Many reasons drive us to use apps. The face-off apps factor is also one of many. An app and editing software do not do justice if there are no fun features to use. Some effects have a funny outcome. Some filters enhance your looks and beautifying effects are always a user favourite. We have brought you a list of 10 apps that includes fun and useful features.

FaceApp – Face Editor, makeover & Beauty App

This app requires about 30 MB on your device. Let us take a better look at what we can do in the app. This is a fun photo editor for all users. You can expect your simple selfies to become a superb creation.

What features do we have here?

  • You can choose realistic filters.
  • You can add a fun touch to the photo by adding beards and mustaches.
  • You can have a completely different hair colour and also change the hairstyle.
  • You do not have to worry about your hair looking thin. The app can give your hair a volume.
  • There are filters for makeup look you can try out.
  • There are also light effects that are aesthetically pleasing.
  • You can remove facial blemishes, acne, and wrinkles.
  • You can play with facial features by minimizing and maximizing as you prefer.
  • There are other settings that you can adjust and enjoy. Things like saturation, temperature, crop, and colours, etc.
  • You can also find a video editor, where you can add cool filters.
  • Fun face-off filters and effects ready to be used.
  • There are gender swaps, different age filters, morphing of photos with celebrities and friends.
  • Fun filter like seeing future kids face is a favourite of many.
  • You can insert your face into the film scene as well.
  • There are weight filters, to increase and decrease your weight for fun.
  • Now, you can edit, save and share it with no complications whatsoever.

Face up – Face Editor

You can download this app for 13 MB. The app brings you cool and fun filters to play with.

  • You can access a cool and funny gender swap filter.
  • There are different lens effects that you can use on the photo.
  • A few of the filters you can easily have fun with are AI face, Face-magic, and face swap, etc.
  • There are also hairstyles you can choose from.
  • You can make yourself skinny or buff by using filters with your friends.
  • You can enlarge your desired body parts too.
  • The face maker gives you fun aging effects and face-off etc.
  • Iconic beauty filters are also free and available.
  • There are also selfie animations.
  • The funny lens filter allows you to easily capture from both the front and back camera.
  • Morphing the image is always fun. There are warp filters and face switching effects. You can play around by making your face larger/smaller.
  • Face morphing is always a fun one to use.
  • You can use live filters. These are helpful because you can see the effect before clicking the camera.
  • There are distortion effects, duplicate effects, and more beautifying factors too.
  • Last but not least you have a set of lovely stickers to choose from.

Reface: Face swap videos and memes with your photos

This 11 MB app is an editor for your photos with lots of goodies. The app is popular and gives you realistic results especially if that is what you’re looking for.

  • You can do a funny face swap. Who would not prefer to use a realistic face swap effect that is also enjoyable? You can use this effect to add to videos that already exist. Famous and popular videos.
  • GIFs are what modern meme sharing consists of. Now, you can make a GIF out of yourself and your friends.
  • You might wonder why face-off apps are so popular. Well, they provide you a sense of fun at your own expense. You are playing around with your image and friends as well.
  • Here you can get morphing effects and gender swaps which you can enjoy with friends.
  • You can swap faces with celebrities.
  • You can use swaps on a live camera, which is always better.
  • Now you can meme your friends and share it around to have fun.

  Face Off

You can get this app for 89 MB. Face Off has your classic effects of funny filters to add to the photo. The artificial intelligence used in the app helps create an efficient photo result. It is fun to explore and see what different types of face-off app you can use. Therefore, you can give this one a try as well.

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Cupace – Cut and Paste Face Photo

This is a light app for only 8.4 MB. The app is efficient and simple to use. There are no extravagant complications to bother you. The app allows you to cut and paste photos, it’s as simple as that. You can make yourself or your friends into a meme. You can swap photos by cutting and pasting.

  • You can cut a face by zooming in and then cutting the required section.
  • There is a face gallery where all the faces that you have cut will be stored. Therefore, you can go and use the cropped faces from here, instead of cropping again.
  • You can paste the faces that you have cut out to another face.
  • You can also add emoticons and cool stickers to the photo.
  • It is easy to do so. You can save the image now, and also share it with friends if you want to.

Face swap – Photo Face Swap

Download the Face Swap app for 22 MB on your device. The free app for face swapping allows you to have funny pictures.

  • You can do swapping of any photo that you want.
  • The interface is smooth. The app is easy and simple.
  • The edited photos give you a realistic picture.
  • You can swap many faces, in one photo.
  • You can take a picture on your camera or choose the one that is already saved.
  • It is easy to edit and save them after editing. You can also share easily them on social media.
  • The face bomb effect is a funny effect for you to play with. One face can be used for many other people in one picture.
  • To top it off, you can also play around with celebrity faces. A perfect face-off fun app for you.

Face Changer Gender Transformation Apps 

Let us begin by acknowledging how gender swap filters are an extremely popular feature on all apps. As a user, editor, and perhaps fun-lover, you will find the thrill of gender-swapping photos.

  • You can see yourself as an old person with the age effect.
  • You can have different types of effects like the child’s face, creepy, and old, etc.
  • There are stickers for editing and adding to the photo.
  • Try the different gender effects, to see yourself as a man or woman.
  • There are also make-up effects to use for skin, lips, and eyebrows.
  • There are different facial filters, funny faces, and more.
  • There are hats to choose from, with glasses and also different hairstyles.
  • You have long and short hair, as well as bald to choose from.
  • There are many funny edits for you to play around with.

Play with all the effects ranging from gender, age, and animal filters.

Face Warp – Plastic Surgery

Let the name not fool you. The imaginary plastic surgery effect for you is in good humour. You can do morphing of the face. You can warp and switch your face. This is a fun face-off app for you to play with. You can use face warp features to make your face features smaller or larger. You can use the classic filters to swap the face. It is easy and simple to edit. You can edit, save, and share the result with your friends with no complications. You can download the app for 20 MB.

Change your face – Face Swap Camera 

A 15 MB app brings you wonderful applications of filters and effects.

  • You can use frames for your photo.
  • You can use stickers and rejuvenate the look.
  • You change from one gender to another.
  • You can change yourself into an animal via the effect.
  • You can write on the photo and also draw whatever you please.
  • You can click on new images or use old ones from your collection.
  • All you have to do is select pictures you want to do a face swap.
  • You can double-tap on your face if you want to do adjustments.
  • There are settings for you to adjust, scale, rotate, and resize.
  • You can add texts, and frames of your choice.
  • You can save the fun-filled edited images and prank your friends

Putting all these elements together, you can now have fun-filled meme-sharing moments too.

Magic Face: face aging, young camera, fantastic app 

This is a 19 MB packed with classic enjoyment. We are all curious by nature and always desire to figure out what we do not know. Now, this app will not answer such heavy questions but it will give you a glimpse. We do not know how we will look like when we’re old. We do not know how we will look like if we change gender. You cannot predict your future child’s face. However, it is fun to see in a supposed manner. This app gives you just that. There are fun face-offs and more elements for you to explore. In addition to that, there are fun features like changing the expression of your face. A young camera also looks into your younger version’s face. Ghost makeup is also available for you to scare friends. The app is indeed filled with technological magic.

There are no doubts, now that we have come across these 10 amazingly refreshing applications. Face-off apps are at your disposal. Use them, try them, and figure out what you prefer along the way. The best part about learning all these is that you do not need to be tech-savvy. Most of the applications are simple, easy to use, and user-friendly. What more could you need?

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