Let us see if the HP 17.3 touchscreen laptop is worth your time. This is a Ryzen 5 powered laptop. Intel-powered laptops are common for many users mandating office work and other intensive work as well. This HP will slightly be a bonus because of the touch screen feature. A similar framework is seen in a well-ranked touch screen series from other brands. However, besides the touchscreen feature, the Ryzen 5 has good gaming capability.

Let us see some of the specifications to understand this model and processor.

Features of AMD Ryzen 5 powered HP device

  • The screen display size of this laptop is slightly more than your standard market size. It stands at 17. 3 inches. Larger displays are preferred by some for many reasons. This could also come in handy when viewing films or editing footage of recorded videos. Ryzen 5 is strong enough to withstand your average editing, gaming, and more tasks.
  • The resolution provided for HP 17.3 touchscreen laptop – AMD Ryzen 5’’ is 1600 x 900
  • The processor for the laptop is AMD Ryzen 5 at 2.0 GHz till 3.6 GHz
  • The RAM for the laptop is 12 GB with DDR4
  • The memory speed for this processor and device comes at 2400 MHz
  • The hard drive is spacious for a lot of different usages. It holds a 1 TB mechanical hard drive.
  • The chipset brand is AMD
  • The card description of the laptop is Integrated
  • Good connectivity for the internet is sourced via the 802.11b, 802.11g wireless type
  • There is 1 USB 2.0 port in the laptop
  • This AMD processed laptop is of the HP Brand, common among many students.
  • HP 17.3 touchscreen laptop – AMD Ryzen 5’’ model weighs 5. 4 pounds. This is an average weight to carry around. You can also travel with the laptop without extreme difficulty.
  • The product size dimensions are, 16.33 L x 10.72 W x 0.96 H
  • The processor count for the laptop is 4.
  • The PC memory type is DDR4 SDRAM
  • The PC flash memory size is 1 TB
  • You can expect to have a good connectivity feature with the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. The laptop has Realtek Wireless – AC WLAN and Bluetooth 4.0 for usage.
  • You can expect a good Windows 10 Operating System, 64 Bit in the laptop with AMD processor.
  • HP 17.3 touchscreen laptop – AMD Ryzen 5 is HDMI supported. This ends up enabling you to avail of the external connection for audio and visual purposes.
  • The battery for the HP laptop is 3 cell, 41 Watt Hour Lithium-Ion. It gives you an energy content of 41 Watt-Hours. The battery weighs 30 grams and is included in the laptop. The usage hour is decent and can be dependent on your office work capacity.
  • There are inbuilt speakers available on the laptop. This enables you to play music without having to connect to external speakers or headphones. You can depend on the laptop in-built audio speakers as well as any external connection. This can be done via USB cable and Bluetooth feature.

The Usage of the HP 17.3 touchscreen laptop – AMD Ryzen 5’’

First of all, we can also consider the price when thinking about jumping into the consumer market. Price and feature go hand in hand. Understand that, consumers can find one feature better than others simply because of usage ability and their need. Let us look at the differences that could draw a buyer or either pull away from the customer.

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Advantages of HP 17.3 touchscreen laptop

The HP powered with AMD Ryzen is fast and good for work purposes. The laptop is reliable and the manufacturer has provided quite a resourceful product. The battery hours provided for this laptop are quite decent. For everyday tasks that students require, the battery is a decent choice. You can multi-task, work on presentations and use the internet for browsing. Research study materials and typing can all be done with ease. Depending on the usage it will last smoothly.

People who are working tend to need a processor good enough for leisure and research. Now, students too can use HP 17.3 touchscreen laptop – AMD Ryzen 5’’ for their entertainment purposes. A good film, music, and online streaming of videos are possible. Any user would appreciate that. You can also expect to have a decent gaming experience with this AMD processor. Avoiding intense gaming, this processor bodes well with popular games in the market. This can be a plus point for most gamers, hard-core or not.

Another good buy you are receiving from this laptop is that the display is touch screen featured. For the price that you are purchasing the product, good features are expected. The touch screen gives easier access to all things done on a touchpad of a laptop. You can also browse the internet using touch screen abilities.

Disadvantages of the HP 17.3 touchscreen laptop – AMD Ryzen 5

When weighing the pros, cons cannot be avoided and like every product, there are hindrances faced by users. The price might not be suitable for some. This is a mid-level price range for most users with specific user requirements. However, it might be slightly on the higher end for students. If the price justifies the need, then the features or lack thereof can be overlooked.

Now, there are a few user complaints regarding the hard disk from the laptop. For instance, the laptop’s display driver’s outdatedness and the mandated update requirement. This could completely be a product stock issue, or a few products having the same issue. This depends on where the purchase is made. A reliable store, online chain, or any other merchandise department will have specific return and warranty rules. The maintenance of the product will be as per their guidelines. Hence, the return and fixing of issues related to both hardware and software depend on your retailer.

The Product Overview

On purchase of HP 17.3 touchscreen laptop – AMD Ryzen 5’’ you can experience touch screen and decent gaming. These two features might seem to stand out as desirable for certain users. If you are contemplating the price, you can analyze a few things. You can understand that the Ryzen 3, 5, and 7 have different capabilities to offer you. Their prices will also be higher and lower than the 5, and consider the laptop body you choose. The HP touchscreen for a mid-level price is a decent buy even if not a great deal.

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