Comparison Between Intel Core I3 Vs Amd Ryzen 3 – processor is the brain of our Laptops. In your entire laptop setup, RAM is the most crucial piece of hardware. There are several processors for people to select the best one. It can be tough to know the difference between them all. Which is the best processor in the modern age?! Well, now we are going to compare the two against each other.

The Two Prominent Processors :

One of the broadly popular processors over the last decade is the Intel i3 processor. It has become the pin for different unique laptops.

However, it is a little bit unfair.

The reason is there are numerous versions and generations of both i3 and Ryzen 3 processors.

Let’s know the features of the Ryzen 3 and i3 processors.

Aside from shortly comparing models to one another, the AMD Ryzen range as a total is increasing in use over the last decade. It is because they manage to provide better value as a whole. Once, it was an Intel-dominated market. Presently, it is on a level playing field.

Ryzen 3 :

In general, the Ryzen 3 processor is Going to be better than an Intel i3 processor across the world. They have more cores, and most of their processors have two threads for every Core. So, as an entire range, you would likely be better off opting for AMD.


  • An Ryzen 3 has four cores and eight threads.
  • It has a base clocking speed of 3.8GHz and a max of 4.3GHz.

Intel Core i3 :

A great comparison to this model would be possibly the new 10th Gen Intel Core i3-10320 Processor.


  • i3 processor also has four cores, eight threads, and a base speed of 3.8GHz.
  • This processor has a max frequency of 4.6GHz.

So here we can see a little more than the Ryzen comparison.

Having a multi-core processor with a lot of threads is a crucial thing. Most of the games are multi-threaded. So they depend on your CPU to have sufficient Threads. It also needs plenty of physical cores.

The competition in the CPU space

has certainly strengthened. Intel released its first unlocked Core i3 processor under the 7th Generation lineup earlier this year. AMD joined in the fray with its Ryzen 3 sequel.

The Intel Core i3 7350K was launched way earlier than Ryzen. It was not intended to compete with any of AMD’s CPUs. Intel had since gone ahead with its power efficiency and best performance.

Multi-threaded Ryzen 3:

Multi-Threaded Ryzen 3 is Powerful in tests that serve up at least four threads. Its single-threaded performance is Stronger than i3.

So it performs pretty well against the Core i3.

The Ryzen 3 chips are more than enough for any modern game at 1080p and 60 frames per second.

If you want to do content innovation or live streaming, expend the extra $50 and obtain a Ryzen 5 3600.

But if you only like to play PC games at 1080p60, there is no reason to go beyond the Ryzen 3.

How many cores does the processor have?

Whilst both of these brands are worth considering, I would be extra inclined to opt for an AMD processor than an Intel processor.

All of their Ryzen 3 processors are quad-core, whereas some of the i3 processors are only dual-core.

The amount of cores a processor has inferred the number of different processes. The reason is it can run simultaneously.

Here you can learn more about quad-core and dual-core processors.

The extra cores that your processor has also rely on your processor’s single-core performance capacities. But that gets more in-depth to your CPU’s capabilities.

Gazing at the cores that the processor has is the first step to deciding which to opt.

So whilst all Ryzen 3 processors are quad-core, not all i3 are.

Considering Threads:

As well as glancing at the number of cores that a processor has, we can also look at the number of threads. Most processors have two Threads of each Core. It means that the processor can equally balance out its function between the other cores. In an ideal strategy, you will always need a processor, has two Threads per core.


An example of this is the Ryzen 3 1300X Processor, which has four cores. Comparing this to the Intel i3-10320, which has four cores yet eight threads. It proves to us that this generation of i3 would be the better choice.

Intel Core I3 Vs Amd Ryzen 3

The i3-1125G4 was published in the middle of 2019. The Ryzen 3300X is one of AMD’s best gaming processors for its cost.

Threads 8 | Cores 4 | Base Freq. 3.80GHz | Max Freq 4.3GHz | Cache 8MB | TDP 65w

Threads 4|Cores 4 | Base Freq. 4.00GHz | Max Freq 4.6GHz | Cache 16MB | TDP 91w

Both of these processors have a similar amount of cores. But the 3300X has extra threads, which enables it to make it better for gaming. You can put on a glance at this entirely to decide that is not the Full story with a processor.

Power Consumption:

  • Power consumption for Ryzen has been Completely favorable for AMD.
  • That appears like it will carry for the Ryzen 3 as well. Idle power strives well against the Core i3-7350K at 48W for both settings.
  • Always keep in mind, Ryzen 3 needs a discrete GPU, while the Core i3 does not.
  • At a Huge load, the 1300X can pull more than the Core i3-7350K.
  • The difference is not so extensive. The Ryzen 3 is an authentic power-sipper.

It can only pull 41W idle and 69W at the entire load.

Choose the best one:

It is always an incredible idea for you to check with an online comparison website to watch how the processors perform. There are so several variables at play. Of course, you can determine an eight-core processor will be a better eight-color core. But when they are exterior-correlators in Specs, it is tough to do so.

At the edge of the day, the higher Intel processor will cost more for you to run. Whilst not being as good as the Ryzen 3  if you differentiate between the two.

So, it is crucial to look between processors a little bit harder before you decide on one. Your processor is not the only thing that creates issues in your laptop’s performance. You also require to think about your RAM and graphics card too. Those also contribute to determining your Laptop’s fast function.

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Wrapping Up

To find the difference between Ryzen and i3, we have to take a closer look at the processor’s features.

I would suggest you opt for something a little better if you are looking for something premium. Check out the Ryzen equivalent for better value.

Finally, the modern 10th Gen Intel i3 processors are good. But for people, the Ryzen series provide better value for money. The Ryzen 3 series are famous for building some of the best value-for-money processors. So it is safe to go for a Ryzen 3 processor.

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