Dropping of Student Productivity in Worldwide Pandemic

School and College Work

Reclusiveness might be favorable when dealing with a larger mass of infection. But does this avoidance bring with it more than simple isolation?

The fact of the matter is that isolation in itself is not simple. What we called an ideal stay at home, is different from being obliged to. You, as a citizen, become mandated to be isolated from the rest of society. To put it in a simpler form, we are taking part in a chain of obligatory tasks. This task is to keep ourselves safe which in turn keeps society in a safer spot.

Society is an amalgamation of more than just adults. There are more youths than there is the older generation. These youth are mostly students. Pre-teen to young adults is mostly enrolled in school and colleges.

  • School Work

Most teenagers are persuaded by their parents to take up extra-curricular activities. This extra set of labour is expected to nurture and provide the child with skill. It also pertains to the child in developing wholly. As matter of fact, parents do believe that less idle time leads to productivity.

  1. Sport is a common form of extra-curricular activity. Children are obliged to play in a team. This is also a fun break from studies to most. Students indulge in Cricket, Badminton, Basketball, Football, Hockey, and more. There are an indoor set of sports too where the students usually have a club. Table Tennis, Chess, and Indoor Volleyball are common indoor games in school.
  2. Clubs play a larger role in the academic setting. Usually, students join clubs for interest, and also to have a better view. Being a member of any club provides elegance to their school experience. Many students opt for this for their future purpose.
  3. The exams are a vital way to progress in a class. A student gets promoted to a higher level of education, via their exams. Now, there have been many arguments based on the examination and its effects. The mental drain it causes to the student, as well as the need to be competitive. Irrespective of your take on the subject, one can agree that the exam is the gateway students prepare for.
  • College Work

When we say college, do we see the fun? Do we resonate with it as freedom from school load? Well, it is true to an extent. Popularity has also contributed to this belief. We are shown films of college life as fun and adventure. It is partly true, as students discover themselves in college.

  1. The academic portion of college is quite heavy. This is not in opposition to schools. However, schools have a limited syllabus a student can fathom. Whereas, college is a world providing insight into the real world. There is not a limited course to cover. This might result in students trying less, since achieving entire knowledge is impossible. Or perhaps, this might persuade the students to learn more. Curiosity helps in chasing more.
  2. The second work we can comprehend is the extra-curricular, much like the school days. When we say college, it is quite vague. There are various medical, science, arts, and engineering centers. They are all different yet similar in some aspects. A theatrical and performing arts college will emphasize them a lot in their activities.
  3. Music is a topic on its own. This is because music festivals are one big event in colleges. You can even call them the biggest. This is a fun, competitive area for youth to enjoy.

When we say work, it consists of it all. The studies, the entertainment, and the competition are all part of it. Why is this information important? Well, this is a step in understanding how staying in closed doors affected the lot.


Home setting

The nationwide lockdown has resulted in citizens staying completely indoors. Although the lockdown is not continuous and there were strands of freedom, the uncertainty created stress. This stress is completely born out of staying locked with no control over it.

Students have retorted to online classes. In a privileged setting, there are internet connections and technology to provide online classes. Cities and towns have moved to this method as an initiative to tackle missing classes. College students have to retort to online means to share work and information.

  1. Studying at home is not the issue, but missing out on outdoor activities is.
  2. Spending time with family is not the issue, but the constant lack of personal time is.
  3. Students are used to spending time with friends in class, and online classes have become rigid.

Impact on Academics

Of course, unavoidable circumstance calls for perseverance. However, how far is one willing to do so? Productivity in adults too has declined. Adults in the entertainment industry and creative department understand why so. The same characteristics have impacted them as well.

  • Students are hit quite badly by the pandemic. The constant change in news and dates for examinations provides more stress and even anxiety. There is no reliability, where there is rock-solid decision. This is also causing drop in their productiveness. But how far up the incline does the student go?
  1. Well, productivity is not merely for exams. This has to do a lot more with their assignment and the quality of work.
  2. Going out and mingling has a lot more outcomes than we understand. The best of creative ideas come from taking a walk outside and talking to people. Experience is what holds the key.
  • The same inclination applies to college students as much as it does to school kids. Students overall found it harder to cope with the news, home issues, and academics.


The simplest form of understanding can come from experiencing it ourselves. You can be a teacher, a student, or simply a citizen waiting for normalcy. Nevertheless, there will be common ground that will be affected. Your productivity is perhaps compromised but not yet gone. If we can comprehend the incline for the students, we can do the same for the rest.

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