Best 17 Countdown Apps For Android And iOS – In this article, we have mentioned the best 17 Countdown Apps For Android And iOS, which are really amazing to use for your requirements. Do you feel bad if you miss any joyful events? It may happen a lot with you. If you want to know about the countdown apps for android or iOS, then read this article carefully till the end.

Final Countdown

Final Countdown is the best countdown app on this list, available for both iOS and Android users. You can track events using this app. It also has a resizable widget that makes it easy to monitor important events, as well as comes with 300+ free HD images for customization.

Countdown Widget

Countdown Widget is another best widget app in this list that will help you remember specific events on the go and comes with a resizable screen widget. Also, comes with a collection of stickers. This lets you choose a photo from the widget.

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Time Until

Time Until is also one of the best Countdown apps on this best 17 countdown apps for android and iOS list. You can understand the work of this app by its name.

You will be updated on the upcoming events using this user-friendly interface. It also comes with a Full-sized widget and a small widget.

Countdown Live Wallpaper 2020

Countdown Live Wallpaper is one of the best countdown apps that gives you live wallpaper to set at any event, and also sets live birthday wallpaper that you like. It comes with great wallpaper, and also lets you choose the date you want. You can also put a custom background on this app.

Countdown Days – App & Widget

Countdown Days is another widget app that helps you remember specific events. It also has great customizable and resizable widgets which look very amazing.

It also gives you information on every incident, so that you do not miss it. This app has 4 types of widgets with customizable colors. It also gives you customizable fonts for each countdown.

My Day – Countdown Calendar

My Day is also a great countdown app that helps you to remember your important events. You will enjoy unlimited free themes as it offers for free, including some wallpapers and backgrounds.

Easy to select colors, styles, and units. It lets you countdown events in years to even in seconds.

Countdown Time

Countdown time allows you to remember important events such as birthdays, weddings, and even anniversaries. This is a simple and intuitive app among this list of the best 17 countdown apps for android and iOS with an amazing interface.

It also has customizable widgets with many themes. It also comes with a built-in event sharing option to personalize your event.

Days Left – Countdown timer

Remnant Days is also a great countdown app that will help you remember all your events and also update you. This amazing and simple app comes with a user-friendly interface that handles the basics.

It is quite an old app but 2X1 comes with amazing widgets. You can use a lot of themes to design a widget and it is also very customizable. It also provides great widget options to the user.

Countdown Widget

The Countdown Widget comes with an easy-to-customize app providing 4×1,5×1 dynamic widgets. It comes with a full landscape mode that supports multiple countdowns. You can get different types of countdown options to measure different units.

Countdown App – Death

Death Countdown is also a great countdown app that helps you to remember your important events. It is also a fun app that is completely fictional. This app will tell you how much time you have got on this earth, how amazing it is.

You know this is scary and it’s a scary app by the way, but it is also a more entertaining app. It comes with a black user-friendly interface which is extremely cool.

Christmas Countdown!

This Christmas Countdown app is a great app on this best 17 countdown apps for android and iOS list that will help you to know only about Christmas.

This app has a very elegant user interface and allows you to know how far away Christmas is from the current date.

It also gives you 6 characters that are related to the Christmas festival, such as Santa Claus, Christmas tree, reindeer, skater, and snowman.

Exam Countdown Lite

The exam countdown app is an amazing app that helps you remember how many days are left for your exam. Everyone knows that exams are the most stressful moment of life, but it’s not. Some people forget the exam dates, in this case, this app will help them. You can get a daily countdown using this app.

Retirement Countdown

Everyone will come on this stage to get retired from his job, business, and work. If  you want to retire. This is a fairly simple app that gives you information about the days leading up to your retirement. A bucket list you will see as a special feature.

MyWed Wedding Planner

MyWed helps you plan your wedding budget, make a guest list, specify important details – such as a list of things to do or a shopping list, plus, of course, the remaining minutes before the holiday. It also allows you to plan two events at the same time with the help of this app.

Birthday Countdown Widget

The birthday countdown app will help you not to get confused by dates and numbers! Just install the application to always remember your holiday.

The birthday countdown will offer you to enter the required holiday date. In addition to your birthday, you can also monitor the birthdays of your friends, family, or colleagues.

Event Countdown Lite

Event Countdown Lite is one of the best countdown apps for Android users. It is featured-packed and the UI is to die for. It comes with over 450 icons that will set the events apart. You can also add notes to the event.


You can get amazing wallpapers to maintain your feeling, which is easy to design from time to time. It also offers you to use your Facebook friends’ birthday countdown. It also gives you offline access.


I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and also now you know about the best 17 Countdown Apps For Android And iOS, which may have amazed you. These apps will really help you to keep remembering significant events. If you have enjoyed this article, I would recommend please share it with your friends as well.

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