10 Best Stud Finder App for Mobile – When you need to hang a picture or set up a wardrobe you might rely only on a wall stud finder to avoid the metal inside the wall and decide the right placement.

Moreover, you can use these stud finder app to find any lost metal in your home whether it is a key to your garage or earrings, you can easily find it in no time.

However, if you decided to hang a frame on your wall, also you need the best stud finder app for mobile so you can easily detect metal and hang it anywhere in your home.

As you know, you cannot rely only on the sheet to hang heavy things, as it is not able to support any significant weight. Therefore, it can leave anything you hang at any time. So you have to drill it tightly to the wall.

In contrast, if you do it manually, you will need to understand the basic constructions of the wall so that you can easily or carefully do your work efficiently. So to avoid this complexity for a simple work choose your favorite wall stud finder app and download it on Android or on iOS mobile.

Free Stud Finder Apps for Android Phone

1. Stud Finder:

Now you can find studs easily with the help of the Stud Finder application. It is also a useful tool for the person who repairs the house, making it easier for them to locate metals that are behind the wall.

The stud finder application works on all metals and devices that have magnetic sensors. First of all, you have to read the complete instructions. If no built-in metal detector on your mobile, then Stud finder helps you to know.

2. Stud Detector:

Stud Detector is the best stud finder app to detect studs. Easy to use the Android app and a free mobile app to find studs that work on magnetic fields and compass applications. Also, use to detect the magnetic field directly from your smartphone.

You can easily customize and configure screen orientation for free.

3. Wall Stud Finder:

If you want to find nails, then first, you need to start this mode, which is on the home screen of this app. Just click on the ‘Start’ button and move your phone near the required nail location. And then you can see the location of the nails on the right side of the screen. Moreover, the closer the object is to your mobile, the clearer its photo will appear.

4. Metal Detector:

This app is useful and free to use. You can easily find the nails with the help of its expert scanning mode. It is an excellent stud finder app that can detect metals in a range of up to 30 cm.

Metal Detector is the most popular app because it helps in detecting hidden electrical wires in the wall. The most amazing feature is that it can detect the ghost near you, just kidding.

5. Stud Finder Scanner:

The stud finder scanner is one of the best stud finders that helps detect metals in any surface. Just click on the “Start” button and start searching for metals with this stud finder.

You will need calibration to remove external noise and fully adjust the sensor so you can enable the calibration mode before starting.

6. The Best Metal Detector:

This best metal detector has a panning mode, which is the main mode of this application.

Open this app keep the finger on the center point and move the phone on the surface where you want to check, without removing the finger then the detector will show all the irregularities that find inside the wall. With the help of image mode, you can see the clearer image in it.

7. All tools:

This metal detector has an EMF detector that functions a complete and like other familiar detectors.

It is easy to use on a smartphone and also a free app. simply, click on the “Search” button and move your phone nearer to the place where you want to detect metal. You will need a magnetic sensor for the app to work perfectly.

8. Toolbox:

The toolbox is an all-in-one application that is available in minimum size. It helps you get different measurement options that are the compass, stopwatch, timer, surface level, and more.

You can use it easily from your smartphone. It helps you find the metal using the magnetic sensor of your single smartphone.

9. Metal Sniffer:

You can take advantage of your Android’s magnetic sensor to search for metal using this metal sniffer mobile app.

Various applications have been developed. Nowadays, almost anything and everything can be done using a smartphone. And this is one of the best apps that help you to find stud using your mobile.

This mobile app uses the device’s magnetometer to detect a nearby electromagnetic field to detect any metal if available.

10. Wire Metal Detector

Using this wire metal detector app, anyone can detect power lines (wires) in a distance of up to 5 inches, and not only that, and you can detect metal using a magnetic field sensor on your smartphone.

It is also the best stud finder app for mobile, which allows you to find hidden power lines in walls using this excellent wall stud finder.

Can You Use Phone as Stud Finder?

If your question is, do we need a pipe detector app? Then the answer is yes. Most homes are designed with vertical, 2 by 4. Thick boards. For the unbreakable settings, you need to mucus it on 2 by 2 sides that are attached to your sheet wall. And to drill it in depth without damaging your wall, you need the best stud finder app for your mobile.

And this is only one case, and there are tons of use of the stud finder app.


This article has mainly focused on the best stud finder app for mobile. We hope you’ll have clear ideas about why should you need a stud finder app and make sure you’ve downloaded one.

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In other words, you may have known as a wall stud finder, wall scanner app, and pipe detector app. There are many names you may hear, but in the end, you need a solution, and this stud finder app will provide you in no time.

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