Why android phone screen keeps turning on? This is the biggest issue android users face. If you are looking for a solution, then this article is for you. In this quick post, we have mentioned some reasons why the android phone screen keeps turning on. Let’s see how you can resolve this easily.

If your android phone screen turns on randomly or automatically even you don’t touch and don’t turn on your phone. This issue counts under a kind of error in your phone. So I’m going to give you my point in-depth and explain you in detail. So, let’s get started.

What are the reasons why the android phone screen keeps turning on?

Due to Some Hardware Issue

Usually, the mobile screen keeps the duet on due to hardware issues, because it works fine when your phone is turned off, but when you turn it on again. So, let’s see how you can fix hardware problems that randomly shut down your phone.


Due to Defective battery?

If your phone keeps turning on, then there is a common problem, which indicates the battery. Because, when your battery does not work properly, often you face this problem. This happens when the size of your battery changes after some time.

In this case, the battery of your phone does not work properly, it is because the battery gets damaged after the change in size.

Due to this change that may happen in the past the battery disconnect to the phone when you shake the phone problem starts.

If you want to confirm this problem, you turn off your phone, you can shake your phone slightly if your phone is off, and your phone is in this problem. To fix this problem you just have to open and replace the battery.

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Due to Defective battery Solution

But, if you want to fix this problem without spending money then you can use this simple solution. Take a piece of paper and wrap it slightly, and insert this paper into the end of the battery, where the battery is facing the connectors.

You will need to take a piece of paper that is suitable for the open space that is at the end of the battery where the battery connectors are located.

If the problem is not fixed then, there is a condition that your phone battery is damaged, in this case, your phone may turn off automatically. But, you do not need to be worried about it, because there is a solution for this. Luckily, you can find out the battery status in almost all Android phones, no matter what you have. You can find out the battery status using a secret dialing code.

All you have to do is open your Android phone dialing system and just dial this secret code * # * # 4636 # * # *. You will be suspended immediately from the phone information page, after that you can see a battery detail option, then all you have to do is tap here.

You will need to check the health of the battery. The battery is fine in expansion. But, if there is some other problem with your phone battery then you have to replace your phone battery instead of turning off your phone.

If this code does not work for it, you can use the AccuBattery Android app to see the battery status. This is the app that gives you complete information about your phone battery and also helps you to increase the battery life of your phone.

Due to Software problems

If you have not noticed any hardware problem, then it might be the problem with the software of your Android phone. So, if there is a problem with your Android software then you can solve it easily. You can find some solutions related to your Android software easily.

If you want to confirm that there is a problem with your Android software, you can turn on your phone in Safe Mode, which allows you to unlock at least one program without any third-party application. Why Safe Mode? Because Safe Mode does not allow powerful applications and viruses to function.

The Safe Modes vary from manufacture to manufacture. So, in this case, all you have to do is have to hold the on/off button on your power button and you can see the power menu now, then tap on the “Turn off power” button till you see “Boot of safe mode”. Do and hold.

Confirmation of information just starts the phone in safe mode. You can also unlock safe mode by pressing the down volume button when the phone starts, which is good if it does not start on the phone. If this does not work for you, do an online search for detailed information to launch your device in safe mode, there is a higher chance you’ll get the right steps.

When you are in safe mode, you will need to check if your phone is randomly switched off. If you can fix this problem, then the main problem is in your application, so just go to your phone settings and uninstall all the recently downloaded applications. Make sure that you remove all apps that cause the problem of random screens to be turned on. Now restart your Android phone to go back to normal mode and see if the problem goes.

OR, Remove malware and viruses

If you’re tired of this problem and want to know the real reason why does my phone turn on by itself when I turn it off, then there is an app solution, which may resolve this problem in seconds.

If uninstalling apps does not help to get rid of this problem, it may be a virus that can cause these types of issues. While there are many Android security apps, this should suffice for Avast Free Antivirus Android. Therefore, install the application and it will automatically scan and remove any viruses that may be causing the problem.

Why Does My Android Phone’s Screen Turn on Randomly?

If you’ve noticed that your phone’s screen is turned on randomly, then there might be more than one reason behind it. Thanks to a new feature in Android, called “Ambient Display”. Here you will know how it works and how to stop your phone from turning on by itself.

What Is Ambient Display?

The ambient display feature displays notifications on your phone or tablet, giving you information when you pick it up or receive a notification, without you having to turn on the display.

How to Disable Ambient Display

If you want to disable Ambient Display, then first you go to the settings of your Android phone. You can also go to Settings by pulling down the notification shade, after that you can see the Settings icon in the top right corner just tap on it.

  • After that, scroll down in the Settings menu until you see the “Display” entry, just tap it.
  • A little below this menu, you will see a toggle for “Ambient Display”. Tap the slider to disable it.
  • After that, your ambient display will be disabled automatically, which will prevent the display from being turned on every time you get a notification. But there is another setting you probably want to turn off.

How to Disable Lift to Check Phone

If you want to disable the lift to check the phone, you can easily do it within a few minutes. Starting in Android 7.1, Google offers the option to turn on the display whenever you pick up the device.

It is in a completely different settings interface, and if you want to turn off the ambient display, you probably want to get rid of the problem like my cell phone keeps turning on and off.

Go back and forth from the display entry and scroll to “Move”.

You must return from the display to set and scroll to the “Move”.

After this step, you will see a menu, scroll down again, where two options use the ambient display: double-tap to check the phone and check the phone lift.

If you’re thinking that the ambient display doesn’t want to stop the display, even if the option in the menu above is disabled, it’s probably your accused – the Check to lift phone is on by default, so turn that bad guy off.

I hope you liked the idea of ambient performance, but if you want a little more change on this, you have to enable the option by double-clicking. You can also quickly view notifications by tapping the spread. It is a specific and sufficient gesture that does not immediately show.


How do I stop my phone screen from turning on?

If your Android screen is turning on automatically without touching your phone or pressing any button, then these are some steps you can follow and get rid of this problem.

The major cause we have explained above in this article. In addition, these steps will help you to resolve your problem.

It has been seen the majority of the time the Bixby or the Power keys are pressed unknowingly. You must ensure that the Bixby and Power keys are not being pressed unknowingly. Remove any mobile phone cases or covers that may be around the keys.

And the second case might be your ambient display feature shows notification information. When you pick up the phone or get notifications the screen gets turned on without you having to touch the screen or press any button.

  • To disable this feature follow the steps below:
  • Go to the settings menu.
  • You have to tap on the display option.
  • After scrolling down, you will find the option of “Ambient Display.” Simply tap on the slider to disable it.

Now your screen will not turn on when you receive a notification. If your Samsung phone turns on by itself you can use the above steps to fix it.

Why is my phone screen not turning off?*

You can easily get rid of this problem with Settings on your phone. Go to your phone settings and select the display screen timeout for 15 seconds and increase the time by selecting other options that suit you. This will definitely solve your problem.

Why does my phone keep turning on in my pocket?

When your phone is in your pocket or bag, then it is a higher chance your normal day-to-day activities may cause your phone to accidentally wake up or pocket dial someone.

To avoid this completely you can set navigate to motions and gestures. To do so, navigate to Settings, and then search for and select Motions and gestures.

You will see and option “Lift to wake”.

Tap the switch next to Lift to wake and Disable it.

Why is my phone waking up?

This may be the reason for the ghost touch. These are the touches that have come from the phone’s stuff, though you haven’t really made that touch. This can happen due to electrical grounding issues.


It’s a common question among android phone users why the android phone screen keeps turning on and how to stop your phone from turning on by itself? We have covered all possible solutions in this article.

One thing you’ll have to consider while solving this kind of problem you don’t know which methods are suitable for your phone. In this case, we suggest users know the real problems as much as they can and try the same as mentioned in this article.

If you’ve ever wished that why the android phone screen keeps turning on for longer before, you’re not alone. Luckily this is not a big issue that can’t be fixed. You can easily adjust it in the settings with a few steps.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this essential guide on why the android phone screen keeps turning on and taken the right steps explained in this detailed article.

You can leave a comment if still you have any queries related to this problem.

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