Nowadays, people just don’t want to wait for anything and the same goes for gadgets as well. Sacrifice nothing with the powerful and thin HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop. This laptop is designed specifically to provide an excellent experience to the users. It is highly acclaimed in the market for its high-grade and best quality graphics and processing power of multitasking and gaming. It also has enhanced thermal cooling that will take care of overall stability and performance.

Indulge yourself in the game with this HP Pavilion 17.3 laptop that comes with a narrow bezel display and the custom-tuned audio will definitely take you on the buzz. Whether it is a tough day at work or a passion for playing games, everything is possible with this laptop.

The HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop is integrated with a dual-fan system that enhances thermal cooling. It also is equipped with wide-read corner vents and has extra air inlets that help to enhance airflow to improve overall stability and performance by keeping the computer cool while using it for long hours.

The entrancing and bold design will get you lost in the game world. The sleek narrow bezel display provides a vast and interesting viewing experience whereas the front-firing speakers with Audio will be very helpful for powerful and custom-tuned sound.

Specification of HP Pavilion 17.3 Laptop

Supported Games

Microsoft Games: The free pre-installed Windows 8 games will make you ready to play. It has WildTangent Games that is ideal for HP customers. It also takes care of the gamer’s passion as there are 10 Free Sessions of Plants vs. Zombies as well as preloaded with Farm Frenzy that is completely a free game.

Music, Books, Photos, and Videos

HP Connected Music: One can listen to music from various sources and this is all possible from one app. Just enjoy your local music library that comes along with streaming services including a unique integrated Beats Music that will definitely boost your music experience.

HP Connected Photo: You can enjoy your photos anytime you want and the best part is you can enjoy them all from one place. You easily can access photos across mobile devices and PC to celebrate your good memories with gifts, photo cards, and prints as well.

CyberLink PhotoDirector:  Now, it has become easy to create outstanding and wonderful photos. When you import your image, the software will ask you the tools which you should use to create aesthetic images that include photo adjustment, photo management, as well as advanced editing features.

CyberLink PowerDirector: One of the best and feature-rich fast HP Pavilion 17.3 laptops is easy to use. You also can create wonderful and outstanding videos with the help of powerful integrated tools which are integrated specifically to enhance the video editing experience. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or practically an expert, anyone can use this laptop because of its simple access and functionality. The equipped exciting and spontaneous features are designed specifically to create excellent HD videos which will really impress your family and friends.

CyberLink PowerDVD: Just upgrade your experience of watching the video with CyberLink’s True Theater technology which comes with enhanced lighting features and improved audio quality. 

Features of HP Pavilion 17.3

You can do great things confidently with the feel of Windows-only better.

  • Anti-Glare Panel

This panel will enjoy the sun and your favorite content with this anti-glare panel. The low gloss and non-reflective means you will get less glare when you are outside.

  • Micro Edge Display

The best part of this HP Pavilion 17.3 laptop is that it comes with Micro Edge Display. By squeezing a larger screen into the smaller frame, the ultra-thin, barely visible bezel revolutionizes the appearance of the display with an aesthetically efficient design.

  • Best and Bold Accurate Color

This HP Pavilion 17.3 laptop is designed with 72% NTSC color space that provides perfect reproduction with less effort. This is the perfect edition for photos, videos, and all other creative objects.

  • DDR4 RAM options

This is the best part of HP Pavilion 17.3 as it is designed with DDR4 future RAM to run more reliably and efficiently at faster speeds. With the integrated higher bandwidth, you will get a performance boost whether you are playing games or you are using this laptop for any multi-tasking purpose.

It comes with one USB-C™ port through which you can power your device or connect it to an external display with a 5Gb/s signaling rate. And the reversible feature will provide plugin flexibility so there is nothing to worry about upside-down plugging.

  • USB 3.1 Connector

This is one of the most famous USB connections across the world and you can easily connect any of the existing USB devices and will provide data adaption speeds faster than USB 2.0.

  • Backlit Keyboard: Enhance Typing Experience

Whether it is dim light in the room or aboard the red-eye flight, you can type comfortably and conveniently with the embedded illuminated keyboard.

  • Drop Cloud Storage

You can synchronize and store your content online using Dropbox. It comes with 25GB of storage for one year to manage, access, and share your music, files, and photos from anywhere with the help of a good internet connection.

  • Sleek Design

Just take this thin and light computer from room to room on the road. When you have a habit of carrying a laptop while on the go then, this HP Pavilion 17.3 laptop will keep you productive and entertained.

  • MU-MIMO Supported

If you have various MU-MIMO devices in your home, MU-MIMO is compatible with working in combination with an MU-MIMO router to enlarge network traffic for a fast online experience.

  • Speedy Memory and Significant Storage

Enjoy a performance boost with up to 32GB of upgradable, fast high-bandwidth DDR4 RAM. Just start your PC and load games instantly without waiting for a long time with a vast array of storage options. Select 512GB of SSD storage to get quick access to all of the files and quick boot-up times. You can choose up to 1TB of HDD space as it provides the high storage volume which you will need for video, photo, game, or music libraries. In short, you can store more with extra dual storage that is collaborated with an old HDD and PCIe SSD. The Hybrid and SSD also are available with upgrade options.

The narrow bezel 1080p displays of this HP Pavilion 17.3 laptop will allow you to enjoy the cinematic-quality video with the refresh rates of 144Hz. The optional 4K displays or UHD (Ultra High Definition) monitors that come over 8 million pixels will allow you to see more of your game.

  • Bold Design and Aesthetics

Apart from high-performance levels, HP Pavilion 17.3 laptops are designed from the group up with the style in mind. From sleek, and edge-to-edge to meticulousness-cut speaker grills to the number of eye-catching, and bold color options available, the HP Pavilion line is different from others.

Wrap Up

HP Pavilion 17.3 will allow you to experience fast, and sleek gameplay and long unplugged gaming hours. BatteryBoost will regulate the GeForce graphics card’s performance to provide the optimal amount of power that provides a fast and impressive gaming experience without any kind of lag. Just take an example- if your game has more visually complex scenes then, the BatteryBoost will influence GPU performance for compensation so there will be no stuttering and hitching issue. Everyone loves to play a fast-paced game that requires more frames per second (fps), then the BatteryBoost will allow you to adjust and control the target frame rate.

The HP Pavilion Laptop line will allow you to pick and select from a vast variety of flexible specs, add-ons, and customizations which include basic things for the everyday tasks up to more detailed setups. Just rest assured that there is a model HP Pavilion 17.3 that definitely will work for you.

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