AMD Ryzen 3 2300u Processor Performance & Review – The Ryzen processor is known among gamers and streamers alike. However, different versions of the processor draw different attention to separate users. The gaming and streaming communities are somewhat alike yet distinct. Now, you can be a user simply looking to buy a processor to suit your PC needs. This is completely relatable to most and is a feasible approach. 

AMD Ryzen 5 and 7 are powerful processors for smooth and fast streaming. The encoding, streaming, and video shares are fast and lag-free. If you are depending on that specification, there might be different results. In terms of budget and purpose, they are quite different.

Features of AMD Ryzen 3 2300u processor

Let us check the specifications for the processor to ease your purchase conundrum. The features will complement and depend on the types of notebooks and devices.

  • There are 4 CPU Cores in the processor
  • 4 number of Threads are available
  • The AMD processor has 6 GPU cores 
  • There is a Base Clock with 2.0 GHz, which is a pretty decent usage. 
  • The Maximum Boost Clock can go till 3. 4 GHz
  • The Total L1 Cache is 384 KB
  • Total L2 Cache for Ryzen 3 is 2 MB
  • The Total L3 Cache is at 4 MB
  • There is no Unlocked feature in this processor
  • The CMOS comes at 14nm
  • The Ryzen 3 package is FPS
  • The PCI Express Version of AMD ryzen 3 2300u is PCIe 3.0
  • The Thermal Solution is n/a
  • The Default TDP of this Ryzen processor is 15W
  • The cTDP is 12 – 25 W
  • The AMD Ryzen Maximum Temperature is 95 degrees Celsius
  •  Here are the Operating System supported by the Ryzen 3. However, the support will also depend on the manufacturer.


  1. Windows 10 – 64 Bit Edition
  2. RHEL x86 64 Bit
  3. Ubuntu x 86 64 Bit
  • The System Memory Specification for the processor is till 2400 MHz
  • The System Memory Type of the processor is DDR4
  • There are 2 Memory Channels 
  • Coming to Graphics, the frequency is at 1100 MHz
  • The Graphics Model for AMD Ryzen 3 2300u the processor is Radeon Vega 6 Graphics
  • There are 6 Graphics Core Count in Ryzen 3 processing unit
  • The AMD Ryzen key feature includes the supported technologies. 
  1. AMD SenseMI Technology is supported in this processor
  2. AMD Ryzen supports AMD Zen Core Architecture
  3. The processor also supports AMD FreeSync Technology
  4. DirectX 12 Technology is also a supported technology for AMD Ryzen

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  • A display port is available
  • The processor is HDMI supported and this is quite handy. The laptop requirement of external arrangement can be met with HDMI.
  • The product line is AMD Ryzen 3 mobile processors with Radeon Vega graphics
  • The processor was launched in 2018 

Usage of AMD Ryzen 3 2300u

You can consider the price, the compatible laptop brands, and priority as a buyer. Always weigh the pros and cons while analyzing the compatibility. Another gamer user’s merchandise might not necessarily be suitable for you. You can consider your willingness to expand, insert and set up probabilities of the final product.

The market has Intel series that will compete with the AMD. Intel has many i3 processor products users opt for gaming although not intensive. There can be users who enjoy playing without having to set up an expensive PC. You can expect a graphical feature that will help in your gaming set. This will also help in the video experience on the laptop. Although, the laptop experience will solely depend on your preferred brand and composition of the entire PC set. 

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The basics should not be forgotten. The device that you use the processor on is after all expected to accommodate office tasks. Users can expect to have an entertainment feature. The internet browsing capability opens many doors to leisure and task. A student browsing for research and streaming online videos is possible. Working personnel researching and making presentations is also doable. As long as your device enables you to connect to other devices, there are options. The ability of the audio and visual external features is also to be considered.

Goals of AMD Ryzen 3 2300u

When it says goals, it does not necessarily mean the sole purpose. However, the AMD Ryzen does provide good entertainment. The processor is catered towards lighter laptops. 

The Vega 6 Graphics enables the user to play popular market games. Keep in mind, the changes in settings. You have to set the graphics on low to experience lag-free gaming. When it comes to hard-core gamers, this reason will cause obvious fallout. However, laptop users and casual gamers might not have an impact. Hence, the purpose is evident. One can depend on light usage and a few sets of entertainment in this processing unit set up.

Should you be Considering the AMD Ryzen 3 2300u?

Let us see if the features are suitable enough to spend your bucks. The AMD processor does cater to notebooks and convertibles. This will cause a resolution change from the average generated ones in standard laptops. When there are changes in size while experiencing the display of the device, visual appeal is compromised. 

When you order a lighter and more compact series of processors, you compromise on the details or the price. The 2300u processor unit is less expensive compared to standard and mid-level units. It is also more lightweight therefore you can consider what you currently require most. The power consumption for the set will also become less with the amount of features. 

This is a decent use for your tablets, which you might require to carry everywhere. This can also be more portable than laptops. HP Envy and Dell Inspiron have a set built with the 2300u processor unit. HP and Dell do have sets with the Intel processor and with slightly different budgets. The processor’s Vega Graphics is head-on with the Intel GPU. 

The bottom line you can expect from this processor unit is stability function with the given budget. There is not much to clarify when the processor is not a strong gaming unit. Building a preferred device to accommodate the AMD Ryzen will not be a hassle. Prioritize daily tasks, internet browsing, and casual gaming and you are good to go.

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