5 Best Stylish Android App of 2022 – Welcome back to another new app review blog. In recent times android developers are developing many outstanding applications. So also in this article, we are going to see some of the best and super cool android apps 

So before we are going to talk about the 5 Best Stylish Android App of 2022 let’s see which app we are going to talk about. Maybe some people know about these applications and some people don’t know. But I am sharing the list of the applications here. And also you can get all these applications in the google play store. 

Here is the shortlist of the 5 Best Stylish Android App of 2021 that we are going to see.

05 Best Stylish Android App

How can I make my phone stylish?

So if you read the full article then sure you can make your phone more stylish. Because in this article I have shared some cool applications that will help you to make your phone more stylish and cool.


In this application, you can see a very nice amount of information about your works. You can get all the information related to your work. You can see the articles but if you don’t want to read articles then you can watch videos or podcasts. So I think this will be a very helpful application for you in recent times.

When you install and open this app this app will ask you about some category to select. So when you will choose those categories it will show contents related to those categories. This is the huge advantage of the app that it will only show you the targeted content.


This is a very popular and very stylish application now. When you will install this application then you will see your calling theme will be changed to IOS 14 theme. So this is a nice feature and providing cool looks to your phone.

Also, you can customize the background of the calling system. You can set a video on the background or can set an image. So here you can get a lot of different options to customize this. And in my personal opinion, I really liked the app and its cool themes. Because here you can get many free themes.

Also after installation, you can see the dialing pad will be changed to IOS 14 Dialing pad. Isn’t it awesome? So, when you are going to use this application you will definitely be surprised. Because the app has a lot of features available.

It also offers a call blocker system that is amazing. You can also add custom ringtone with this app. It has many more features that are also very very helpful and amazing. Once you use the app you will see all the features and will love this app.

Material Launcher

So this is basically a launcher of android. And this is a very simple and cool launcher for your smartphone. Actually personally it is really cool for me. But don’t know how it performs on your phone. Maybe some people will like this simple but some people will not. You can also try this launcher. And let me know in the comment section how it is performing for you.


This is a special flashlight controlling application. If you don’t have party lights or don’t have lights for beats. Then you can use the app to on and off with the beat of the song. So This is basically a cool app for songs and beats. The flashlight will on and off by following the beats of the song.

Also if you shake the mobile then you will see the amazing effects of the flashlight, if you are using this app.


This is a photo editing app. Not really a normal photo editing app. It has some extraordinary features that will blow your mind. But the app is now paid. Because it has very awesome effects on it that’s why many people are using the paid version. So I also recommend the app because it has very advanced features available.

You can change the sky of your image in just one click. This app has a lot of advanced features like this. So I think it will be worth buying.

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5 Best Stylish Android App Conclusion

So I think these apps will make your android mobile more stylish and cooler. Let me know in the comment box how the applications are performing for you. If you have any suggestions and any kind of questions then feel free to ask. We will be waiting to answer all your questions. Finally thank you for reading this article.

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