Your android device is not complete without a set of games for your boredom. These multiplayer games guarantee to kill your boredom and even get you addicted. A multiplayer that can be played both online and offline is very handy. Imagine you have no internet connection yet you desire to spend your time playing a game. These games will enable you to do so. You have the privilege of playing with your friends offline on your android device.  Check out the offline and online Best Android Multiplayer Games.

Offline Best Android Multiplayer Games

  1. 2 player Games: The Challenge

This game is developed by JindoBlu. This multiplayer game has is quite popular with more than 10 million downloads. The storage space required for this game is 20 MB. This is an arcade type. You can opt for multiplayer or play with the AI available on the game. There are mini-games available if you think you will get bored with one. Games like, Ping-pong, Spinner-war, Air-hockey, Pool, Tic Tac Toe, Penalty kicks, etc. are available for leisure. You can also find In-app purchases in the game.

  1. Special Forces Group 2

This is a First-Person Shooter game-type. Therefore, if you enjoy this category, Special Forces Group 2 is for you. The game is developed by ForgeGames. This shooter game has more than 50 million downloads. You can start playing Special Forces Group 2 with 308 MB on your android. You have the option of playing it offline as a single player. However, you need to have an online connection for a multiplayer mode. You can choose weapons of your liking. Your character can choose skins. You can go on gallivanting with the character on maps that are more than 30 locations.

  1. Asphalt 8 Racing Game- Drive, Drift and feel the Adrenaline Rush at Real Speed

Many aspiring gamers love to indulge in a racing game. This game is developed by Gameloft SE, a popular name among gamers. Since it is well known, there are more than 100 million downloads. It will take up to 1.8 GB on your android. The game has more than 290 vehicles with more than 75 tracks. This game provides you the option of both multiplayer and single-player. While online is a fast and adventurous mode, you can always opt for offline.

  1. Riptide GP: Renegade

Vector Unit is the game developer for this racing adventure. This is another racing game that comes with a purchase of Rs. 69.00. It has an interesting storyline for the gameplay. The riders here are racing illegally out and about the set locations. You can choose characters and have a single-player mode. The game also allows you to play online and with multiplayer settings. This adventurous game will take 97 MB of storage on your android.

  1. Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2 brings you a multiplayer game that is in 2D mode. With a popular download of more than 100 million, you can have it on your android device. The game requires 40 MB of storage space. You can avail more than 20 map locations and numerous weapons for the battle. The offline game is a survival type. However, in the online mode, you can battle with more than 5 players. You can enjoy a shooting game type on a 2D level.

  1. BombSquad

This offline game is developed by Eric Froemling. BombSquad is an offline game where you can opt for both single-playing and multiplayer options. This is a fun game where you can have explosions and blow up the other players. Land mines, sticky bombs, boxing gloves, and ice bombs are some examples. You can play this game on a touch screen and controller. There is also an app called BombSquad Remote, where you can make your android devices into controllers. You can download this game on android with 72 MB of storage space.

  1. Badminton League

RedFish Games brings you this sporty genre of a game. In Badminton League, you can play in a tournament and with friends. A competitive side of you will grasp the tournament mode easily. This will take up 67 MB on your android device. If you enjoy a casual sporty game, this is for you. You can customize the character you play. It promises you aesthetic visuals. The stunts are also made realistic and enjoyable.

  1. Mini Motor Racing

The Binary Mill brings you a racing game. You can purchase the game at Rs. 220.00. Mini Motor Racing allows championships and 4 multiplayer that can be both online or offline. You can avail of a generous choice of vehicles for the race. You can upgrade your vehicles and also win more vehicles in the race. You can enjoy the aesthetics of the race and also change the setting as per your liking. This game will take up 446 MB on your android device.

  1. Racer Vs Cops

Another racing game for your enjoyment is brought to you by MOMEND. As the name suggests, the player has to escape cop cars. You can also be the cop and pursue the racers. The multiplayer will enable you to compete with your friends. In the racer selection, you have to escape cops and try to minimize your damage. You have to try your best to avoid the police car. In the police/cop section, you have to block the racers.  Once the racer gets disqualified, the police/cop player scores. You can customize your vehicles with the available aesthetics. This is a 64 MB racing game for your android.

  1. Dan The Man: Action Platformer

A fun game with a storage requirement of 76 MB is brought to you by Halfbrick Studios. Dan The Man is an action and platform type of game. You can play multiplayer where there will be two protagonists. It promises you a fun story and enjoyable fights. Types of game modes you can avail of here; Campaign mode, Endless Survival, Adventure Mode, and Multiplayer mode. Be ready to customize your character and play this cartoon-style arcade and action game.

Best Android Multiplayer Games in Online

  1. Tap Dungeon Hero: Idle Infinity RPG

As the name suggests, this is your RPG (Role Playing Game). The game is developed by 6Monkeys Studio. The player has a role as the protagonist of the story. Your task as a hero is to fight against the monsters. There will be other characters to help you. An interesting feature for the player is the ability to build a clan with players worldwide. You can upgrade your weapons. All these can be availed on your android device for a space of 53 MB.

  1. Skribbl Multiplayer Drawing Game

MRM APPS brings you a Pictionary style of game digitally. If you know Pictionary, you can play this game very well. If you are new, you can still learn on the go. The goal of this game is to draw on your device screen. You have to draw what is provided to you and let other players guess what it is. It is a simple but challenging game at only 8.4 MB.  You can avail yourself of other games when you download Skribbl. You can also play, Car drift boss, Flick the basketball, Flip the bottle, etc.

  1. Among Us

This is an underdog game and came into immense popularity during the 2020 lockdown phase. Many popular games have streamed themselves playing this addictive piece. Innersloth LLC developed this game and promises further upgrade to come. When online, you can play by joining a lobby made by other players worldwide. You can also create the lobby and play when others join. You can make the lobby private and invite your friends to play. The gameplay follows a storyline where you will either be the imposter or crewmate. If you are a crewmate, you have to complete your tasks and try not to get killed. However, if you are an imposter, a popular desire by many, you have to kill the crewmates. There is a voting platform where you can try to guess the imposter and vote them out. You can enjoy the game with 87 MB on your android.

  1. Granny’s House – Multiplayer horror escapes

Since the game has horror in its name you can expect the terror. Update Games bring you this casual game for 98 MB. Granny is the antagonist of the game. This is a hide-and-seek type, where you have to try and escape Granny.  In multiplayer you can avail a team match. There will be two Granny characters and 6 protagonists. You can throw stones at the Granny to slow her. There are also other modes where your tasks will be different.

  1. Roblox

Another popular game was brought to you by Roblox Corporation. For 100 MB you can play this simulation virtual game. You have the freedom of creating your character and build worlds. You can play this game not only on android but other devices.  You can personalize the character with all the provided skins. Plus, also chat with other players and enjoy.

  1. Minecraft

Minecraft is a similar simulation game with fun graphics. You can purchase this game for Rs. 650.00. With a storage space requirement of 111 MB on your android, you can start your crafting. This is an adventurous simulation. You can explore other worlds and also build your own. You can avail multiplayer and chat and discover other players and their world. Your task will comprise crafting resources and slowly building your world.

  1. Call of Duty: Mobile – Day of Reckoning

This name is familiar to most players on PC and other consoles. However, this mobile version is no less. You can expect impressive graphics for this shooter game. Activision Publishing, Inc brings you this action-packed game compatible with your android. It will require 2.3 GB of storage space. You can avail of text chats and voice in the game. You can gain more characters and weapons among many other freebies as you continue to play. From a deathmatch to playing a battleground, you can opt for your desired action.

  1. Food Gang

Food Gang is a 27 MB fun and colorful multiplayer game for your android. This game is developed by Bloop Games. There are 14 game characters you can choose from. As you play, you can start to unlock the skills in the game.  You can play in 3 different arenas available in the game.

  1. Horrorfield – Multiplayer Survival Horror Game

If you are looking for a good graphics horror game, then this is for you. If you enjoy thrill then you can play this game with 101 MB on your android. The game is developed by Skytec Games, Inc.  This is a real-time game where you can play with online gamers. There is a camp with different survivors that you can join. The character choices include Basketball player, Scientist, Mercenary, Doctor, etc. The character all possesses different roles and abilities. You can either play the maniac or the survivors. The maniacs are the killers and you can start hunting the survivors.

  1. FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards

This is your shooting game with a requirement of 477 MB developed by Studio nCore Pvt. Ltd. This is a game that is made in India, where the players play to protect the country. This action-packed game of war is a multiplayer and first-person shooter type. You have your missions to complete and achieve rewards. You can also customize the game to your preference.

Now, you have an easier approach to choose the 20 best multiplayer games for your android device. Depending on your mood you can play anything from the arcade, action, RPG, first-person shooter, and more. Significantly you can play all these games with other players. So, what is stopping you? You can go ahead and download it to start your exploration.

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