Games are addictive but your smart instinct will help you choose an interesting one. There are millions of games in the market at your disposal. All of them cannot hold your interest. Sleek, Simple, Eye-catching, Adventurous, and Goal-oriented games are ample. The internet is a pool of underrated games that are worth your attention. Therefore, we are breaking down 20 of the most addictive games for android.

  1. Flood of Light

This game has aesthetically pleasing visuals. If you are familiar with animes and Asian 2D/3D animations, you will enjoy this. As the player, you have to light the lamps in the city to save it. There is a gradual revelation as to who the character is.  The game is developed by Irisloft, Irisloft Technology Co., Ltd. A 98 MB requirement on your android and you can start playing offline. You can find yourself getting addicted to this adventurous RPG in a rather calming outcome.

  1. Still Here

A little lesser-known game Still Here, offers you a game of mystical characters. This is a game that will give you a magical vibe to it. The visuals are colourful and will remind you of former cartoon games. The creator’s effort on the visuals helps you get addicted to it easily. Still Here is a relaxing game of exploration with different locations. Storage space of 97 MB is enough to play this offline game. This game is developed by StillHere.

  1. Run Sackboy! Run!

As the name suggests, you can tell this underrated game is fun. The protagonist Sackboy’s main goal is to escape from the antagonist Negativitron. You can customize the character and achieve prizes as you play. You can download this colourful game for a storage requirement of 291 MB. This game is developed by Playstation Mobile Inc.

  1. Hungry Dragon

The goal of the game is for the dragons to be unleashed and they will eat what is in their way. Help them breathe fire and turn everyone prey. You can collect more dragons and continue to explore their world. You will get a medieval vibe in fantasy land. You can unlock more prizes as you go and have customizable options. You can download this game on your android with a storage space of 123 MB. The game is brought to you by Ubisoft Entertainment.

  1. Sky Surfing

A game that has sky, flying, and a tiny aircraft equal to having fun. This game will take up 95 MB on your android device. You can keep collecting the planes as you go. If you want a game that does not require too much thinking, play Sky Surfing. You have to avoid the hurdles thrown at you and collect points to achieve a high score. Macaca Games Inc. developed this laidback yet challenging game.

  1. Saily Seas: Magic & Motions of the Sea

This is another game at your disposal that has an effortless visual beauty to it. If not for the gameplay, you can still be addicted to the aesthetically pleasing visuals. Your purpose in the game is to sail. An exploration of magical locations and stormy weather displays a fun sailing experience. The required storage space is 35 MB on your android. The game is developed by ImpactBlue Studios Pty Ltd.

  1. Dofus Pogo

This is an addictive arcade type of game. You can play this game easily while waiting in a queue or to kill boredom. The goal is to survive in the game and achieve high scores. You have to toss the character Tofus while destroying the enemies. You can have rewards as you continue and climb the world high score level. The game is developed by ANKAMA GAMES and with a storage requirement of 73 MB.

  1. Timberman`

If you enjoyed a good number of retro games from the old Nintendo style, you will enjoy this game. It has old-school type visuals. The timberman has to chop the wood down from the trees. Keep in mind that you have to stay away from the tree branches. You can unlock more timbermen up to 8 in number. This game is casual and does not require heavy concentration. Therefore, you can find yourself getting addicted as you play. This game is developed by Digital Melody Games. You can download it on your android with a space of 18 MB.

  1. Vector

Parkour can be dangerous at times, but not on your digital self. This game revolves around the character indulging in parkour to run. The story is about breaking free from chains of control. The backstory gives it a more rounded approach to parkour. You can download the game for 89 MB on your device. The game is developed by Nekki – Action and Fighting Games.

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  1. Don’t Touch the Spikes

This arcade-style game is easy and a quick game to play when you are bored. Getting addicted because of its simplicity is inevitable. This is only 5.2 MB and hence, not a strain on your android. The motive is to rotate and keep the balls from touching the spikes. You can collect rewards and beat high scores. This game is developed by Karuwa Games.

  1. Mad Dex

This is an iconic game where the hero saves the girl. We are familiar with the adventures of Mario, and this journey of Mad Dex is the same. He is a little character that goes to rescue his love. You will enjoy his adventures while you maneuver the journey and fight the big bad monsters. The game is developed by a game guild. You can download the game for 36 MB.

  1. Swing Loops – Grapple Hook Race

This is a game of race. The game provides you a sense of accomplishment. You can jump, run, and swing in the game. You can wander and run through the concrete jungle of a city. Swing Loops promises to kill your boredom and get you addicted. Try not to fall off tall buildings, but if you do you can start over. Hence, there is no scare about the redo. You can focus on achieving the prizes easily.   Download this game from SayGames for 87 MB.

  1. Color Switch

This arcade game is quite popular among gamers. It will get you hooked and you will find yourself earning more stars as you do so. You have to make the balls past the hurdles by tapping. Your control of the timing of the tap is important to get through the challenges. You can download this game with a storage space requirement of 54 MB. The game developer is Color Switch Phoenix LLC.

  1. True Skate

Yes, this is a skateboarding game compatible with an android device. True Skate is an addictive and perfect simulation game of skateboarding. You can purchase the game for Rs. 130.00. The visuals are realistic and the movement gives you a real skateboarding experience. You can explore features like slow motion, replay, and challenges, etc. The game is developed by True Axis and you can download it with 95 MB storage space.

  1. Blown Away: First Try

Blown Away has a fun visual that will make you want to play more. The story of the character will make you relate to him better. As the character Hendrik starts his adventure he will find what he needs to along the way. Hendrik has a cool trick and can teleport through walls. There are four worlds with different levels. Black Pants Studio GmbH is the developer for the game. You can download Blown Away for storage space of 66 MB.

  1. Traffix

This is a simulation game based on road traffic. You have the role of controlling the traffic in the game. The game keeps you occupied and interested. You have to make sure that the vehicles do not crash under your control. Try to avoid distraction that escalates, and keep the drivers calm. Waiting will cause them to be angry.  If you feel like you have it in you, then you can also opt for Chaos mode. Download this minimal aesthetic game for a storage requirement of 60 MB. It is developed by

  1. Dune!

Developed by VOODOO, Dune is a relaxing yet addictive game. It has a beautiful visual and simple task. You have to keep the ball moving above the given line. You have to avoid getting crushed and you can continue with gaining scores. Download this calm abstract game for 37 MB.

  1. Duet

Duet comes with many features to make you want to try the addictive game. It provides you with 8 chapters, including many types of challenges and survival mode. Enthralling audio to keep you focused that also complements the visuals. Two vessels that co-depend will require your assistance in navigating through the journey. Try to avoid obstacles that stand in your way. Your every tap will twist and help them bounce through the stages. Download this game by Kumobius for 51 MB storage space on your android.

  1. Can Knockdown 3

If you have a knack for shooting cans at a fair, you will love the digitalized can-knocking. Skills required for the game are your aim and puzzle-solving skills. The visuals capture the vibe of the game completely well. The locations for your challenges are in 3D mode. You can achieve bonuses and unlock locations. The game is developed by Infinite Dreams. And you can download the game for a storage requirement of 64 MB.

  1. Sprinkle Islands

You can purchase Sprinkle Islands for Rs. 130.00. In this fire-fighting game, Sprinkle is a compact fire truck. Sprinkle is there to put out a fire on Titan. You have to navigate through the stage and put out the burning fire that fell on Titan. Sprinkle is a helpful little fire truck that helps the villagers. You will get to fight the boss when completing the level. The visuals are fun and you are guaranteed to be addicted to the game. The game is developed by Mediocre. Download it on your android device for storage space of 22 MB.

I am sure after the addictive games list your boredom will not overpower you. You can always explore different categories of gaming that you have never tried before. After all, one cannot deny liking before trying. Most of these games can be played offline and therefore, is suitable wherever you are. For online addictive games, you can always wait whenever the necessary connection is present. The wait will make you enjoy the games as much.

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