorola is investing more in smartphones than ever before. Motorola’s recent launch was in the last year on March 9. Moto G30 & Moto G10 were its latest launches & now, the Moto G100 leak has pointed out that it is almost confirmed a new product is about to launch very soon, which might be none other than the Moto G100. This device will be the most powerful smartphone among all. Moto G100 leak didn’t say exactly when it will come globally but assured that the Manufacturer is planning to launch this newest & best G- Smartphone very soon.

It is confirmed from the image of Moto G100 that came out( thanks to the TechnikNews and XDA Developers Adam Conway) that Moto G100 almost looks similar to Moto Edge S. Basically, Moto G100 is on the list of unreleased devices by Google & even no one knows about it well. But from the leak, it is assumed that it might be the renamed version of Moto Edge S. It is also said that Moto G100 is the global version of Moto Edge S that was launched in China last month.

If talking about the outlook, then the display of Moto G100 is 6.7″ LCD full HD +, displaying a maximum of 90 Hertz. This great smartphone’s main attraction is its “audio zoom” feature & the 64-megapixel resolution camera. It will have dual punch-hole selfie cameras to the left of the corner of the display. Moreover, there will be independent cutouts for those selfie cameras. To the back, there will be a rear quad camera setup & a flash beneath it. There can also be a side-mounted fingerprint scanner.

So technically, it can be said that Moto G100 is almost identical to that of Moto Edge S with the platform Snapdragon Soc 870, which was launched last month in China. But Europ may benefit from the “Google Assistant” key; it will be on the left side of the phone. Otherwise, it will have similar bezels on the side & a comparatively thick forehead & chin.

If talking about the color, from the Moto G100 leak, it can be said that Moto G100 has the same color as Moto Edge S. White & blue version. But it is assumed that the white one is a little brighter than the Chinese one, the blue is also a little different, like “the shimmering ocean” looks a little dull. However, the white version has no name yet. So it can be said that Moto G100 will come in the same color but maybe in a little different shade.

The processor has been officially decided to be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 870. Officially no price is fixed yet, but hopefully; it will be around £ 400-500(depending on the size of the storage)

Specification of Moto G100 At A Glance:

From the Moto G100 leak, it is confirmed that

  • Moto G100 will come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 processor.
  • It may have 6 GB or 8 GB or the highest 12 GB RAM.
  • Its storage can be 128 GB or 265 GB.
  • It will have a full HD +(90HZ) display.
  • Its main camera will be most probably 64 MP & the front camera will be 16 MP & 8 MP.
  • This device will have an ultra-wide-angle of 16 MP.
  • It will have a 2 MP depth sensor.

So finally we came to the point that:

  • Moto Edge S might come to the global market named Moto G100.
  • The Moto G100 leak has confirmed the story.
  • This global device may have a Google Assistant key.

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