When you are a sports fan, anything sports-related brings you excitement. You can physically visit a sports bar and enjoy yourself alongside like-minded fans. Football Prediction Apps is not specifically for football. We have avid cricket fans, betting and indulging in rivalry too. There are basketball fans with the same enthusiasm. You can visit a stadium and watch the live match and yell your heart out. You are way too pumped and excited and the adrenaline rush is on a high during the matches. We have the technology now therefore fretting because you cannot visit the game is a waste of precious energy. Why fret, when there are devices and live platforms. You can sit at home, make yourself a snack, and pretend you are in the game physically. The couch is your best spot when the game is played on a perhaps entirely different continent.

Why prediction apps are in demand?

Devices that allow us to watch live games are popular. But as you can see, hardcore fans also enjoy in different ways. You not only watch a game live but predict the scores. Whatever sports you are into, prediction apps are still popular. What is more fun than betting for your favorite team? Fans love betting with their friends. They also choose to bet online on platforms available for such. Believe it or not, an event for a big game brings people together. World cups are known for the dedication shown by the fans. You have cafes, bars, and get together held solely for watching the game. They share the scream, the rooting for an opponent team, and friendly yet fun rivalry among friends.

If you enjoy a game or two to join in the mood, perhaps you can get by. These predictions are not necessarily always for hardcore fans. Light-hearted viewers often play along and bet for a harmless game. It is popular because it is fun and adds to the dynamic of the current game that viewers watch. Why wouldn’t a user prefer involvement and take part in the fun? The amalgamation of hardcore and moderate fans brings you prediction apps to bet on, uniquely.


Let us have a simple understanding of the players here. The movement of the players is important. Their position also determines a lot of the outcome. The way the players connect to their teammates and create positions gives a lot of data. Many experts believe that focusing on the team and reading it helps. However, it is advisable to also focus on your specific player. You can do both in two different games and contain yourself some data.

You can start by asking yourself important questions. If the player that you are focusing on makes a move, ask why. You can know that the particular player has a plan, therefore the move. You can also check the mistakes and wrong moves. This will help clear a path for the next game analysis. You can note what moves are being frequently used. You can start seeing patterns in the moves. This will lead you to question why the patterns are being used. This observation will give you a clearer understanding of your favourite team. You can ask yourself the question of why did the player move into a certain space. Or, when does he make that run? You can increase your football IQ in this manner. This will also determine your placement of a bet.

Fans will depend on their understanding and research to place their bets. After all, you will not waste a penny if you do not know which team to trust.

Here are prediction apps in random order that are made for football that you can easily bet on.

  1. Soccerpet: Football predictions and analytics

Here is an app that will provide you predictions using AI analysis and other means of technological mining. The app provides the users with sports data and statistics to determine the prediction. It features 24/7 coverage of the game. You can also find competitions at a number exceeding 2000. The app also gives you expert picks to understand better. You can check live scores, game statistics, and schedules.

  1. Here, you can also access live scores for different leagues, matches, and competitions. Including but not limited to, MLS, LaLiga, Premier League, Champions League, Bundesliga, and Serie A, etc.
  2. You can also access team ranking. You can get recent records, Red and Yellow cards, Offside, HT/FT Goal, etc.
  3. You can receive live notifications for all the live matches. You can know the scores, the red cards, and the goals made.
  4. Soccerpet has a user-friendly interface. You can also avail of a membership service here.

There is Soccerpet VIP available. This will provide you with premium offers, and an abundance of tips.

  1. Football and sports live Score – SofaScore   

This app gives you sports updates. Live scores for football and also cricket is available on the app. You get access to esports competitions numbers. You can get statistics and scores to more than 5000 leagues, tournaments, events, and more than 20 sports. You can analyze the statistics and your preferred live score as well. If you prefer to explore a bit more, you can find quiz and fantasy soccer here. You can join millions of other users present. There are more miscellaneous features that you can access.

  1. You will receive live notifications of the results and scores.
  2. You can get the fixtures and live scores from the top leagues.
  3. You can receive a detail of the statistics and the goals as well.
  4. They give you an insight into ongoing transfers, the strengths, and weaknesses of the players. Also, you will have an overview of the complete details. They isolate and give the complete player profile.
  5. You can get a representation graphically of the key players’ quality. This will help you determine the player.
  6. You get to understand the attacking momentum.
  7. The heat map, shows you the player’s place in the match.
  8. You can also check the average positions of the players.  
  1. BetMines Free Football Betting Tips & Predictions

For a sports fan who loves placing a bet, this will do wonders. BetMines will provide you with tips for betting, the odds, tipsters, and also live scores. You also get to do more than just a bet.

  1. You get to follow other tipsters and also analyze the team stats.
  2. You can test your strategy. You get to create a virtual bet scenario for football.
  3. You can get updates on the live score.
  4. This app offers you free betting tools that will help you better your chances.
  5. They provide the results of the previous 5 games that were played at home and away.
  6. For several previous games, you get to see the percentage. You can also see the total number of goals, and the clean sheet match, etc.

BetMines also has daily predictions for betting. A reliable AI algorithm provides tips for daily matches. The bets placed here do not provide you with cash prizes. This is not a form of encouragement for gambling. The virtual bets are made to test the game strategy. It is analysis but made with enjoyment for the users.

  1. Live Football Predictions – Free Bet Predictions 

Live Football Predictions gives you an app with betting options. This is an app where the pregame is based on Artificial Intelligence.

  1. The bet placed here is an artificial intelligence based.
  2. Users can place free bets easily.
  3. There are about hundreds of bets every week.
  4. The live statistics will also help you determine your bets.
  5. The daily bet can be placed for different leagues.
  6. You get live results, team statistics for in-game, and cards.
  7. You get statistics of the team shots.

Here is a few more information, that users will find helpful.

  1. 4 days before the match, the pregame prediction bet will be provided.
  2. When the football game is on life, the bet comparison and anomaly checker is available.
  3. The notification for live bet helps you stay updated and not miss out on the anomaly.
  4. Bet prediction includes all the half time, the full time, over and under, etc.
  5. You will get to know the attack rates as well.
  6. You will find shots on target, and other live statistics like the ones of corners.

The match details include the momentums of the team attack. Important team line-ups and league standings are there accessible for the user. Football leagues are an integral part of the enthusiasts. You get to check the fixtures, the statistics, and the results of the league.

Lastly, you can modify your preference for the notifications. There are no chances of you missing out on the relevant bet predictions. You can receive updates for the bet anomaly. Get free beneficial tips and announcements on daily basis. Once you get the hang of it, you will find more features to explore in the app.

  1. Soccer Predictions, statistics, bets

This is a free app that provides you with football predictions. Professional bettors use the app for their attributes. The app also gives you professional sports-related advice, including a success rate. The predictions mentioned in the app are completely based on reliable stats. The statistical data for reference is collected from the past years and the latest games. To help determine the prediction better, some statistics include these pointers.

  1. The different forms of both the teams from the season, which is valuable knowledge.
  2. The stats of the former match and results.
  3. The latest confrontations of both the teams.
  4. The points, the goals, for the home and away statistics.
  5. The total scoring of goals of 10 games happened previously.
  6. The total number of wins, the ties, and the losses for the previous 10 games.
  7. The average goal scored from the previous 10 games.
  8. The chance to goal for the upcoming game.
  9. The number of games played previously, that did not score goals.
  10. The matches played with either less than 2.5 goals or more than it.
  11. Some tables compare the performance of both the teams.

The Soccer Predictions app also brings you tips daily for the betting enthusiast in you. There are many championships around the globe, and you can find them all here.

More apps with predictions

So, basically, we have come across these 5 apps above that showed us football predictions. Let me mention five more that are very much similar to the above 5 apps. You can expect all the required elements and stats here as well. You can refer to the below apps.

  1. Bet Prediction &Oddscheker – Football AI
  2. All Football Prediction
  3. Football Prediction 100 % Sure
  4. Today Match Prediction – Football Predictions
  5. Football Predictions: Free Betting Tips All Today

Seeing the elements of Football Prediction Apps

All of the apps mentioned here possess a common purpose. The goal is to give a prediction with accuracy. We have noticed all the elements that made the AI conclude. Artificial Intelligence worked their graph to determine the matches nearby. The probability also helps determine the outcome. For example, if the stats table shows the home team with a 5 percent chance of winning. And somehow the away team shows a 70 percent chance of winning, and a tie at 25 percent. Rather than a tie, this gives you a clear favourite for the away team. Similarly, imagine a stat table of both teams at 35 percent. There is a chance of tie at 30 percent. The probabilities here are very close. Therefore, this match is open to any potential outcome. This deters you from placing a bet. However, if you are willing to jump the extra mile and take a risk, you can do so. Risk-taking is fine, after all, it is done after viewing the potential outcome. The stats with 60 percent or higher can be considered a safer bet.

The apps, therefore, provide you with recommendations where you will have chances of accuracy rather than a blind bet. Now, all you have to do is check the predictions, self-study, and then analyze. You are immediately allowing yourself to learn more from these apps.

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