Top 17 Best Crossword Apps For Android And iOS – In this article, we have mentioned the top 17 best crossword apps for Android and iOS users. Here we have mentioned some of the most popular apps for you which allows you to solve your specific puzzles in quick time and get suggestions, hint at the same time.

If you are looking for the best crossword app iPhone 2021 or for android, then this guide is for you.


WordScape is the top-rated crossword game that will sharpen your mind. If you play just 10 minutes every day it blows your mind. It helps you to strengthen your puzzle solving skills and challenge your life.

It challenges you to find hidden words and add these words. With the help of this game, you can also relax your mind, which will help you in real life.

World’s Biggest Crossword

The largest crossword game in the world is the best crossword game ever. It comes with a collection of 100 original puzzles. Thousands of players enjoy this game more than enough around the world. This game allows you to complete all challenges and become a crossword superstar!

Crossword Light

Every day newspapers provide crossword puzzles, but there are many limitations, such as waiting for the next day of today’s answer to the puzzles. At the same time, this Crossword Light app allows you to get hints and track how quickly you’re improving!

Word Life

Solve different riddles online by using these words ️while you are resting comfortably and enjoy the fascinating natural beauty. You have to open the hidden words by adding letters and complete the puzzle using them. They start early. Start the incredible journey and as you are treated as a beige of respect.

English Crossword Puzzle

English crosswords are also a traditional style of crossword games. It contains over 400 offline games, multiple themes with hit items. It comes with the US English language. Features include achievements, cloud syncing, and leaderboards.

Word Charm Crossword

Word Charm Countdown also comes with great graphics and well-designed interfaces. It’s one of the best and top 17 best crossword apps for android and iOS and it allows you to add only letters to form words.

There are levels above 2000 for players. You can also choose 10+ your favorite theme. This allows you to change the layout of the letters by simply tapping on the “Shuffle” button.

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One Clue Crossword

One Clue Crossword is also an amazing crossword app that comes with 730+ puzzles with 46 characters. It also comes with 230+ all-new bonus puzzles with a mix-up mode that you can explore while playing. It also provides hundreds of beautiful photographs including people, animals, and more.


CodyCross is a crossword game that provides a new crossword experience. You can enjoy playing countless puzzles in this game. There are hundreds of levels to play the best crosswords. You can easily explore the beautifully designed world in this amazing game.

It also comes with new themes and genres that will challenge even the smartest of puzzle lovers.

Shortyz Crosswords

Shortyz is a crossword puzzle application that provides several free puzzles. If you want to explore it more and enjoy it more from here then you can get a paid subscription to this game, that will amaze you. This game is one of the best and most played games ever.

Alpha Across Crossword

Alpha Across Crossword is one of the best crossword games among the top 17 best Crossword Apps for Android and iOS that comes with a modern, intuitive interface, providing a top-level gaming experience.

It provides you statistical information about your game such as total time played and last played. Also provides multiple collection filters.

Bonza Word Puzzle

Bonza is a new type of crossword game that has become an instant classic. If you like word challenges and enjoy pushing boxes around with your fingers, then Bonza Word Puzzle is good for you. This lets you solve a new free puzzle every day. It also allows you to create your own custom bonza puzzle and challenge your friends.

5-Minute Crossword Puzzles

The 5-minute crossword game has a large set of bite-size puzzles that can be solved on the go. You will not need to scroll to see the whole puzzle. It comes with an amazing user-friendly interface. It also allows you to skip the crossword when you don’t solve. Overall this is the best crossword app on android.

Clean Crosswords

The Clean Crossword is originally designed for Android users. Clean Crossword is possibly the best free crossword puzzle game ever. For Android users. It comes with 1800 free crossword puzzles. It comes in a beautiful and clean design. This lets you choose from 3 difficulty levels.


WordBrain is also one of the best crossword games, which is free to play at all ages. It combines the best parts for VR scrambles and crossword games. It keeps your mind sharp with thousands of levels. This comes in 15 different languages for players from different locations.

Crossword Quiz

Crossword Quiz is also a great puzzle game for people of almost all ages. It is a classic word game that challenges your vocabulary and is a powerful tool for learning. In this game, you can challenge yourself to apply your visuals. It also provides you with the right indication of when you need it.

Crossword With Friends

Crossword with friends allows you to play this game with your friends and challenge them. You can also test your brainpower daily with new puzzles. You can explore all types of un crosswords including entertainment, pop curators, and sports. It lets you play modern puzzles with a new theme.

Wealth Words

Wealth Word is one of the most popular games played by millions of people worldwide. It lets you solve riddles everywhere and anytime. It helps improve your vocabulary, enhances analytical skills, enhances communication skills, and enhances memory.


Finally, I hope you have enjoyed this article which is about the top 17 best Crossword Apps for Android and iOS, that will help you to sharpen your mind while playing.

Here we have mentioned the most popular and the best crossword app for Android and iPhone 2022 that will help you with puzzle-solving all the time. If you have really enjoyed this article please share it with your friends and help them also.

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