WhatsApp Plus APK Download: If you are looking for which WhatsApp Plus APK for Download (Official) Site? Then this post will be most effective for you, so keep reading and be patient till the end. Nowadays cell phones have reached almost everyone, communication through messaging has brought a revolution. In fact, it is important to change the way things are done, as well as the security of communication.

WhatsApp Plus is being used as the best means of communication and by it people are creating new solutions. You may already know what is the reason for the rise of WhatsApp plus popularity. However, around one billion people are now using it on WhatsApp plus. However, this article will give you knowledge about WhatsApp Plus APK. And where there is a sister app that has more functionality or features. All in all I urge you to read the article for full details.

Also, you will be surprised to know that Whatsapp Plus APK does not claim any hidden charges so gives you access to use it without the pressure of paying anything. So experts think that this messaging APK app is the best way to impress your friends with the amazing features of WhatsApp Plus APK.

Let’s take a look at the description of WhatsApp Plus

  • File info: Whatsapp Plus
  • File Name: Whatsapp Plus APK
  • Last updated: 1-day ago
  • Version: Latest
  • Size: 52.3 MB
  • License Type: Freeware
  • Requires Android: 5.0+

What is WhatsApp Plus

It is a similar app to WhatsApp which has been touted as WhatsApp Plus to give it another look. You’ll be glad to know that the original app, WhatsApp, was launched in 2012. Then the developer and XDA members created this WhatsApp plus by changing the original WhatsApp application in Raffles.

Now the question that may come to your mind is how did it change? If so, the answer is simple. That is, they changed the basic code and launched a new user interface. At the same time, they changed the original app’s logo from green to gold. However, there are more functionalities and features added to the raffle and which we discussed later in the Emmy article. We’re guessing you’re looking to check out Aero WhatsApp APK, but keep reading.

You’ll be glad to know firsthand that WhatsApp plus uses end-to-end encryption for messaging. You will find more functionality besides the original app in it (is it interesting). We will discuss all the benefits below, so keep reading. Now let’s see,

How to install WhatsApp Plus on your Android Phone?

Installing the WhatsApp app is just a piece of cake, meaning the app is easy to install and use. Then if you find it difficult to install, follow the steps shown below:

First, download the WhatsApp Plus app on your Android device from here.

Once you have downloaded this APK app and then install it on your device.

Interesting thing is that if you want to get a full backup of your chat. In this case, after opening Whatsapp, you can restore them from Settings-Chat-Backup.

That means go there and click a full backup button and wait a while (wait until all your chats are backed up).

If you want to remove the old version of WhatsApp from your mobile or your Android device, you need to uninstall Whatsapp from your Android device by following the simple steps. To do this, first go to Settings-App, then uninstall by clicking on WhatsApp Plus.

Now it will be useful for you to install Whatsapp Plus APK on your Android device which you have downloaded from Playstore above.

After installation, you need to go through the simple automation process as before. That means you have to enter your mobile number like in the old version of WhatsApp and verify it through OTP code.

Once the number verification is complete, enter your name and number. When all this is done then you will be able to connect yourself to the world to enjoy WhatsApp Plus on your Android device. Let’s take a look at some shortcut techniques on how to switch from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus APK (PC).

How to switch from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus APK

You might be looking for WhatsApp plus in the Google Play Store, and unfortunately didn’t find it. You have to admit here that it is not possible to get it in Playstore. In other words, if you want to get it, you must download it from the official Plus website. If you’ve already downloaded and installed the app if so, let’s share some more simple ways with you. To get the alternative method you need to do the following method. Here are the steps.

Step 1: Back Up WhatsApp

Since you need to back up all the data from the original WhatsApp. For this, you will need another software and this is dr.fone. Now the question that may come to your mind is how is it possible to get the job done? If so, you must first download the WhatsApp plus app from the link provided above and install it on your PC.

Step 2: Connect the device to PC

You need to connect your device to PC using a USB cable connected to your device. After that, you need to access dr.fone from your PC and choose the backup option. Then it will start backing up your data (is it interesting). You will then need to wait a while for the backup to complete (although this may take a little longer and in some cases longer).

Step 3: See Backup on PC

When you see it finished. Then you need to make sure the backup is done correctly.

Step 4: Restore backups on WhatsApp Plus

Then select the Restore WhatsApp tab to bring the data back to your new app. This system will recover all the data from your WhatsApp Plus app (is it interesting). The interesting thing is that you are done with all the work and now you will be able to see the messages and other data in the new app.

Feature Overview of WhatsApp Plus

  • First of all, let’s know the privacy of WhatsApp plus
  • You can hide your own online status
  • There you can hide the blue tick and the distributed tick.
  • You can hide your writing intention or writing status.
  • Allows you to hide your own recording status.
  • You can hide your own blue microphone.
  • You can hide your own view status.
  • You can enable and disable anti-withdrawal as you wish.

WhatsApp Plus settings

  • First, download the sticker pack from the GBPLUS website
  • Sticker manufacturer
  • Cleaner
  • You will be able to customize the use of different wallpapers
  • If the automatic reply feature is enabled
  • You can download many themes and use them as you wish
  • You can use new widgets
  • Can customize conversation screens with great themes
  • Customizable widget
  • Customizable notification popup
  • You can download status in this app
  • Video status limit up to 7 minutes
  • New fonts available
  • Backup feature available

General settings:

You can restart WhatsApp Plus, have customizable chat, DND mode available and set message schedules (is it interesting)

Advantages of using WhatsApp Plus

You will be glad to know at first that the versions that you will not find in WhatsApp, you can take full advantage of this app of WhatsApp Plus (is it interesting that). So let’s take a brief look at its benefits,

Hide online status:

This WhatsApp Plus MOD allows you to hide your online status from other people. So the experts have the idea that this is a very useful feature and an amazing feature. I would be surprised to know that if you turn on this feature WhatsApp plus, no one will see you online

Hide the blue tick:

You may have sent a message on WhatsApp Plus, and when you send it you get a single tick and a double tick means the message was delivered and a double blue tick that shows the message being sent. The interesting thing here is that no one will be able to see a blue tick in your chat when you change this feature.

Writing status:

Some people don’t want others to know the status of their writing. This is going to be the best for them. Because they can change it in the privacy features by going to their WhatsApp Plus account settings.

Recording status:

Writing status, as well as recordings, can be hidden from others. This means that with WhatsApp Plus you will be able to hide your recording audio status from other users.

Sticker pack:

There are many sites on the Internet that allow you to download great, stylish and trending sticker packs from websites and use them in your WhatsApp Plus chats and statuses (this may require a little research).

Auto answer:

Whatsapp plus latest version has auto-reply feature which may be the reason of choice for most people. You can set up automatic replies here if you want, and as a result, automatic replies from you to those who send you messages.


Theme MOD is an unusual feature of Whatsapp. So it is important to keep in mind that not all Mod versions of Whatsapp allow you to have this feature. Cess’s alternative is the theme, through which you can customize your WhatsApp Plus theme in your own way. Interesting thing is that you can get lots of themes available to use.

Font and style

Whatsapp plus has a variety of fonts that come in shapes and stunning styles. We’re guessing you’d love to try them.

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Difficulty using Whatsapp Plus MOD

At first you would be surprised to know that WhatsApp was always used for free. But now the initial difficulty of using WhatsApp Plus is a ban. If you use WA +, you risk having your account banned. So it would be wise to not use your primary number, but use a temporary number that does not bother you. The most effective is if you read the safe use of Whatsapp Plus.

Installation Guide:

If you are unfamiliar with manual installation, keep reading to get this installation guide. To install Whatsapp Plus, you need to follow a simple installation guide. This means that you have to do it in the same way as you are using Whatsapp before (is it interesting). Let me give you another idea,

You need to turn off ‘Unknown Sources’ located in Security, Unknown Sources from Device Settings then follow these steps to show us.

Download the Whatsapp Plus APK file from this link. When you download the file. Then find the file in your smartphone’s storage and click and install. Take some time to complete the installation process (although it may take a short time depending on the smartphone). Once it is successfully completed, open it as before (by setting number and name) and enjoy Whatsapp Plus.

What’s new in this version of WhatsApp Plus?

Update 14.00

Base update


Online dot color change option (Mod Settings> Home screen> Row)

Once downloaded for viewing pictures/videos

You can see all the messages sent through the contact group (click on the name)


  •   The archive does not show up in the chat group tab
  •   RC-Telegram X recording box bug
  •   Occasionally crashes while trying to archive a hidden chat
  •   Hidden chats and archived chats can have large spaces
  •   Groups with “admin only” can still send message boxes in some entry style
  •   WhatsApp does not work for lock patterns and pins
  •   Random notification crashes
  •   Does not show notifications for secret chats
  •   IG status randomly crashes when using style
  •   Call buttons are lost when the conversation action bar does not work
  •   The group tab does not show mute icons for chat
  •   The conversation card (multi-chat) option does not work
  •   Clicking on “WhatsApp” causes problems to open hidden chat on some phones
  •   The “Who can call me” options can’t select contacts correctly
  •   Fixed random crash not installing Apk on Android 5 after registering phone number on some phones

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Is WhatsApp Plus APK Safe to Use on Android?

Is WhatsApp Plus APK safe to use on Android? And you’ll be glad to know that WhatsApp Plus APK brings the most updated and trusted changes to enjoy the great features of WhatsApp. As a result, WhatsApp plus is now a 2022 version that includes all the exceptional updates of the official WhatsApp and also, no one needs to update for the long term. So it is a 100% free app, free from everything including ads, viruses and money (is it interesting).

As per the promise of WhatsApp plus, your security and privacy is our first priority, and that is why they gave us almost half of their time to test the app with different Android devices. Interestingly, the results are incredible, this mode is compatible with almost all Android devices and keeps it free from bugs.

Experienced people will get bored of using the same WhatsApp interface for ages. So changing WhatsApp is the best opportunity for all the creative messaging freaks of WhatsApp plus. Go for it !!!

Is WhatsApp Plus available for iOS (iPhone and iPad)?

WhatsApp Plus has announced at various conferences that it is an application made exclusively for Android devices. Even if you search the same app and surf the Google Play Store, you’ll be unable to find the Plus version there. The reason is obvious here: WA Plus is a scripted app that violates some Play Store policies.

However, whether you use an iPad, iPhone or iMac, a dead-end for iOS users, WhatsApp Plus does not allow download on any Apple device. Researchers believe that this is unlikely to happen in the future for any iOS update of WhatsApp Plus.

OK, you have your device working on Android or Windows OS but you can use this app on those computers (is it interesting that). Since this is an Android app, to do this, you will need an Android emulator like Bluestacks. So to do this you can download and install the emulator on your PC by following all the above steps.

Can WhatsApp Plus be banned?

You may know that each modified application comes with a number of scripts for enhanced functionality. So the same for WhatsApp, it has several MODS and scripts, which help to add customization and other features (is it interesting that).

So all in all, this is an anti-ban app, but for your own security, you must use it informally and a demo account.

Is it possible to install WhatsApp Plus without verification?

Play Protect is the main prototype of the Google Play Store, which basically tests Android apps before installation for bugs and violations. Moreover WhatsApp Plus bypasses it on most devices. You should note that when you are unable to install it, first confirm that Play Protect is turned off from the Google Play Store settings, then it will work properly.

Frequently Asked Questions: WhatsApp Plus

Why isn’t WhatsApp Plus available in the Play Store?

You may be surprised to learn that WhatsApp Plus was created by a third-party developer. Unfortunately, due to licensing and copyright issues, it is not available in the Playstore.

⇒ Can I have both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus installed together?

You can’t have both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus installed together. This is because WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus are not allowed to be installed together on the same device.

⇒ How do I import conversations from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus?

  • To import conversations from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus, follow these steps:
  • Back up your conversations on WhatsApp. To do this go to WhatsApp settings, then go to ‘chat settings’ and back up your conversation.
  • Then, install WhatsApp Plus.
  • Complete the verification and then import the backup.
  • Finally, accept the request to import the conversation.

What is WhatsApp Plus Developed by WhatsApp Company?

WhatsApp Plus is not what WhatsApp company developed. That is, it is an unofficial app created by independent developers.

Why isn’t WhatsApp Plus available in Play Store?

You may have noticed that WhatsApp Plus in Playstore was created by a third party developer. So due to copyright and licensing issues, it is not available in Playstore.

Is WhatsApp Plus also available for iOS, Windows and BlackBerry devices?

Unfortunately, WhatsApp Plus only allows for the Android platform (you can run it using the Android emulator on the PC).

How do I change the theme?

Yes, you can always create your own theme or customize it by choosing a theme. You’ll be glad to hear that WhatsApp Plus allows you to customize every part of the app. So you can change the look and feel of your choice (is it interesting that)

Where can I get more themes?

Yes, you can use it to download themes directly from the WhatsApp Plus Theme Store server. Interesting thing is that you can search online for these themes

Will I be banned if I use WhatsApp Plus?

Not in the latest update. It is important to remember that if you are banned from uninstalling your WhatsApp version, you should reinstall it.

Can I secure a specific chat or the entire WhatsApp Plus profile with password protection?

Yes, you can password-protect any single chat or whole WhatsApp Plus application and do it as many times as you like (is it interesting that).

The last thought: WhatsApp plus

You may now be familiar with the fact that the installation process of WhatsApp Plus is the same as the original WhatsApp app, isn’t it? If so, then you have to understand that everything like before just needs to download WhatsApp plus from different websites. In this case, you must remember that the device from which you will download WhatsApp plus must be Android. And you need to enable it on your device. To do this you need to go to your phone settings as mentioned above in the article.

Assuming you have downloaded it, now install WhatsApp plus according to our instructions above.

In some cases, people may encounter an error, in which case they should check the version of the app and/or the OS version they are using. However, if you have completed the installation, then register with your phone number, then name and address the site and start enjoying the best WhatsApp plus/mode app.

I guess you already know about WhatsApp plus and how to download and use it

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