This is your standard size notebook. When you are looking for a decent notebook to use, a good standard size is recommended. There are smaller size notebooks available at a 14 and larger at 17. The comfort will be the choice of the user. The size, however, does not necessarily affect the competency. The configuration changes and upgrades are available. If you are assembling it, you can get the AMD Ryzen 3 processor for your PC. You can also upgrade and opt for a higher range Ryzen series. However, the prices will go higher as you intend a stronger working PC.

This Lenovo-330-15arr 15.6 Inch model is also called the Ideapad. It is mid to lower range price-wise. It can be considered a decent purchase for students who might be willing to spend a little extra. Lenovo in general also provides an affordable range of notebooks, which makes it easier for buyers to browse.

Specifications of Lenovo-330-15arr 15.6 Inch 

Let us jump into the features the model 330 and Ryzen processor offers:

  • The laptop comes with a Windows 10 Operating System, which is genuine and pre-installed in the laptop.
  • There is no Optical Disk Drive and this might be an issue for some users requiring the Drive. However, this does provide a lighter device to carry.
  • The display for Lenovo 330, AMD Ryzen 3 is a standard 15.6. It gives an HD LED Backlit and also an Anti-Glare TN Display.
  • This Ideapad series laptop has DDR4 RAM Type.
  • The clocking speed for this processor is 2.5 GHz. The Turbo Boost can go up to 3. 4 GHz. This offers a decent run, in an inexpensive buy.
  • There are 2 Memory Slots in the Onyx Black laptop.
  • The expandable memory capacity is 8 GB. This is recommended for better performance as well as a smooth gaming experience.
  • The RPM on the laptop is 5400.
  • There are 2 cores and the Graphics Processor for the model is the AMD Radeon Vega 3. These graphics enables the users to have a gaming experience on the laptop.
  • Regarding the Operating System Details, it is a 64 Bit.
  • The laptop has an HDMI port and a USB port.
  • The built-in mic is available as well as built-in speakers for playing sound and music.
  • The connectivity feature helps in your external connection. The laptop has WIFI 1×1 AC, Wireless LAN. There is also Bluetooth connectivity.
  • With a built-in webcam with 0.3 Megapixel, you can use it for skype meetings and video calls.

Checking Few Important Features

Few specifications will stand out and help easier determination to buy a laptop.

There are many laptops quite similar in the size area competing with the Lenovo 330. The Acer Aspire 3 A315-41-R7BM is an example. Different brands such as Dell and HP have a similar size product. You can check out Dell Inspiron 15 5575-98MH4 and HP 250 G6 2UB93ES for the same. The 330 model with AMD Ryzen 3 has competitors with Intel processors as well. But this model is cheaper and does the job.

The 330 has a plus point in its functionality. The price that it comes is very affordable. The usage is quite user-friendly. The Ryzen 3 provides a fast range of work for your tasks and fewer amount of heating issues. For a lesser price, this is to be considered. Extending the RAM is available and enables the user to experience better gaming too. Add a little more out of your pocket to get an extended RAM and play popular games at mid settings. We all know gaming PC requires a load of power and capacity, resulting in expensive buy. However, if you would still like to enjoy a game, you can do so in an enjoyable upgraded RAM. Lenovo 330 with AMD Ryzen 3 has 1 TB storage capacity and it is well equipped for the price. It is more than enough for simple tasks and daily work storage. Students will also have extra space handy for entertainment and gaming.

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Short on Few Things

Like every other laptop device, we have to make sure that the disadvantages are not entirely worthless. Nevertheless, there are always reasons and features to consider before a solid investment from the user. The Lenovo laptops have a sturdy look. This might not be appealing to younger users and to those who might prefer a sleeker look. A lot of us depend on our purchase on looks and usage. Many users always opt for a lighter slim if affordable. This AMD Ryzen 3 based laptop is almost 5 pounds, which is not heavy and usable for travels. However, there are other ranges of 330, like the 330S which might give you a lighter product.

In terms of enjoyment, yes, you can do so. But there are limitations. Of course, browsing the internet is not an issue. But if you consider heavy online streaming and the larger task at one go, there might be a lag. Multi-tasking is doable and smooth. Just be aware that HD video editing and professional work are not cut out in this model.

There will be lag on games especially with higher setting changes are done to it. Another drawback is the less battery life. A user can do small tasks like watching a film, writing a report and making presentations. However, the battery life will not stay long if you are doing a task that requires more power. Gaming on the laptop will also strain the battery life faster.

Why do you need Lenovo 330?

This Lenovo Ideapad does have a similar product which is the 330S, which is lighter than 330. One can choose to opt for similar products in the same price range and settings. Nonetheless, there will be features that might draw the users to one specific laptop more. In this case, we can assume the Lenovo model. For a decent amount of price, you will get a laptop with a standard booting duration. But once you remove the charging adapter, the battery expectancy is less. This is a major turn-off to many users. After all, usage will no longer be smooth if there is a constant need for charging.

The overall outcome of Lenovo 330 will depend on the user. You can buy and use this affordable AMD Ryzen 3 laptop. You can do tasks, play a few games, entertain yourself, and do daily tasks easily. The downside is probably the need to constantly find a charging source wherever you are.

The performance is pretty decent and the sturdy design is a plus point too if you prefer it. It has good 1 TB storage capacity. The display is also a decent feature for the price. The major drawback will be the battery function. Are you willing to make certain sacrifices and need an immediate affordable yet standard laptop? Lenovo 330 will do just as well as any standard notebook.

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