If you have made the decision to get a new laptop, and have two choices in which one has already been made a 15.6” display and some loves to choose this Toshiba brand because if the best build quality. If you are buying the Toshiba c55-c5381 then, you can tackle the toughest projects on the Toshiba Satellite laptop. It has an Intel Core i7-5500U processor and the laptop provides speed and power to run advanced software programs and can deal with thorough tasks like editing video.

This Toshiba c55-c5381 hard drive store a wide collection of music and movies and an HDMI port allows you to connect a second monitor to watch it on the big screen. The satellite notebook is a high-performance computer.

This is a strong notebook that is provided for above-average usage. Any standard PC is ideal for everyday tasks and you can use this laptop for writing, checking images and videos, and calculation, video recording, and browsing the internet. The Toshiba c55-c5381 provides exactly this and many more. You have this Toshiba c55-c5381 to play around with.

Toshiba c55-c5381 Internal Specifications

The operating system offered with this laptop is Windows 10 that is quite user-friendly and common

  • This Toshiba laptop processor is an Intel Core i7 5th Gen (5500U). The good and intuitive interface set out to do tough tasks
  • The laptop processor speed is good and it has a speed of 2.4 GHz
  • The graphics processor type of Toshiba c55-c5381 is an integrated On-Board Graphics kind

Physical Features of Toshiba Satellite c55-c5381

  • The laptop has a screen size of quite average and it has a 15.6” screen
  • The HD LED Backlit display is integrated with it that will definitely enhance your viewing experience
  • The Bluetooth Connectivity is there to connect to wireless speakers, mobile phones, and compatible devices. This is quite a useful feature for the laptops to avoid the hassle of the plug-in wires
  • This laptop is integrated with DVD ReWritable that can be easily accessed by users
  • The Laptop Toshiba c55-c5381 has a 1TB hard drive capacity and this is good enough for storing entertainment as well as work files
  • The notebook memory comes with 8GB of capacity
  • The Toshiba c55-c5381 comes with the hard disk storage type
  • The laptop comes with the connectivity of HDMI hardware
  • The notebook has a webcam built-in to the body most average notebooks. This is really useful for video chats and leisure as well
  • This Toshiba c55-c5381 laptop comes with the 4.8 Ibs which is a decent weight to travel with
  • Toshiba c55-c5381 Powerful Processor

Smoother Performance

This is very much required for professional users as it has many built-in qualities that make it different from others. Video editing will need a lag-free and fast computer. If you love editing then, you can get this laptop apt for a smooth experience. Lagging is an issue that actually interrupts the work environment. When the question is to edit large files and there is a low-performing laptop then, it will hamper the adjustment.

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This laptop has excellent network connectivity and since the performance keeps minimal lagging then, the internet browsing has become stress-free.


Everybody loves relaxation while playing games. You don’t need to be a hard-core gamer but you can enjoy the few famous from the market. The user can enjoy downloading and purchasing while sitting on a chair and enjoying the new and latest games.  You can easily play the high-end games on Toshiba c55-c5381. Playing a game is a passion of almost all people and hence spending a heavy amount on a high and smooth performance PC might be rewarding apart from your main appeal. Hence spending your cost to buy a high-performance computer can be rewarding apart from the main appeal.


HD Viewing capability will allow you to enjoy movies with a good experience. You can easily stream movies and videos with HD quality when you are online. You can watch HD downloaded films and videos.


The sound quality of this Toshiba c55-c5381 laptop is really different and sound is quite an important part of every laptop. If you love to listen to music while working hours and you also can depend on sound for video chats and online viewing. You can expect a good performance while editing audio on this laptop. Hence, you can enhance your editing skills and apart from music/sound editing, you can do something more interesting with the photos too. You can edit a good quality photo easily and you can play with photos as well.

A quality photo can be easily edited well and if you have the skills then you can do it easily. HD photos often cause lagging in the PCs and therefore, either it creates incomplete projects or a cloudy or blurred image outcome.


Multi-tasking is a chosen quality in the PC and humans. You can expect this notebook piece to provide you with excellent performance and deal with various tasks. If you have to make presentations with images, slides, and videos, then this video is ideal for you. With this laptop, you can do lots of work while listening to online songs in the background. You can check the work reports and can use multiple tabs when you are online. All in all, it is the best quality for professional and personal usages.

Whether you need to write the term paper then, catch up on the work or you can create the family budget, these Toshiba c55-c5381 laptops allow you to do the various tasks with the 8GB SDRAM DDR3 and the high-end processing capability of Intel Core i7-5500U will definitely amaze you.

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