The AMD has different series and the availability of the FX and Ryzen provided more options. In an affordable range, the FX has provided the users with abilities to overclock their CPU. If you are looking for the best gaming processor, you have come to the right place. We will be explaining the top feature of AMD FX 8350 vs Ryzen 5 2600.

The constant need to only depend on expensive processors to overclock has been dismissed. Cooling is required intensely after all the overclocking also contributes to more heating. The Ryzen series did bring with them a strong set of units good enough for powerful activities. Ryzen bode well competing with the Intel competitor too.

Comparing a different set of models will help determine the speed and comfort. This also helps you view the features as opposed to ones in the same price range.

AMD FX 8350

The FX series is quite affordable compared to the Ryzen. However, the Ryzen 5 2600 has a similar price range to the 8350. Therefore, here we can contest on which unit you should purchase.

The 8350 is a good budget purchase with cohesive work and capability. You can purchase an external video card that might be in the mid-level, and pair it well. The clock speed of this processor is good for its price. Adding few more tweaks can turn out to be higher priced than the original product. Although, it tends to be a need for most users desiring more work out of the unit. Besides the external assembling of the expensive parts, AMD FX 8350 is a decent-priced product.

Here are the specifications for the FX 8350:

  • This AMD processor is an 8 Core processor. This is a decent processor within the budget area.
  • The processor has AM3+ Socket.
  • The Clockspeed is at 4.0 GHz and the Turbo Speed goes to 4.2 GHz.
  • The typical TDP is 125 W.

Usage of the 8350

  • When considering a purchase of this series, you have to get a compatible motherboard. This will also range from expensive to less. The AM3+ AMD 990FX is a good example of a motherboard compatible with the unit. If the user wants to spend less, then a good option would be a 970 FX AM3+ motherboard. It completely associates with what you want the PC for.
  • If the user is planning to find a compatible RAM, they can get DDR3 RAM. This will be suitable for the unit. This is also quite dependent on the user’s preference. If the user wants a gaming-compatible PC, purchase a gaming RAM. This will cause an added expense to your overall cost.
  • You have to include a good cooler to tackle the heating issues of AMD FX 8350. Depending on the budget you can opt for the cooler. Examples are corsair h80i and h100. Nevertheless, you can decide and have a look into it while assembling the unit.
  • This processor will require a purchase of a Graphics card if you feel that you need it. A game will run decently with a Graphic card installed. Older games can run smoothly with graphics installed. The overclocking helps in gaming, despite the unit not being a gaming processor. With graphics at a mid-low level for newer games in the market, you can expect a good play. The older games can be expected to have a decent run with higher settings. Keep in mind that this feature in AMD FX 83500 will be completely dependent on your expenses spent.

Drawbacks of the FX

The drawbacks will eventually come down to a budget issue a consumer’s faces. The installing of a Graphics Card will also be a strain on your budget. The FX 8350 can overall give good consumer satisfaction if used for everyday activities. If you are willing to add more to the setup, the liberty to do so is a plus point.

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Ryzen 5 2600

Moving on to the 2nd Generation Ryzen product, it is somewhat similar in price to the FX. There are slight changes here and there.

  • The processor has 6 cores.
  • It comes with 12 Threads.
  • The Base Clock for the processor is 3.4 GHz. The Max Boost Clock can go to 3.9 GHz.
  • The processor has a 19 MB cache.
  • The TDP for the 5 2600, is 65W.
  • The system memory specification is at 2933 MHz. There are 2 Memory channels and the type is DDR4.
  • The socket for the processor is AM4, which is because of a different architecture from the FX 8350.
  • The motherboards that will be compatible with the Ryzen 5 2600 are AMD 300, 400 chipsets based.
  • The processor has Heatsink Fan that is Wraith Stealth.
  • There is no built-in Graphics card in this processor much like the AMD FX 8350.

Usage of the Ryzen 5

You can understand that the TDP is different for both. Also, because of their different architecture, the socket is different. Now, in terms of usage Ryzen within the same amount of budget provides similar daily task ability. The processor does require a GPU if you are considering gaming activity on the PC. This 2nd generation processor will provide the user with the ability to edit videos too. However, installing a Graphics Card is necessary. The Ryzen 5 2600 can hold some strength to it. The Wraith Stealth fan helps with the toning down of heating issues. You can get a decent amount of work done with the help of this processor. Now, the FX does provide a good clock speed, but this Ryzen processor is nowhere behind. The Zen architecture has provided the Ryzen with a good core speed, enough to compete with competitors. The competitors aside from AMD also have a higher pricing approach. This is a fair mid-level processor for you.

The Ryzen has a better-reputed mark in the gaming scene as compared to FX 8350. It will be more ideal to opt for Ryzen 5 2600, for lesser-budget gaming. The frames per second rate, in gaming, had no double-digit difference when compared to the likes of i5. The similar marks in comparison to different manufacturers also show its capability.

The downside of the processor

Like every other competitor, less expensive processors also drag a user to purchase more. Besides the requirement for a Graphics card, overclocking is possible. Overclocking might be a positive insight, and proceeded to have slightly increased performance. Stability is of concern when overclocking, hence not exceeding limits is a smart move. The Wraith Stealth Cooler is a lot more helpful than it seems when overclocking.

 Which should you buy?

At the end of every product browsing, you will consider the price. What is more comfortable and feasible for the moment? If an immediate requirement is a must, you are bound to spend what you can. Keeping that factor in mind, if you are flexible in spending more, you can easily decide a buy.

AMD FX 8350 is a good immediate purchase when you are in dire need of a PC. Expect all your work to get done and at a less price. If you, as a user wants more, and desire to look into gaming you can do so. The advice is to spend a little bit more.

The Ryzen 5 2600 is a good bargain and powerful enough to run most games. Similar to FX, you do require spending a little extra for a better overall outcome. You can also play popular games like Fortnite, League of Legends, PUBG. And GTA V etc. This is enough to draw out most consumers to spend more and play.

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