Asus Transformer Book Flip 15.6-Inch TP550LA-UH51T Laptop Review – When you think of buying an Asus tp550la-uh51t, you may be confused about some specific things: Is the Asus tp550la-uh51t is suitable for PC gaming? Has it enough space to store all of my files documents? Is it expensive? Can I afford it? And more questions like this come to our minds. So, here we will answer all of your questions.

The Asus 15.6-Inch TP550LA-UH51T Laptop is currently becoming highly acceptable among people. And if you are thinking of investing money in this laptop, then I am sure first of all you definitely want to know about the Asus tp550la-uh51t review. If so, this article is going to make your decision a bit easier. Without wasting your precious time, let jump into the depth discussion.

About Asus tp550la-uh51t

The Asus tp550la-uh51t great for use as a ce. It is a consumer electronic. This laptop is very lightweight to carry anywhere and looks beautiful in sleek black and silver color. It also can be used as a family computer as well as schoolwork. It has some eye-catchy features which make people buy the laptop.

This is a mid-level computer one can solve his Daily work through the blessing of Asus tp550la-uh51t. It is the most famous notebook with 15.6 inches large display. The ample space is ideal for playing games and resolves any tough work. At the same time, you can also take it with you when you are traveling because this is lightweight and easy to charge. The Asus tp550la-uh51t review from its users is also very satisfying.

 The image quality of Asus tp550la-uh51t is Cristal clear. You can visit social media like Facebook stay connected with your friends and family through Skype video chat. There is no chance to miss any family occasion just because you are far away from home. Higher desired people are also satisfied with this laptop.

Key features Asus Transformer Book Flip 

When you are buying a laptop, you should know a couple of things about the computer very well. Features are one of them. It’s says everything about the product. Here are some parts of this laptop:

  1. 1. The Asus laptop has the Intel Core i5-5200U 2.20 GHz, also turbo boost technology up to 2.70 GHz.
  2. The large display in HD LED touch screen, which is 15.6(1366×768)
  3. Multi-touch support you can use all of your fingers, I mean 10- fingers.
  4. 500 GB super hard drive and 4GB DDR3L-1600 1600 MHz RAM
  5. It has green cell batteries branded battery which never is the reason for the memory effect. 
  6. The green batteries also make sure products have higher durability.
  7. The battery has 500 battery charging cycles
  8. It has modern protection, which ensures users 100% compatibility and security.

Key specifications

The key specifications of the Asus tp550la-uh51t are glamorous. Here we are giving the basic specifications of this laptop to have a basic idea about this laptop.

  • Intel Core i5-5200U 2.2 GHz processors
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 500 GB 5400 RPM HDD
  • 15.6 inches large display
  • Windows 10 Home 64-bit
  • Weight is 8.3-pound pounds.
  • Dimension is 16.2 x 12.4 x 3.3 inches
  • 802.11bgn Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 

Benefits of Asus tp550la-uh51t

You can find several benefits on this laptop. You are getting all the things that you would like to see on a laptop.

LED backlight

This laptop has an LED backlight, which is very important. LED backlight technology ensures high definition visibility and provides excellent brightness.

This is usually used for a more enjoyable user experience when watching a movie or playing video games on TV or laptops. Though it is very effective for a computer, it uses a meager voltage power supply which is never more than 5-25 volts.

Widescreen display

The Asus tp550la-uh51t has a widescreen display. The widescreen display is several Pixel which displayed on the screen, and it works really. The widescreen display increases users’ productivity and significant display productivity. 

It means you can do more than one thing at a time on one screen like media games can be displayed simultaneously. You can get rid of multiple monitors. When it is possible to work various things on one screen, then buy another one.


Asus tp550la-uh51t has a large monitor. It is very important to have a large monitor on a laptop. You can use your laptop as a desktop.

It has portrait mode for quickly turning the monitors 90 degrees to the left or right. It allows its users to create a wide image for office documents. It gives a high-quality movie experience as well.

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The Asus tp550la-uh51t has 10 points of multi-touch support, which is why people like this laptop. The touchscreen was made to make navigation more accessible and more convenient. 

Hard drive

The hard drive is basically an essential thing to consider in a laptop; the Asus tp550la-uh51t has a better hard drive than others. Without having a good hard drive, your device will not be able to save any files. The capacity of the Asus tp550la-uh51t hard drive is 500 GB. And the spindle speed of the Asus hard drive is 5400 rpm.


This laptop is super lightweight straightforward to carry. The width of the computer is 15 inches. The depth and the height is 10.3 inch and 1.1 inches. And the weight is 5.73 lbs.

Pros of Asus 15.6-Inch TP550LA-UH51T Laptop

  1. High-resolution screen
  2. Touchable LED screen
  3. Looks stylish
  4. Longevity
  5. Asus laptops are highly Versatile

Cons of Asus 15.6-Inch TP550LA-UH51T Laptop

  1. No DVD drive

Wrapping Up

Before purchasing your next laptop from Asus, you should check Asus tp550la-uh51t review at least once. The Asus tp550la-uh51t is comparably lightweight and has outstanding service. This is workable for any Assignment. And the thing most people like about this laptop is you are getting everything even at this low cost.

It is great for video games, on the other hand, perfect for Daily needs. In this context, we try to show you the things which usually manufacturers never let you know. And they never want to include it in their packaging.

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