ASUS C300MA-DH02 Review – Currently, maximum people are taking an interest in Chromebooks rather than expensive laptops or PCs for their cute & tiny shape & almost similar features like expensive laptops or a PC. Just the big difference between these two is that the Chromebook comes with less storage option than a laptop or PC & their price differs too.

That’s why recently, Chromebooks are in great demand. ASUS C300MA-DH02 is one of those Chromebooks which are getting priority within a short time after the release. Its attractive outlook & features are grabbing buyers attention. Its fast & quick response is truly amazing. So if you are planning to have a Chromebook, then this review will aid you the most.

In this ASUS C300MA-DH02 review, we are going to discuss how fantastic this device is in real & why this device is in demand. Now let’s have a look at the review to know more about it.

ASUS C300MA-DH02 Review:

ASUS is always great at making Chromebooks, laptops & other electronic devices & all their products come with excellent quality & features. Thus every product is top listed. The latest Chromebook ASUS C300MA-DH02 is one of their incredible creations, which is at the top of the Chromebook list for a long time. This little device comes in a very classy look & a slim body. Available in 4 different colors red, yellow, black & light blue. It is pretty lightweight, so you can easily carry it with you wherever you go.

You can even use it for your school & this won’t even hurt your back or shoulder. Its great battery life will give you long-term service. Thus you will be able to use it continuously for almost 10 hours. You just need to charge it up, most probably for 180 minutes, and it’s all ready to use. Moreover, it doesn’t heat up at all; thus, it has no fan inside. It is simply perfect for what it is made for. Now let’s take a look at a little deeper & know a little more about the device.


ASUS C300MA-DH02 is a great device that comes with some unique features. These features make it more classy & attractive. Now let’s see the features that make it a compact piece.

●      Classy Design:

This device is not only beautiful from the outside but also the inside. Its sleek & thin pattern makes it adorable. Its faux-brushed-metal polycarbonate top lid gives it a classy look. Moreover, its wide touchpad & keyboard makes it more interesting. Though the side of the Chromebook is boring as usual, which is made of shiny plastic looks a little cheaper, that won’t bother you until you need to use the side ports.

●      High-quality Speakers:

This Chromebook has got super high-quality stereo speakers. Its extra-large audio chambers give you top-class performance. So now you can enjoy movies, music at any time without any trouble.

●      Long Battery Life:

It gives you long-term battery life. You can use it continuously for 10 hours only with 180 minutes of charging. So you can use it anywhere anytime without carrying the charger with you.

●      Strong Connection :

This wonder device supports dual-band 802.11ac. The Wifi connection provides you with solid signals for web browsing, video streaming. It also has Bluetooth 4.0 option. So now you can get connected with whatever you want, all time, all day long.

●      Quick, Simple & Safe:

It runs on the Chrome operating system, which keeps you out of the stress of downloading & updating software & antivirus. You Will always get the latest software with automatic updates here. It protects you from viruses & malware thanks to its built-in virus protection. You can even add extra users here & need not worry about the security as all the user accounts will be kept separated & safe.


This device has some specifications, which makes it awesome. These specifications are the reason why it is so popular among people. Now let’s see what this ASUS C300MA-DH02 review shows about its specifications.

●      More Colour Options:

ASUS is giving you the chance to match your Chromebook with your personality. Thus it is giving you four color options to choose from. It comes in red, light blue, yellow & black. Pick your favorite colour, show your style & make yourself exceptional.

●      More App Collections:

With this device, you get access to the Chromebook app store, where you will get plenty of apps to aid you always. You can even enjoy the Google apps while you are offline.

●      Cloud Storage All for Free:

All the Chromebook users get a facility from Google & that is 100 GB of free Google Drive space. You can get access to your files in Google Drive at any time, any moment. You can also enjoy all the Google services almost the same way. Just enter your login info & get free access to the cloud for always.

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Customers Review :

This Chromebook is an outstanding product; therefore, most of the customers have liked it and rated it 3.5 out of 5.


This super device comes in at a very reasonable price of just $ 199, which is affordable for most people.


  • The device has a 13.3-inch display with 1366 x 768 resolution.
  • It runs on Chrome OS.
  • It comes with a 2.16 GHz Celeron processor.
  • It has 4 GB DDR3 RAM.
  • Its memory speed is 2.16 GHz.
  • Its hard drive is a 16 GB SSD.
  • Intel Integrated Graphics coprocessor has been used in it.


  • It has 10 hours long battery life.
  • Extra-wide touchpad for easy control & navigation.
  • Comes in four colors red, yellow, black & light blue.
  • Super thin & lightweight.
  • The screen is quite crisp & clear.
  • Fast response.


  • You may get to use very limited apps on this device.
  • It sometimes freezes up.


  • Is there any difference between Windows & Chrome?

Ans: Yes, of course. The main difference between these two is Chrome operating system is online-based; it is not on a computer, where Windows is on a computer, not online-based. To work on Chrome, you will need a net connection, but you won’t need that in windows. As Chrome believes maximum people use computers to use online. So it should be online based. Otherwise, there is one more difference that is Chrome is a part of Linux. That’s why it is safe & works a little faster than Windows.

  • Does this device have any internal fan while it gets hot?

Ans: The Chromebook is similar to the cell phone. So it doesn’t need any fans. Moreover, it doesn’t get too hot either. It’s pretty cool & noise-free.

  • Is it good to carry for school??

Ans: This device is great for schooling. The Chromebook is too light to carry; thus, you can easily take it in the backpack without giving stress to your back & shoulder.

  • Can I play games like Mortal Kombat X here?

Ans: No, this Chromebook is not for gaming. Mortal Kombat X is a Window PC game that won’t run here. This device is just for online use, not for gaming. So you won’t be able to play games here.

  • How is the speed of the Chromebook?

Ans: This device runs on Chrome operating system, which is online-based. It’s not for processing large amounts of data like video editing nor to run high-end programmes like MS excel or word. It is just for surfing the net, where it is pretty good. From that part, it is really fast.

  • To extend the storage capacity, can I insert an SD card?

Ans: Yes, you can. You can insert an SD card on the model unit to extend the storage capacity. Even you can use a USB external hard drive or USB flash drive. All are the same.

Wrap Up:

ASUS C300MA-DH02 is a fantastic device that can be the best choice for kids, adults, or anyone. Its robust build-up makes it perfect for your day-to-day rough use. You can use it for everyday school work or office jobs or can even use it for watching movies, listening to music.

It is quick enough to give you a good service. A perfect device that does its own work perfectly. You won’t get anything great like this at such a price for sure. I hope this ASUS C300MA-DH02 review has cleared all your confusion. So now bring your one & enjoy the Chromebook forever.

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