We have all witnessed many forms of television, ranging from the olden day to the modern. There was satellite television access, and then cable television access. We transitioned to a more sophisticated satellite in the modern era. Every household has had a modern satellite TV. The Internet has given access to a smarter and faster way of watching television. Best Lazy IPTV (Internet Protocol Television), finally gives you a very accessible viewing of channels. These are channels that range from countries around the world and are given to you effortlessly.

What is IPTV

IPTV is your Internet Protocol Television, which provides you with international channels. It is different from your regular television. The TV channels are not satellite or cable-based. Here, you can stream the channels online via data consumption. It is live television. There is no need to buy an extra satellite.

This is how it works.

  1. In cable and satellite television, the broadcasters send the signals where viewers are the receivers.
  2. You can watch a limited amount of television and only what they send to you.
  3. You can only tune in and watch what is broadcasted without choosing the timings as well.
  4. Now IPTV will give you more freedom.
  5. It uses a standard internet connection to bring you the channels.
  6. It uses a delivery mechanism, which is a way to deliver the content to the viewer via the internet.
  7. The user can press the button and that sends a request for the desired channel.
  8. The video servers will transmit the programs to the existing internet connection used I your house.
  9. This is how the show is sent back for the viewer to watch.

Here are the types of formats you can find.

  1. Video on Demand. (VOD)

This allows the viewer to choose any movies available on the VOD server. The best examples of the VOD area, are Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. We have all heard of these services and used them as well. This helps you grasp the idea better.

  1. Time-Shifted Media

In Time-shifted media, you can pause and resume at a later hour when you require. The rewind option is also available.

  1. Live Television

Here you can watch a good number of live shows. This is also very convenient to watch the live sports game. Channels like Fox Sports Go, Hulu Live TV, CBS Sports HQ, and SLING TV provide you live shows.

  1. Muvi

You can launch videos and audios in Muvi. This helps content owners in launching OTT streaming services.

Lazy IPTV for Android

You can watch the services on android. So, let us see the ways you can connect it to your devices. It is not difficult and you can follow the guidelines. The interface is quite smooth and clean for usage. The app also offers you playlist support, history, video player both external and internal and also parental control. The app will not have a channel on its own. Therefore, you require the channels and the playlist.

The pro version of the app also gives you more features. Such as advertisement-free viewing, extended playlist, and Auto-play, etc.

  1. First, you have to download the IPTV app for the device.
  2. When you click open you will find Add playlist.
  3. This is where you have to add channels.
  4. You can visit Google Chrome and search for Fluxus IPTV.
  5. There is an option on the page for a copy link that you can click and copy.
  6. You can now open the app again and click on add URL.
  7. Once you click Add URL, you will find the playlist section where you can paste the URL.
  8. After you click ok, you will find more than 5000 channels there.
  9. However, if you want a channel from a specific country, then you can do so.
  10. You can swipe along, and there you will find channels from different countries.
  11. You can also choose HD (High Definition) reference or non-HD. This is quite helpful if you have slow internet.

Here is similar step you have to follow for Android TV

  1. Once you connect and turn it on, you will find a plus+ sign with red colour on the screen.
  2. The next thing required is for you to add the URL.
  3. Once you press the plus+ sign, you will get two options.
  4. In the New Playlist option, you will find an open file and add a URL.
  5. If you have an IPTV list stored in your device or SD card, you can add them. You can click via the open file.
  6. The second option is the URL, it is a remote list.
  7. Once you click the URL, you can add a title name.
  8. Below the name is where you have the space to type the URL.
  9. Once you add the URL, the channels will appear.
  10. You have sections you can choose from, like sports, music, and news, etc.
  11. Once you click the channel it will start playing. It is quick and does not buffer.

Lazy IPTV for your PC/laptop

  1. You can browse for a free link from your regular browser like Chrome. There are many reliable links that you will find.
  2. Once you find the link, you can also check for countries. The number of channels that they offer is also mentioned there.
  3. Once you get the link, you can copy the link.
  4. You will require a VLC media player on your PC. If you do not have a VLC player, you can download it online.
  5. Once downloaded, open the VLC media player.
  6. In the VLC media player, you will have to click on the Media button top left.
  7. In Media, you have to click on the open network stream.
  8. Here you will find a slot, and you can paste the link from the site. After pasting click on the play button.
  9. You will then find the channel’s playlist. The channels mentioned on the site are now available here on the VLC playlist.
  10. You can right-click and play any of the channels from the list. You have to wait few seconds for it to load. The channel will then start playing.
  11. The channels are in HD quality.
  12. If you face a channel skipping problem, you can press a toggle button on the bottom right. It is the one right before the random button.
  13. If you want to change the channel, go to the playlist button on the bottom right.
  14. In the playlist, you can choose any other channel.

Listed below is also an alternate method of getting the channels on your PC/laptop.

  1. Go to your regular browser and search for a link to download.
  2. Once you find the link you can copy and paste it on the browser.
  3. You can press enter and it will download.
  4. You can put the downloaded file on your desktop home for easy access.
  5. You will also require a VLC media player for this. If you do not have one, you will need to download it online.
  6. Open your VLC media player. Click the view button.
  7. Once you click on View, you will get options to choose from.
  8. Here, click the Playlist section.
  9. So, earlier you downloaded the link. You can use it here.
  10. You can click and drag that downloaded file to the playlist. The playlist should remain open on the VLC player.
  11. You can double-click on the file in the VLC player.
  12. After it loads it will start to show you the channels.
  13. You can choose any of the channels and double-click it to play.
  14. There is a search bar on top, where you can type. You can search your desired channel there.
  15. You have options of sports, news, and movies, etc.                                                                                               

You can check out some of the M3U lists to help find channels and links for your IPTV.

  1. You can go to FLUXUS.TV. There you will find different playlists. You can click on the one that says FLUXUS IPTV.
  2. After clicking on it, you will find a URL. You can use this link to copy and paste to receive the channels.
  3. If you want a more specific channel, then go to the playlist section.
  4. You can click on the playlist and find more options to choose from. For example, there are Fluxus cinema, Fluxus radio, and Fluxus CCTV, etc.
  5. You can click on your preference, and there you will get a link. That link can be copied and used on your VLC.
  6. Be sure to use VPN, if you are going to use the M3U list.

You can always explore more M3U lists as well as channels. There is an abundance of it with just a little research.

Since we have used the likes of internet browsing and understood streaming, this will come more naturally. It might be all jargons if you are not tech-savvy. However, listing and looking at the guidelines, the steps are catered to everyone. You could be someone who needs more information and update and can learn more. Or, you could start from the top and read while simultaneously practicing it. There are many ways that you can go about it. This little description here is hopeful that you find it resourceful.

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