How to check your internet speed Easily in 2022 – Nowadays, using the internet is one of the most common things. Almost everybody has a broadband connection in their house. It’s become a trend to have it in their home.

If your internet speed seems slow then you may want to know how much speed your internet has. Even if you have a super-fast internet connection, you may determine how fast your internet is running.

If you don’t know how to check your internet speed, no need to worry. In this article, we will tell you how you can check your internet speed.

Here we will give you a few websites name to check your internet speed:

Speedtest.Net is one of the popular and oldest sites for checking internet speed. Still, it is a great option for people to check their internet speed. Ookla is the owner of

This site has a massive service list that they provide you. has the ability to keep users’ data usage records. You can also easily share your data usage record if you want, which is a great option.

For users with an extremely slow connection to start with, they might face some problems with getting a precise result as various ads keep popping up on the site. But still, it does its job smoothly and properly. is a bit different website from others. It is a great choice for online gaming as it allows you to see your total speeds also it shows you the consistency of your connection.

This site is great for a quick check of internet speed. It works on most devices without the need for an app.

It has a standout feature, utilizing HTML5 to perform a test.

It doesn’t have as many servers as other sites. With this site, you can’t keep your data usage record. But still many users will choose this site for speed tests.

While reviewing other internet speed ​​testing sites, it comes out as has a wide range of options. They have organized their processes flawlessly.  It is a standalone, trusted provider that runs on HTML5 and was created without any unnecessary stimulation or confusion.

It provides statistics for your speed compared to your ISP, city and more averages. You can create an account to save records to check if compatibility works.

This is a pretty cool site but the only drawback is the result of internet usage and speed records aren’t always nice to look at. Even if it’s hard to read results but you will understand them.

You wouldn’t mind using this site after getting used to it. It’s not the quickest site to test speed to get a glimpse of what you’re working on in a particular area. Professionals and enthusiasts certainly don’t mind anything in the long run.

Final thoughts

When it comes to your internet connection speed obviously you should know if you are getting what you paid for and you can check it with the above speed testing sites.

There are plenty of speed testing sites but these sites are easy to use and more organized than the other speed testing sites. We really hope that the above article will help you to check your internet speed meter.

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