Card games are always fun. And poker is one of a kind that intrigues us. What can add a little spice to this adult game? Strip poker. By strip poker app we literally mean you to get naked if you lose.

But still, you, if you want to enjoy the game with some naughty feelings here, are some applications for you. Play these games to enjoy the virtual experience of strip poker.

Sometimes we feel devilish happiness in striping someone else. You can use the game to do so when you are with your girlfriend or boyfriend. If you are playing online yet, you may not watch the person in real-time but still enjoy beating him in a game and make him/her virtual striping.

Best 9 Strip Poker Game Applications

Bikini Poker Casino

Bikini Poker Casino is one of the hottest strip poker apps. It has the American traditional poker rules with exciting content. Each level has some responsive picture of  American beauties, which will be prestigious for you to strip them. You can play the game with a friend or any random player over the internet.

The user interface is also quite attractive. You can log in using your Facebook ID. The app UI is very easy to understand. You will find player status, game settings, in-game notification on the top.

You will find all the social buttons on the left of the screen. And the center contains different tables to choose from. If you are trying to play on the go, tap on “Play Now” to start immediately.

Every day you will be able to join 20 tournaments. And these games work like sit and go. You can enter into any lobby any time and leave if you are not getting any luck.

The game has 14 levels of achievement that will give you chips. You can share your achievement directly on your Facebook profile if you wish to.

For the striping part, each girl on the game strip is only for you if you manage to win.

Strip Poker – Two Player

If you feel bored by playing regular poker with a deck of cards, this game can be a mood changer. You can play with a real friend or even a random virtual friend. It will be intense if you are playing with a friend in your bedroom, but no less attractive on the virtual level as well.

When playing online, obviously, you won’t be able to see another person naked or force him/her to take off clothes. But who cares? As long as you beat the partner in the game, you can imagine taking off his/her shirt. Here the rules apply for doing such a thing is to win.

If you are close to your friend, then you guys can make each other strip if you lose. Even you are playing over phones.

The app is quite minimalistic, with nothing fancy about the design. It is very simple but not boring. You can start the game from the opening menu or invite a friend online or via Bluetooth.

You can also send feedback and report about the game if you find any glitches. From the profile tab, you will be able to check the account details. The number of chips you have and game progress.

In the friend’s tab, you will be able to see your in-game friends. Every user has a Unique Game ID that can be used to send friend requests in the game or invite someone to a game.

You can use the chatbox in the game to talk with the other player. By this, you may be able to gain real friends from the game and invite them directly over your home. Then play The game on your couch with them.

Adult Fun Poker

If you play poker with your mate, then you can use this app to spice things up. The game allows users to set the rules. When you are playing it directly on your phone instead of a deck of cards, set your own rules.

But if you are playing the game over the internet, then just follow with game rules. When you are playing random people, you can decide the rules for yourself. Add some erotic rules to keep things interesting.

This strip poker app is quite a beginner-friendly one. It will take you just a day to understand the game perfectly. The game environment feels just like any casino. While you have chips on your account, you can keep playing online. Besides, if you get along with the game, you can buy chips with money.

But let us not forget that every time you get a new achievement, the game rewards you. And the rewards are pretty good.

Stud Poker Casino

When it comes to something sexy or even the word striping, it indicates a sexy girl. But it is not that intense for women to look at another woman no matter how attractive she is. So, for the girl’s stud, poker is an awesome pick to play with other friends.

But boys can also join the game if they have a different choice. Except that it’s an excellent app to learn about the poker game.

What is better than getting a lavishing reward while learning. The game contains super sexy pictures of boys that any girl would die to get her hands. So it will be fun to beat your friends and achieve that even it’s just a picture.

This app also has six types of poker game variations, and each has its achievement cards. You can unlock different rewards while playing. And the sexy guys and extraordinary cards take the app to another level.

Erotic Poker Mania

This game is enjoyed with real friends. Poker is a fun game already, but this app took it to a further level. Adding little erotic rules into the game makes it interesting. Casino poker is best for a competitive environment, but nothing can rule-out strip poker apps for fun.

If you are going to play with your better half, all you need is to install it from the app store. All the rules for strip poker are already on the app. You can start playing after the installation.

The rule is simple here. You have to take a piece of cloth from your body every time you lose any round. But you have to trust each other in the game. And if you are playing online, you may get to know your virtual friend better.

All in all, this game is good to pick. But it’s important to win because you don’t want to get ashamed twice. It is first losing the bet then losing clothes.

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Adult Strip Poker

It’s not unlikely that you thought about undressing your girlfriend or friend. Either you want to get naughty or take sweet revenge, strip poker is the way to go. If you don’t know, Las Vegas have this game in reality.

And the adult strip poker app puts everything about that game into an application for mobile. Now you can play this game with your close friend or girlfriend/boyfriend. Moreover, you may have a group of friends who have the privilege to take off clothes in front of you.

Play the game with them to make fun of them and also for entertainment. The most exciting thing on thing about this app is you can bet on who gets undressed fastest. Now, this is one game where you can place your bet to undress your friend. Isn’t that interesting?

Fantasy Sexy Strip Poker

The main rule is here to win the game. Then winner can force the loser to take off a piece of their clothes. It is virtually the most intriguing strip poker app because the player has to take off a piece of cloth to play further rounds.

Well, the clothes will be virtual so that you won’t see the other player. Nor do the rules say losers have to take off their shirts or skirts literally. But when you are playing with friends in the same room, you can apply the striping rule to make the fame more erotic.

Casino Slot Android

The app has been made for serious poker players. Mostly you have to beat everyone else to get on the leaderboard. The system of the game follows classical Italian poker games. It includes Teresina’s rules of hand and bluff.

But to make it interesting, you can take off the clothes of your opponents in the bet. Here everything is virtual and targeted to entertain the gamers. They follow the google play store’s rules to get any hentai type of scenario.

You will get a glance of beautiful American women striping for you. But the condition is you have to win.

Sexy Beach Poker

The game is like a regular American poker game. To make it a little erotic, you get sexy images of girls on the beach. The rules are quite simple. You have to keep winning. For unlocking new images of girls and boys, you have to win double,then you bet.

Well, you can add the rules of a strip poker game if you want to play and make it more challenging. However, all the stripings will be virtual, so don’t get any ideas here. Yet if you want to get a real experience of strip poker, take real people you trust and play the game with striping rules.


We haven’t included all the mentioned apps in any ranking. All of these are excellent strip poker apps in their ways. Yet if you want to rank them, you can try one by one and rank them yourself. Strip poker can be a fun game, but please be gentle to the opponents. The games are introduced to mobile and computer users to have fun. So, in the end, take the game as entertainment, not harassment.

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