We love playing with our faces in the photo and seeing the outcome. There is no doubt as to why entertainment apps are popular. A comical approach to any photo will lighten up the mood. We all love the good humor that is thrown at us. You can make your friends, yourself, and your families laugh with fun-filled editing apps. Making Funny Face Apps allows you to make changes to your photo. You can also use the live camera that enables you to see yourself with amusing effects. You can edit them and share them on social media as per your liking. You can be a goofball and print the edited pictures to add fun essence to your room.


You possibly cannot edit an image without thinking about filters. Filters are what make your photos pop. If you are going for a professional look, filters can do wonders. However, if you think you do not require a professional look, do not be fooled. Filters add a fresh touch to even a normal look. Therefore, irrespective of it being a pro-shoot or not, you can just use the filters. You can be sure that it will make the photo completely appealing. The common filters you will find are black & white, sepia, and retro, etc. Many applications include filters that are exclusively theirs. The vintage filter is also included and many more app-specific ones. You can add them and save them, and then add another.


Effects can be anything when it comes to your editing application. It can have a grainy look, a vintage look, or perhaps a hard grunge look. Just like filters, effects are also different depending on the app. Every developer will put the most common and popular ones, perhaps with a different touch. It is good to explore the app because it helps you determine your favourite effect. One can never have too many applications for effects. If you want an effect for a funny face, there are plenty to choose from. Animal effects are popular and you have the distorted effects as well that will make you laugh.


Applications that are made for photo editing often bring an extra set of elements. When editing photos, you can have different purposes. Perhaps, you are looking for a sleek Instagram post. Or, perhaps you desire to make a photo purely for entertainment. Stickers are your usual and extra cartoon piece to add to the image. It could be a lovely little sun or a disastrous mustache. Many apps make sure that they include a bunch of stickers. There is no specific genre or category. You can always find the classic different hairstyle stickers to add to the face. You can also be sure to find some dorky glasses, sunglasses, red clown nose, and big eyes, etc. There are inanimate object stickers for you to edit, as well as texts and clip art, and stickers of flowers. These are commonly found and used by many. Adding to those, you will also find many animal-related stickers that help you create a ridiculous look.

  1. Funny Photo Editor

This entertaining application can be downloaded for 15 MB storage space. This editor allows you to make cool edited images and videos as well. The app gives you a bundle of features to play with.

  • Photo editing capabilities give you many amusing effects. You can select preferred images from your gallery and start editing.
  • Some stickers can give you a cool mustache, glasses, and hair. There are also animated stickers to make it livelier.
  • You can create more jolly images and also videos in the app.
  • The front and back camera of your phone can access the effects. You can use it on a live camera as well.
  • You can choose to add the effects to your eyes, nose, hair, and more.
  • There are warping effects that can make your face thinner or larger.
  • You have many options to use on the text on top of the image. You can change the colour, the font, and the style.
  • There is colour correction available and other settings like brightness and contrast for you to adjust.
  • After editing and playing with the animations, you can also add frames to the photo. Frames always give a good portrait look.
  • Use this free app that gives you a smooth interface.
  1. Funny Face Photo Editor 2021 Face Changer

This app will require only 16 MB n your device. If you want to see the humorous results of your edited photo, you can use this application. This app is made for your entertainment purpose. You can share your goofy photos with your social media, your friends, and your family. Let us see what fun features the application provides.

  • You can avail stickers that give you a cool and fun mustache, goofy eyes, and different hair, etc.
  • There are different filters to enhance the edited look of the photo. You can use the selfie camera to click and use cool layouts.
  • Some frames will give it a wholesome look and yet fun.
  • You can choose some animal-related filters and effects. This gives off a comical vibe.
  • The transformations are colourful, silly, and fun.
  • There are face-swapping effects available for you and your friends. You can swap different faces with hilarious results.
  • You can also cut and paste photos here. There is no requirement for professional ability. The editing tools are user-friendly and easy.
  1. Face Warp – Funny Photo Editor

This is a light and compact application for you to choose from. It comes at only a 7.9 MB storage space requirement on the device. The app gives you a silly face effect that has a humorous outcome. You can expect a good amount of crazy yet creative effects. It is easy to use, edit, save and share with your friends. Here you can choose an image from your gallery and start editing. Start adding effects and warp the image. You can bend the face, distort it, and make it look thinner or larger. You can enlarge whatever parts you choose, to give off a comical vibe. You can add weight by making your friends look larger and prank them. You can also make fun of caricatures and fool your siblings and family. The app gives you responsive and fast manipulation. The effect gives off an animated vibe too. There are tools such as pinch, bloat, and warp. You can have a refined edit by zooming in on the photo. You can also swap faces on this app. You can make the faces into a monstrous look with all the warping and morphing. However, it is more comical than it is scary. You can also use the effects on other body parts for a more diverse effect. Try the app for a good old amusing photo.

  1. Funny photo maker

This photo maker can be downloaded on your device for a mere 12 MB of storage space. Here are some of the entertaining qualities you can indulge in.

  • You can collage your photos in this application.
  • You can get cool frames and play around making the borders fancy.
  • You can try out the grid collages to make multiple photos look good.
  • Stickers are always a good part of editing witty pictures. You can apply amount of stickers from the app.
  • It gives you a high-definition result and the interface is also user-friendly.
  • You get a professional outcome but the process is easy and simple.
  • You can add message bubbles to the photo to give a comic vibe.
  • You can text on the photo to give it a story. You can choose varieties of font and style for the text.
  • You can choose from more than 1000 stickers. You can keep selecting and searching to your heart’s content.
  • You can also edit the photo and paint it on it. You can use wonderful colours to give it a dope look.
  • After you have edited the image, you can save it and also share it on social media easily.
  1. Photo Warp

Photo warping is an exceptional tool to make an amusing set of photos. This app is based on its warping abilities. You can download it for 14 MB on your device. The app is a pool of creativity and crazy combined. Depending on your desire, you can make the photos look goofy. There are many sets of editing tools that you can manage. In this application, you can make caricatures of yourself and your friends. You can also make GIFs, which never run out of style.

  • Fun things you can play with here include the ability to change the shapes.
  • You can make your face thinner or larger.
  • You can also make other body parts bigger and skinnier as you please.
  • You can edit any photos as you desire. It can be yours, your friends, or your family. Just edit and surprise them with the GIFs and caricature look.
  • You can click a picture and start using the effects immediately.
  • You can also choose your preferred picture from storage and start editing it.
  • Warping ability gives your photo a fun touch. You can make the arms longer, and legs shorter. It is a good way to make fun of your friends and have a good time.
  • The app offers a smooth interface and easy saving of the picture.
  • You do not have to worry about it being difficult to manage.
  • Save the edited image in high definition and share it as you please.
  1. Make me Girl: Fun Photo Editor

Let us look at this light and compact editor. This will take only 8.6 MB on your device. As the name itself suggests, you can transform yourself or anyone else into a girl. Gender swapping filters and edits are always popular. Users love to play with the swap and have fun in the comical result. This is not intended to insult or create disagreements, but simply for entertainment purposes.

  • You can edit photos of your friends and family and make them funny.
  • They will get to see a different look of themselves.
  • There are also background change edits, and background remover as well.
  • You can use stickers like earrings, necklaces, and different hairstyles.
  • There are settings to adjust the brightness, opacity, and crop, etc.
  • You can add texts and edit them with various colours and fonts.
  • You can edit and save high-resolution images and also share them on social media.
  1. Funny face camera

Get this app for 28 MB on your device. It is a simple app with a user-friendly interface. There are various effects in the app that can give a humorous face. You can preview the effects before finalizing the photo.

  • Choose a photo from your collection, or you can click a new photo to edit.
  • You can choose from a variety of stickers to add to the photo. You can zoom in and edit for better management. You can also rotate and adjust the stickers to your preference.
  • Few other mirror effects include square mirror, dinosaur, giant, fish-eye, ugly, evil, and long mirror effect. These elements add such a comical view to the picture. They appear laughable and yet entertaining.
  • You can also modify and edit the picture to give a clown look.
  • You can edit in this camera app, save and share with no complications.
  1. Ugly Face Maker- Funny Photo Editor

Download the ugly face maker for 11 MB. This app provides you with several effects to make you look silly. This is your virtual photo booth to provide comical ugly edits.

  • There are all types of fun-filled stickers to add to the image.
  • There are also fake braces to make you look completely different.
  • You can give yourself a bad-looking tooth set in the photo.
  • You can make yourself wear a set of ugly spectacles and enjoy the result.
  • You can add pimples to your image to make yourself unrecognizable.
  • You can make a comical bald head look as well.
  • Edit and share your ugly witty edited images with your friends.
  1. Ugly Face Prank App – Funny Photo Editor

This is a very simple and light app for editing images. You do not have to worry about the app taking up device space. It is only 3.4 MB. Here are some of the features you can play with.

  • The face-changing camera gives you loads of filters and effects that result in absurd photos.
  • There are stickers you can use. Add stickers like an ugly face mask, dorky glasses, mustache, and different kinds of nose.
  • You can zoom in and out as you want and check for better picture efficiency. This helps edit the pictures more efficiently.
  • Use images from your gallery to edit and save.
  • There are many more effects like beard, braces, wrinkles, pimples that will make the photo unrecognizable.
  • Editing is easy and so is sharing it with your friends.
  1. Baby Funny Face Camera

Get the hilarious baby face edit for 28 MB on your device. As the app name suggests, this is a transformation edit for making a babyface. The outcomes are very entertaining and addictive.

  • There are effects in the app like warping and fish-eye effect.
  • You can add texts and edit them as you please.
  • There are cute yet ridiculous stickers to add to your photo.
  • You can use any image from your gallery and start editing.
  • You can make yourself look like a child. You can edit your friend’s photo, your family and others too.
  • Save the funny baby look and share it on your social media with ease.
  • The app is easy to use and a quick editor for you to play with.

Now, you have the knowledge of 10 different humour-filled applications that are useful and easy. Get ready to play with photos, live images, and videos to tickle the funny bone in you. You can easily get on board in understanding the filters, effects, and stickers. There is not much that you have to simplify. Technology has given you beautiful animations to play with. Add music to the comical pictures and make a meme out of it. If you feel like an expert, you can also make some unique faces with the stickers. Click a picture and start editing funny faces.

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