How to Change Discord Region – Are you facing the problem of how to change the discord region and want solutions with clarification, then this post is the best place for you?

Here you will read how to change the Discord area on PC or Mac and mobile, not only that, you will also read how to create a new Discord server in a few minutes. Also, if you are having voice problems with discord, you will get all clear.

The solution to the voice problem is to change the region of the Discord Server to fix it. Here you will see the process of Discord Region Change.

Whenever you sign in to your account for the first time, Discord can automatically choose the voice server, which is not the closest to your best performance, because Discord does not always choose the best server for you, so you need Discord Reason changes.

Luckily, Discords makes servers free to change as they fit with different settings until they find the best server that is right for you.

You can make changes to the server area as you wish, and enjoy listening at the top level. It also allows users to update locations to customize their settings and optimize their experience on Discord. While it is possible to do this, it is not always clear how you can go about manually changing your location in a Discord server.

Don’t worry though, if you are not sure how to change your zone to Discord, we are going to show you the steps on how you can change the server area in just a few steps.

How to change Discord’s Server Region on a PC or Mac

If you want to change the region on Discord, but you are a Mac user then luckily, Disk allows users to change the area as the users wish. You can easily change the Discord server on a PC or Mac. Why both? Because Discord performs the same process to change the discord region for both.

The Discord interface is the same on Windows and Mac OS, so you can follow these steps to shut down the Disorder Server.

First of all, you have to open the disk and go to the server. Then tap the down arrow next to your server at the top of the channel list on the left, then click “Server Settings”.

After that, you can see “Overview” in the tab, you can see various server settings including the current area of ​​the server. To change the area of ​​the server, click “Change“.

After that, you can see the list of available locations under the “Select Server Region” menu, which includes various locations like Europe, India, and the United States, and various locations in the United States.

If you want to improve the quality of chats, then you should choose the best server for yourself and others on your server. To do this you will have to try one by one in as many servers as possible until you select the best server for yourself. If you do this, you can choose one of the best quality voice chats. Luckily, it only produced very few symptoms during the chat.

Furthermore, your new region servicer will be applied automatically; all chat Current voices will also be transferred to the new region. And you can enjoy it as you want.

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How to change Discord Region on Smartphone or iPhone

If you are a Smartphone or iPhone user and you are also facing this problem related to how to change Discord reason, then you can find the solution too. You can also change the Discord server easily by following these steps which are mentioned below. There is the same process of changing the discord server on both smartphones and iPhones. So, let’s see what they are…

  • To get started, you have to open the Discord app on your Smartphone or your iPhone and navigate to the server. After that, you have to click on the hamburger menu to access the channel list, which is at the top left of the open page.
  • Clicking on the channel list, you have to just tap on the three-dot menu which is at the top right of that page.
  • After that, you can see that a pop-up window appears and then you can see a “Setting Button”, just press it.
  • After tapping on Setting Button now you have to press the “Overview” menu which is in the Server Setting menu.
  • Following that you can see that your current server region is listed under the “Server Region”. You have to simply tap on this to view and select an alternative server region. Then, you have to scroll down the cursor to find the region that you want to use, then tap on that region that you select.

Again, if you want to select one area on your server as much as possible for yourself and others, then you can do this for another as well. The servers used by your communications server to route voice communications will update immediately.

How to change the Discord server region during a private message call

How to change discord server region 2022? If you want to change the Discord server region via other methods, Discord also allows users to change the Discord region via direct message. You can directly change the Discord region via voice communication in a direct message. These servers are independent, allowing you to change the server region during a call. So, you have to follow these steps to change the disc’s area via direct message.

Unfortunately, you can only do this in the Discord web app, on Windows, or Mac OS. This feature is not supported on Android, iPhone, or iPad.

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To do this, you must initiate a new disordered voice or video call in your “direct message” list. This can only happen between two people or between-group voice calls. To initiate a call, simply click the video or voice call button in a private message.

In an established call, click “Region” in the top right of the open discussion, then select a new area from the drop-down menu. Your call will be routed through a new area of ​​the server, usually after a brief period of less than a second of interruption.

How to change Discord Region when don’t See the Option for Server Settings

If you are trying to change your location, but facing a problem which is that you are not seeing an option for server settings, this is likely because you do not have permission to access these settings. Instead of the above menu, you will see:

Assuming latency or voice quality is terrible, contact the server’s administrators and ask them to toggle the role of ‘manage server’ for you. Once they do this, you can update their location for the server. If you do so, the role of Admins and server owners may change once again.

How to create a new Server on Discord

If you want to create a new server on Disorder, you can do this easily as the app makes it easy to choose the most optimal voice server location for your server from the get-go.

  • To start, you’ll need to press the + button in the left-hand server navigation column of the bickering page. When the option appears, press the Create Server button.
  • After that, you will be asked to name your server, and then select the server area. Press the button that says, Change, and you will be able to choose from the list of Sound Server regions like we did above. After that, you have to click on the area that would be most optimal, and the changes are saved automatically.
  • Finally, press the Create button. Invite some friends, see how the voice server works, and if the latency is a bit high, you can always change the location of the voice server again by following the first step.

How to Change the Time Display on Discord

If you want to change the time that is displayed on the Discord screen, you can do it easily. The system uses the time to update the time on the application. To update time in the bickering application you have to change the time on your PC or your mobile device. Just go to Settings and change the time there.

Why do you have to change or update the time on your mobile device RO PC? Since there is no manual system in the Discord app to update the time, you have to go to your mobile or PC settings and there you will have to update the time as you wish. But there is a way to get this weird optimization error.

To change the time to a 24-hour display, you must change the language or location of your discord. You can do this from the settings as Discord is not automatically updated by the app. For example, Turkey uses a 24-hour display. Changing your location in Turkey will automatically give you 12 hours to 24 hours. To change it back, select Australia, UK, or any location with 12 hours.

After that, you will need to change the date display from DD / MM / YYYY to MM / DD / YYY or need vice versa. MM / DD / YYYY is commonly used in the United States, but it will automatically appear in the first month of the date when your language is set to English. You must change the language to Spanish.


How do I change my server location?

If you want to change your Discord location, then you can easily do it in just a couple of seconds. Just you have to follow these steps to make changes in your location on Discord. Remember these steps are only for Mobile and iPhone users, not for PC or Mac users. If you are a PC or Mac user, then you can read about it above.

  • First of all, you have to open the Discord app on your Mobile device.
  • After that, you can see a Wi-Fi Security app icon on your main screen, simply tap it.
  • After taping, you can see a Location icon, which is located on the top left corner of the screen, just click on it. The Location Server menu displays.
  • Click on the Server Region that you want to connect.
  • To set the main server location to connect automatically, see setting the preferred server location on a mobile device.

How do I change my discord server to the public?

If you want to change the Discord server publicly then you can do it in very simple steps. You have to follow these steps to change Discord publicly.

  • First of all, you have to open the Discord app on your device.
  • After that, you can see a server icon on the left of the Discord page, simply Right-Click on it.
  • After that you can see the server setting option, just tap it and click the Enable Community option. Which is located on the left of the menu.
  • And then, tap on “Get Started”, which is on the main menu.
  • At Last, Discord will expand the set of features on your server, and allow you to reach a wider audience.

Does Discord show your country?

If you want to give your location to others, then you can’t do it because Discord does not give your location to others. Many users have complained that another user knows their location, so it is worth noting that when the disk does not give your location, there are many ways to expose it. Also, let someone know where you live, if you use the same username that you use for other services, another user will be able to deduct where you live.


This article was about how to change Discord’s reason. In conclusion, you have thoroughly figured out how to change the bickering area. Also, know-how does Discord algorithm work.

You have read some steps to do this. I hope you enjoyed this article. If you really liked this, please share it with your friends too.

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