A Toshiba notebook is your standard multipurpose machine. A laptop you can carry back and forth from work. A device a student can easily access. Toshiba Satellite c55 b5101 notebook is capable of your typical work area. This is a Toshiba notebook from the satellite series. Most users require a PC for typing, watching videos, gaming, and browsing the internet. Toshiba notebook provides you with all these qualities. A decent standardized PC will allow you to perform said tasks. But there are differences in your typical computer. Let us see what this notebook comprises.

Details of the Physical Features

  • With a 15.6-inch display the Toshiba notebook provides a regular display size you see in most notebooks. The laptop comes with an LED Backlit display widescreen HD where you can view images and films as you desire. The Toshiba notebook TFT display at 1366 x 768, suitable for any kind of standard viewing.
  • Toshiba c55 b5101 has a 500 GB hard drive capacity with 5400 RPM serial ATA. You can easily store work documents, music, films, and more in this space. It is enough for daily work minus the heavy excess storage.
  • The notebook has a DVD and CD drive, where you can use it for installation and other purposes. It enables you to record to a storage amount of 8.5 GB. A super-multi drive that supports 11 formats. Although users do opt for notebooks without the drive, for a lighter body. Using the drive is completely depended on your PC usage and what is beneficial to you.
  • A built-in webcam helps you access skype calls and handy online meetings when connected to the internet. The webcam can also record videos and images for your leisure and projects.
  • The notebook provides HDMI output for external connection if required. You can have a better audio and video experience for work and fun.
  • This Toshiba device gives you an RJ- 45 Lan port, an RGB, and Security Lock Slot. It also gives you the required USB 2.0 ports and USB 3.0 ports for medium to fast transfer. A handy port for external wired connection devices.
  • The notebook has speakers built-in for audibility when not using the headphones/earphones.
  • The keyboard for the computer is Non-Backlit, which may not be comfortable for some in a dim-lit area.
  • You get a 4 cell 32Wh lithium-ion battery with the body.
  • The laptop weighs 6.1 lbs. which are decent enough to carry and travel. The dimension detail of the device is 14.96 inches x 10.2 inches x 1.05 inches.

Toshiba Satellite c55 b5101 Internal features

  • The notebook has Intel Celeron Processor N2840 with 4 GB DDR3L Memory with 1333 MHz. This is a mid-level processor that is capable of handling your work.
  • The operating system provided for Toshiba Notebook is Windows 8.1 with 64 bit.
  • It has a 1MB cache, and a speed of 2. 58 GHz.
  • The notebook has Intel HD graphics capable of viewing clean videos online and offline.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity allows you to connect to other devices. You can transfer files, play music on Bluetooth speakers, and do more compatible activities. This is a hassle-free approach in comparison to a wired connection.
  • You can connect to the internet on the notebook with the in-built WLAN 802.11b/g/n easily. You can browse the internet, watch online content, and check websites, etc. You can send a work email and do all standard tasks with the connectivity feature.

Why this Notebook is a Useful Buy?

First of all, when you purchase a notebook with a mid-level processor, you know your specific requirements. Let us look at the usage capacity of this PC. Everybody depends largely on internet browsing on a PC. Therefore, internet connection is an obvious factor that draws most students and other demographics alike. Toshiba c55 b5101 internet connection can be used for work studies and entertainment. You can stream online on this Notebook. Watching movies on the likes of Netflix, using social media and more is possible. YouTube streaming and online music are entertainment you cannot miss to use at parties and personal. Another fun aspect you can indulge in this notebook is gaming. However, do not expect a heavy gaming session. You can avail light gaming experience, as it is not built for heavier conduct. When it comes to enjoying and passing time via available entertainment, this laptop does offer you such.  You can also use the PC to connect to a presentation externally with the 15 pin connector. This is handy for work-related presentations on a larger visual space. Students can also make sure of this in their class assignments. The battery life is average and depending on light usage, it will last well.

Overall, the factor that draws most to this notebook is the price. With a very inexpensive purchase, you can parade around carrying the laptop for your work. Consider the tasks and reliability when opting for a budget-friendly PC.

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Features Lacking in Toshiba c55 b5101

Now, considering the price, it is fairly a reasonable barrier lacking in hardware/software competency. When it comes to power, this notebook is not a strong functioning PC. Understandably, you cannot use it for a hard-core level of gaming. You cannot expect to edit HD videos and photos professionally. Since it runs slightly slower than higher-end computers, it will not be favorable. The editing work will also be a hassle and lag the entire process. A buyer who wants to get a professional editing compatible PC will not expect it from a pocket-friendly buy. The internet connection might not be the fastest depending on the capacity. Compared to higher-budget notebooks, the capability of holding in a good signal is less. This might disrupt if you are doing heavier work with connectivity dependence. There are also issues with freezing of the cursor and programs if overloaded. The speed issue becomes a hurdle. All in all, you can consider the notebook a cheap, quick buy for very simple tasks at hand.

Toshiba c55 b5101 Overview

Overall, what draws the user to purchase this product might be its price. If you are in dire need of a laptop but somehow lack the budget, this notebook is perfect. The manufacturers have catered to lower price resources that one can buy. If you as an avid user of PC for tougher programs and activities the notebook will disappoint you. Keep in mind that daily activities are doable. If you are a student saving up to buy a product to complete projects, you can do so. You can study and browse the internet and not worry much about spending. Nonetheless, that is as far as the attributes go. These days, buyers expect technological devices to be compatible and competent enough for loaded work. Either way, a consumer can compromise either on few drawbacks and the budget then eventually decide.

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