Android Vibrating App – Nowadays, everyone is stuck because of their fast and tight schedule of daily life. After a hard and busy day at work, everyone wants to relax and reset. Well, we have a lot of things to do through which we can entertain ourselves and this is the reason that half an hour is not that much enough to reset for a tired person.

Apart from this, to get better relaxation, one should get suggestions from the professional. These experts can be massage expert which has the best quality service for all customers. But that might be quite expensive. Hence, there are some outstanding Android Vibrating Apps that will help you out with the same. Just save your money and time by avoiding visiting a spa or massage center.

In this guide, we will focus on a few of the best Android Vibrating apps through which you will definitely feel rejuvenated and relaxed.

iVibe – GVibe

This is the best and famous vibration massage application available in the market. You can use it on your phone and use it as a multi-functional massager device and make all types of vibrating massages. This Android Vibrating App is integrated with 10 levels of several vibrations which you can merge with each other to get that particular and unique relaxation that you need.

One more interesting feature of this app is that you easily lock it with a password and no one will be able to use this app without your permission. To start using the vibes, just tap on the screen, and the same works to turn it down. Vibration is the best-proven way to relieve stress, aid in sleep, calm sore muscles for all ages.

Vibrato – Free Massage and Vibrator

This is for all who want to try something different to get another level of pleasure. This Android Vibration app one should try. This is quite a new and advanced one available in the market as it comes with some exciting features. The main interesting part of this app is that it has different interesting methods that allow you to choose as per your preferences.

It consumes a very low battery and hence there is no need to charge your cell phone from time to time or there is nothing to worry about that your battery will get discharged immediately in the middle of doing something else on your phone. This user-friendly app can be easily downloaded like other applications and the best part is that there is no cost to pay. If you want to add some functions or features, then it has some paid version through which you can choose the best one as per your requirement.

Apart from this, if you want to have some security on this app then, you can do it as there is a razor sign option appears on the app. If you want to lock it from those people who might be curious about what you are doing.

Vibrator Phone Massager

Nowadays it has become quite hectic to buy massage devices that will relax your muscles. But there is an Android Vibrator App that will adapt your phone into the vibration device which you can use for the massage. Also, you will get some vibration patterns that will allow your phone to vibrate at several frequencies.

Apart from this, for every pattern you will be allowed to adjust the vibration intensity therefore, you can make the defined frequency and get the exact effect which you exactly want.

This kind of massage is excellent to treat wrinkles and cellulite, calming sore muscles, stimulating hair growth, and many more. The app interface is quite easy to use and it is a great vibration massage application.

Massage Pillow

This vibrator app is quite effective to adapt your phone into an exciting vibrating massager and it will provide you a calm experience after a long and hectic day at work. It comes with three different vibration speeds that are low, high, and medium that you can set according to the requirement. You also can get features such as dancing applications with lots of exciting and excellent options. It comes with a user-friendly interface and you also can set the vibration timer as required and wish.

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iMassage U Vibrating Massager

iMessage U Vibrating Massager is an excellent Android Vibrating App and it has become a free personal massager expert for every user. Well, this app is not yet launched for Android but very soon it will be on Play Store as well. This app comes with 10 different vibration patterns and you only need to select a vibration pattern and set vibration speed and strength as per your need. After choosing the desired one, you can enjoy relaxation. As it comes with the power on/off option, it is very simple and easy to use.

Apart from this, you can enjoy this massager application and get an excellent experience as per your requirement.


This application is launched by We-Vive and it is designed for couples who are in various locations and it’ll control the vibes from the phone itself directly. It is quite effective to create intimacy while you are far away from the partner and it also has many other features like controlling and adjusting the intensity of the vibrations with just one tap. You will be developing intimate moments as well as other features like video and text chatting for enhancing your experience to the next level.

Vibrate Plus

The Vibrate Plus application is a great Android Vibration App massage tool that can produce the strongest vibration on the Mobile device. It also allows you to be relaxed when you want. It also promises to the ladies of the aesthetic half of humanity extraordinary pleasure. With the help of this application, you can massage your neck, shoulders, arms, as well as intimate places. Soothing sounds good and it can be used for a better night’s sleep.

Vibration can be adjusted independently and while recording, pressing the finger adjusts the desired vibration level. Apart from this, a fixed vibration amount is set in the settings. You can start the process, you have to touch the screen sensor and you can stop recording just by pressing the “stop” button. After that, playback the recording just by touching the corresponding field and you also can boost the vibration level by using the application settings.


If you are facing issues while sleeping, this app is listed special for you and with the help of Vives, you will really be able to feel relaxed and you can feel yourself somewhere on a beach. It comes with 7 massage modes that will make these massage sessions wonderful which you cannot forget. The vibration is strong and is equal to the special massager by its strength.

Just like the previous one, this app works fantastically when the screen is locked or if there is an application running in the background mode. As you can see, this app is easy to use because of its simple interface, and therefore, you can use it very much easier to avoid being annoyed or irritated.

Lovense Remote

This app conducts as a remote control for the wearable toys that are designed by Lovense. You will need to use your Smartphone for close-range control and it will turn on the synchronization of vibrations to music and also the sound effect app activated vibrations by using the microphone on the phone. You can easily create your own vibration pattern and you can share the same with the other users as well. It comes with some other features also like vibration notifications while receiving any messages and also can play any pattern that is sent to you automatically by the person.

Quick Vibrator

It has different types of vibrating applications that are stored in it that are quite easy to use. The biggest advantage of this vibrator application is that you can change the vibration pattern in the manner that you feel which can make you feel soothing and relaxed. Another important feature is that you will need to swipe the application to enable vibration on or off. It comes with the perfect artificial intelligence app option that also has the long press switch on and off feature.

Vibratize: Body Massager App

Another simple way to adapt your mobile phone to a vibrator is using this application. This Android Vibrating App is very simple and easy and there is no need to spend money on it. This massage vibration app is free of cost and you can download the app and install it on your phone.

This app helps to release the relaxation and stress the tension in your mind and whole body. It comes with premium soothing music that allows you to feel relaxed. It also will make you enjoy the massage with more relaxation.

The main two advantages of using this app are that you can listen to music to be calm and relax your mind. You can use the vibration to massage the tensed and sore body parts.

Metronome App (By Gismart)

This is an amazing Android Vibration App and it will allow you to metronome using vibrations and sound. With the help of this, you also can adapt the input amount and increase or decrease the volume with the help of plus and minus buttons on your mobile. It also will boost the rhythm skills and it also increases the fingers’ flexibility. You also can use it as a body chat application for more relaxation. This flash and vibration will enable you to feel every beat simultaneously.

OhMiBod Remote

This app is a fantastic Android Vibration App and it will enable you to interact intimately with the partner whether your partner is close to you or not. OhMiBod Remote app can be easily used for yourself and you can create your own music library and feel the vibrations when you start listening to the most liked songs. 

One can also use this app as a stress reliever to remove stress. This app also can be customized and hence you can change the vibration pattern as per your need all by yourself and get an astonishingly pleasuring experience.

These are a few exciting Android Vibration Apps available on both the Google Play Store. These apps will definitely satisfy you with different purposes whether you are stuck with a busy day at work or have work stress. You can use any of these Android Vibrating App but it totally depends on the fact that why you need it.

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