See through clothing apps are typical fun apps that are meant to give you nothing but entertainment. These apps are totally imaginary apps that give you immense fun.

Imagine you can see everything inside the outfit of your friends through your phone! Isn’t that exciting? You can easily prank your friends through these apps. These apps have nothing to do with reality. These are just to spread a little fun.

You will find many fun apps like these in the app store, but most of them are fake & unrealistic, which will irritate you instead of providing fun. Therefore we have collected some fun apps like this which are better to use. So here comes the 10 best see through clothing apps just for you.

So are you excited to meet the list? Here they are-

10 Best See Through Clothing Apps:

These apps are basically made for high school going children who are very fond of real entertainment. These apps will make their wish come true. Scanning their friends’ bodies will be lots of fun, though these are far away from reality. Now let’s have a look at the list:

1.Cloth Scanner – Body Scanner Simulator :

Cloth scanner – Body Scanner Simulator is a fun featured app where you can prank your friends anytime showing their clothless pic, which will be shocking for them! This app is a fun-based app that you can enjoy anytime with your friends. Its motto is only to spread joy & happiness. This app is made for Android users. You will find it in the app store.

It is effortless to use. You just need to take a picture of your friend from your gallery & open it in the app, or you can directly click an instant picture in the app & erase the clothes, take another picture & show it to your friend. That’s it! Your friends are going to enjoy this for sure. There are many filters to use. You can choose any of those to change the body color like white or red or others. Use it anytime to create a joyous moment with your friends.

2.Full Body Scanner:

This app is another prank app that is made for the girls to make them fool with their clothless picture. This app is developed to create funny moments. You can easily fool your friends or girlfriend with this app. This is a very famous see through clothing app which is easily available for android users. Android users will find it in the play store.

This app is for pure entertainment. It doesn’t work in reality; it just shows an imaginary body to increase the fun. It has nothing to do with reality. This app actually can’t scan. It just uses the real picture; otherwise, everything is just to make a fool. This is a girl body scanner, so it won’t work for the boys. So download the app and enjoy the moment.

3.Audery Body Scanner:

This one is a wonderful see through clothing app which is to provide you lots of fun. This prank app scans body parts & shows you the clothless picture. It doesn’t work as a real body scanner; it is just a fun app that shows you an imaginary scene of the real person to give you pure entertainment. It is a girl’s body scanner app, so it won’t work for the boys.

Android users can use it anytime downloading from the app store. Like any other see through clothing apps, you just need to insert a real picture in this app & uncover the clothes. As simple as that. It is very easy to use. Anyone can use it, but it is recommended for the users who are 16+; if you are not 16+, it’s better not to use it. This app is free & also takes minimal space in your phone, so it won’t bother your phone speed.

4.New Cloth Scan – Body Scanner:

This is another well-developed prank app that will give you the feel of a real scanner. This fun app is to spread happiness & fun. This app is for high school going children who love to make fools of their friends. It is an unreal app but gives your real vibe. This app is also made only for the girls so that you can uncover their clothes & surprise them by showing their all uncovered picture.

But don’t worry, it won’t show you anything wrong. It will just uncover the body with fewer clothes. So without worrying about anything else, you can enjoy the app with your friends or girlfriends. Android users will easily find it available in the app store, which is almost free of cost. So go and download the app & have lots of fun with the dear ones.

5.Scanning Body & Undressing People Prank:

Scanning Body & Undressing People Prank is another prank app downloaded by almost 5,000,000 people worldwide. Through this app, you can now enjoy watching people get undressed. This app is recommended for those who are above 16. It is very effortless to use. This app scans real pictures & turns them into a clothless victim. It is only made to spread the fun. It has no connection with reality. This scanner doesn’t work on reality; it just gives you the taste of reality with an imaginary scene.

These are for high school going children who love to do nasty jokes with each other. In this app, you can use a scanner on a victim whom you want to see undressed. Now take a picture of your friend & make your friend’s body combined with a half-naked sexy body. You will get 20 different body types in this app, from which you can use the perfect one to match with your friend. Not only sexy bodies but also you will find fat & ugly bodies. Android users will find it anytime in the play store. So enjoy the app with your friends anytime, anywhere.

6.Body Camera Scanner:

The body camera scanner app comes with fantastic graphics & features. It is more appealing than any other see through clothing apps. It is clearly noticeable that Developers have really worked hard for this app. This is a simple app with accessible features which will bring you great entertainment. You will find it in the app store if you are an android user. With lots of fun features, it will help you to prank your friend.

This app is made for nothing but entertainment purposes. It can’t generate actual results as its algorithm doesn’t work in real life. Thus, it doesn’t have the ability to scan like a real scanner. It just simply edits the picture you insert & shows you the result. This body prank app is a bit different than others for its high graphics. You will really enjoy the app. Its natural & incredible look will really amaze you. You can add pictures with any source & edit the pic with a half-nude body. Save it in your gallery directly & amaze your friend with the pic.

7.Body Scanner Sexy Photos Prank 18+ :

Like any other see through clothing app, this app will give you a wonderful experience. It is made to give you full entertainment. Make a fool of people showing their half-nude pictures & create a fantastic atmosphere. It will give you a superb experience. People who love to do pranks will love the app for sure. Seeing people through their clothing is really exciting. It is very simple to use.

You just need to add a picture of your friends or the person you want to see through clothing & choose a half-nude body type that best goes with him or her & share with the person you are doing this to. A shock will undoubtedly go through his or her face while seeing the picture. This app is not allowed for children under 16. All android users can download the app from the app store.

8.Sexy Booth Free Makes You Hot:

This fun feature app is another best prank app which you will find very interesting. This is an app for iPhone users which they will easily find in the app store. A special kind of scanner is used here to see through clothing. What you have to do is face the camera to your friend or the person you want to target & you will discover the person all naked.

This doesn’t mean you can see him or her all nude. The person will be wearing the list cloth. This application is fake though it will bring joy for you. Obviously, it won’t show anything wrong as this app respects the dignity of all. Even you shouldn’t use the app on someone who doesn’t like it either. Use only for them who you think will understand the theme. They will really enjoy it for sure.

9.X-Ray Body Scanner Simulator:

The X-Ray Body Scanner Simulator app is basically made for users above 18 years old. This app will change your friend’s mood within a second when you will let them know about an x-ray option your phone has got. Show them all their body parts under the clothes and make them surprised. This app almost works like an x-ray machine. It shows all your bones, bone tissues & everything you want. Your friends will be amazed to see this.

All your body parts like head, chest, leg, knee & everything will be seen on your screen. These images are so realistic that you won’t be able to differentiate between the fake & the real ones. This app is not a real scanner, though, but it pretends very well. It even lacks many images of your body part, but still, it’s good enough to entertain you. All the iPhone users will find it in the app store easily. So download it now & enjoy the app.

10.X-Ray Cloth Remover:

This app is a fantastic see through clothing app, which is no wonder but great fun. This app is available for users who are above 18. Like an x-ray, it can see through your clothing & show you everything inside your clothes. It scans like an x-ray & shows all images in an x-ray form. When you will take a picture of your friends & show them, this app will take time to scan & suddenly all their clothes will be gone. This will surprisingly strike them for sure.

Unlike other see through clothing apps, it doesn’t pretend to be real. It declares to be a fun app that has no connection with reality. The images are totally different from the other fun apps, which is really fun to see. You can use this app with any of your friends at any time. You will find this app more interesting & more entertaining. Discover your friend’s body part under the cloth with this app & amaze them all. This app is for iPhone users, so they will find it in the app store.

How Do See Through Clothing Apps Work?

These are fun featuring apps that are totally baseless but can create a funny environment easily. These apps are very easy to use. All you have to do is:

  • Click a picture of the person you want to see through clothing.
  • Open the picture in the app.
  • Touch the part you want to uncover & see him or her through clothing.

These apps use real pictures of a person & disclose the part you touch to see. If you are expecting the image to be all naked, then you will be disappointed to know that these apps never cross their limits. You will get no nudity here. These are just for fun, and they know how to be within the limit.

Wrap Up:

Now with these apps, you can click pictures of your friends & make them fool. These see through clothing apps are prank apps made for those fun-loving people who love to do pranks & create enjoyable moments. If you are one of them, try the best you get from the list, enjoy the app with your friends & spread joy.

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