How does Discord make money? Well, when a platform like Discord gets more love from its communities, this is the reason behind the popularity of discord. And it has become easier than ever to create multiple income sources for such popular applications.

According to a new report Apr. 2021, Accenture (NYSE: ACN) estimated that the gaming industry is worth $300 billion industry. And Discord is now holding a few portions of its income.

So, read this article till the end, you will know how discord makes money 2021, how much money does discord make from nitro, and much more. Before moving to our actual topic, let’s know what is Discord?

What is Discord

Discord is specifically designed for video game players, which is also a chatting platform that allows you to communicate with other gamers and allows users to make video calls with a group of 10 people at a time. And It is available for Android, iPhone, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, and PC users.

Discord Server allows users to organize themselves into communities, which function just like a Slack group. You can find a lot of channels here on Discord Server, which is used to discuss and coordinate various topics. This enables a user to join up to 100 different servers and a user can use a maximum of 500 channels.

In addition, whenever you get tired of group chat, Discord allows users to chat directly with each other. The Discord app is also integrated with other platforms such as YouTube and Spotify, which allows users to share third-party content on Discord.

The most interesting thing is that the Discord is not only for the gamers only, but also it has been designed and developed for almost other industries as well.

You can also organize upcoming events to discuss any topic. Moreover, communities, ranging from book clubs to dance classes are using this app.

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What Makes Discord So Successful After All

The main reason that makes Discord so successful is the solution they provide for a particular burning problem. If you understand the pain point of users and if you have knowledge in that area and you can solve their problems, then you can also build a successful business like Discord.

Discord understood the problem PC gamers face day-to-day, which was that they were not able to connect with other gamers and could not chat with other users, so Discord turned the user’s problem into an opportunity, and now Discord has become so successful.

A lot of people with gamers prefer this platform to communicate with other people or other gamers.

You are already introduced with this sentence, “SOLVING A PROBLEM is a KEY to running a business successfully! “. And nothing else matters when it comes to building a new multi-million dollar business. The estimated discord net worth is $2.5 billion.

History of Discord

Discord has traveled a long journey from the Voice over Internet Protocol side project to becoming the world’s largest chat platform among gamers and others who want to communicate with others.

It was founded by Jason Citron, who is also known as the co-creator of OpenFeint. In 2011, he sold his OpenFeint technology to the giant Japanese social networking service for US $ 104 million.

Citron and his team then released several online Battle Arena games “Fastest Forever”, which were initially created to fight the success of League of Legends and similar games, which were well-reviewed but not good in revenue.

A game developer at Hammer and Chisel named Stanislav Vishnavsky noticed that most gamers are having difficulty working out the gameplay concepts, especially pointing to problems with the VoIP options available at the time. This dilemma eventually led to the idea of ​​developing a friendly chat program that would cater to gamers.

As Fates Forever faced a commercial failure, Citron had to remove it from the market and focus on developing the chat program. Discord was officially released to the public in May 2015. According to Citron, Discord was created due to his passion for video games. But, in May 2018, Discord completed its 3 years at Playpen with an impressive number of 130 million users, the happiest day for Citron and his team.

How Does Discord Make Money?

There are a few ways that help Discord make money. Read it carefully till the end to know how Discord makes money as we have mentioned it in detail.

Discord Nitro

Discord offered a package of premium subscriptions Called Nitro. It comes at $ 9.99 per month or $ 99.99 per year of price. It also provides the cheapest version of Discord Nitro, named Nitro Classic, for only $ 4.99 per month and $ 49.99 per year.

Discord Nitro has a lot of cool features such as a personal profile, including an animated avatar and custom tags, also allowing premium users to create their own custom emoji. Also, provide the ability to upload files up to 100MB while the free limit is 6MB and more.

Games Sales

In 2018, Discord launched its game store to compete against the likes of Steam. The game store allowed Nitro customers to gain access to Discord-exclusive games, such as Dead Sale or Into the Breach.

Discord earns money whenever a game is sold on its server. The company deducts 10 percent from each sale. For example, if a game sells for $ 14.99, Discord will receive $ 1.49.

Server Boosting

Discord also makes money through server boosting, which allows a community to increase the functionality and performance of its Discord server. The server can be extended to three different levels which cost $ 4.99 per month.

Cosmetic Items

Discord also sells various cosmetic items that are sound packs, sticker packs, customer emoji, and skins. So, this is also a way for Discord to make money.

Discord Merchandise Store

Discord also offers a lot of merchandise including branded hoodies, hats, T-shirts, and sweatshirts. The company receives little revenue from these items which is a delight for its devoted fans.


How does discord make money? As we have already told you, if you solve a burning problem, then you have limitless opportunities to make money.

Discord has created multiple income sources, such as Discord Nitro Pack (a subscription model), Game Store, Merchandise Store, and more.  How much money is discord making?

We hope now you know how discord works and how it makes money with the small community on the internet.

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