The Tor Browser – What is it and why would you use it? – In this article, we have mentioned the Tor Browser in detail. Tor browser is an amazing browser that helps to prevent people from identifying you and your locations. You can also Install the Tor and Use it easily with the help of this article.

We have also mentioned whether the Tor browser is safe to Use or not. You can easily access the dark web after downloading the Tor browser. If you are really excited to know about it in detail, then please read this article carefully till the end.

What is Tor and How to Install It?

Tor is like an internet browser that helps you to protect your data and location from strangers. It lets users surf the web anonymously. This is also known as a non-profit browser that allows users to research and develop online with privacy and security.

It is developed to prevent people from identifying your location. It also prevents people from knowing about your internet activities. After installing this browser, you can also get access to the dark web. You can receive private communication through Tor. You can easily install the Tor on your Device with the help of a few steps below.

  • First, Visit the official website of Tor and click on the download button.
  • After downloading, choose one of your operating systems and choose your operating system. Again. If you want to download it in a specific language, click ‘Download in another language or platform’.
  • After that you will see that a file will appear on your screen, then you have to open it. Then choose your specific language and click OK.
  • Finally, click the Install button to install Tor.

Who Uses Tor Browser and Why

There are four types of users who use the Tor browser. First, the local people, who are using the Tor browser to protect their internet activities. And also to keep their activities private from ads and the dark web. Some users are using it to avoid cyber espionage. In addition, military professionals use their technology.

Mainly the US Navy is the major user of this browser. Not only this, even today most journalists use Tor only. Major users of Tor are bloggers, executives, IT professionals, and law executives.

Tor also helps hide the location of your kids when they’re online. You can also use it to learn about political figures from China, Russia, and Syria, as Tor helps you save your data and location. A new wave of users joined the Tor service after the NSA surveillance became relevant in 2013.

After that, from August 19th to August 27th of the same year, the Tor service almost doubled the users. It is more than double the 2.25 million, i.e. about 4.50 million users worldwide at the time. Then according to the increasing time, it has more than 6 million users worldwide in just 1 month.

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What do people use it for?

Tor was originally developed for military purposes, but it has been made a tool whereby anyone can use it for their purpose. It is developed for users who want to encrypt their data and location.

It is also used by many political activists and journalists to avoid prosecution. If writers have seen their activities they will punish them, so journalists and political activists use tor to browse safely.

Journalists generally use Tor to keep their information secure. Consumers and suppliers also use Tor. Some users use Tor to access restricted content. Whistleblowers are well-known people using Tor.

One of the most notable users and supporters of Tor is Edward Snowden, who disclosed documents on classified surveillance programs in the US. Similarly, browsers can be used by employees to uncover company or government secrets or to address illegal or unethical activities.

Is it illegal to use Tor Browser?

Fortunately, it is legal to use the Tor browser. But in some countries, the Tor Browser has been blocked by the authorities of that country. For example, China announced that it is illegal to use the Tor browser and blocked Tor permanently.

Along with this, some other countries like Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Iran also blocked Tor and outlawed the anonymity service. The Tor service makes it easier for journalists to report on corruption and helps organize protesters against political repression.

The Tor browser can also be used as a prerequisite for today’s democracy. Tor can also help support freedom of expression around the world.


Is it illegal to use the Tor browser?

The best thing is that Tor is free to use, which means it is not an illegal browser to use. But in some countries, it has been blocked by the authorities. He declared that it is illegal to use the Tor browser, anyone who thinks of using it will be punished. Tor Browser has been blocked in countries like China, Russia, Italy, and Saudi Arabia.

What is Tor and how do you use it?

The main function of Tor is to hide your user information, internet activities, and identity from surveillance. It also allows its users to surf the web anonymously. You can also access the dark web through the Tor browser. Tor is also a trusted browser for millions of people who have joined and you too can easily and freely join in. It’s easy to use, just download it to your device to use and use it.

What is the primary purpose of the Tor Web browser?

The main purpose of Tor is to hide its user information, internet activities, and identity from surveillance. You can also surf the web anonymously. It also gives the user access to the dark web. The Tor service makes it easy for journalists to report on corruption.


In this article, we have explained how to browse the internet anonymously. We have mentioned here the 7 best ways to browse the web anonymously. These are effective ways to do it easily. If you are really excited to know about it in detail, then please read this article carefully till the end. Let’s start

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