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Honda 125 Price in Pakistan & Review, Colors, Features

Honda 125 Price in Pakistan & Review, Colors, Features – Honda is one of the most popular bikes in Pakistan, which is most preferred by most of the consumers in Pakistan. 

In this article, we have talked about the latest version of Honda Honda CG 125. It is one of the best models of Honda bikes

Honda CG 125 is equipped with Euro 2 engine technology which can generate 11 horsepower. 

The Euro 2 engine technology is also used in Suzuki 110 which have mentioned earlier!

The CG 125 gets a 12V battery with a direct injection fuel consumption system that generates power headlights and kick start process. 

The Honda CG 125 Special Edition is equipped with a tachometer and a fuel gauge display, which helps to see the remaining fuel. Honda CG 125 comes with a revised sticker design which looks highly attractive.

Honda CG 125 2021 

Honda is one of the most popular bikes in Pakistan, and most bike lovers love the Honda bike in Pakistan. The main reason why most people like it is that it gives excellent performance along with a better riding experience. 

And the Honda CG 125, the best variant of Honda, is making a splash in the Pakistani market. Honda bikes. The latest model of Honda CG 125 is a perfect bike with Euro 2 engine technology that produces 11 horsepower. 

Along with all this, it comes with an attractive look and design, which is very impressive for the riders. It has a direct injection fuel consumption system. Also, it ensures a smooth riding experience along with great performance. 

Honda CG 125 comes with a stylish seat that provides better comfort for the riders and helps in improving the riding experience. It is also equipped with improved shockers that reduce vibrations while driving on the roughest roads.

Honda CG 125 also offers a maximum mileage of around 30 to 35 KM/L, which is sufficient. The CG 125 2021 is now available for purchase in the market. 

If you’re excited to know the details of the latest model, we’ve got you covered. Let us have a look at all the crucial details before buying the CG 125 2021.

Battery Details CG 125

Honda’s latest variant, the Honda CG 125 comes with an upgraded battery, which provides better performance for a better experience. This bike has a 12-volt battery instead of the previous model, which has a 6-volt battery. 

You know the upgraded battery delivers enhanced performance, so the Honda CG 125 battery generates more power for headlights, indicator lights, and kick starts with ease.

Honda CG 125 Special Achievement 

As you can know about the latest variant of Honda launched in the last year 2020, if you do not know, then let me tell you, Honda launched its modern variant in 2020, which is Honda CG125 equipped with a tachometer and fuel gauge display. 

And in this year 2021, it is one of the best bikes in Pakistan and is making a splash in the Pakistani market. The fuel gauge display helps you to see the amount of fuel remaining in your bike. 

Along with this, when we talk about the engine. It comes with a powerful and smokeless engine, which is one of the best features of this bike and is also highly suited for a clean environment. Apart from this, the special edition of Honda CG 125 comes with 5 gears. Overall, It is a perfect bike at a budget price with numerous great features. 

Honda CG 125 Key Features   

Now it’s time to know about its key features, which are mentioned below. Here we have listed all the features included in Honda CG 125 Euro 2.

  • Honda CG 125 is powered by a robust 4-stroke smokeless 124 cc engine
  • There’s also a comfortable seat structured at 771mm with a rear grip
  • It has a capacity of 9.2 liters of petrol with a single refill so that you can cover a distance of about 500 km.
  • It also gets a black colored silencer, chrome-plated guard, and Graphical Petrol Tank
  • All in all, it comes with an elegant front light, a new shape for the backlight, and a new tachometer with a fuel gauge.

Honda CG 125 Pros and Cons 


  • Smokeless and refined engine
  • Excellent built quality with graphics and a high-quality metallic finish.
  • Fuel-efficient bike with mileage of 30 to 35 KM/L.
  • Tachometer with fuel gauge.


  • Kick Starting Process
  • Only in Two Colors



Honda 125 Price in Pakistan


Honda launched its latest variant Honda CG 125, which is one of the best bikes ever. Now it’s time to think about its price. If you want to buy this bike for a better riding experience with a premium feel. 

The Honda CG 125 2021 Price in Pakistan is close to PKR 144,900. 


FAQs About Honda CG 125

Which 125cc bike is best in Pakistan?

Here we have mentioned the top 5 125cc bikes in Pakistan.

  • Yamaha YB125Z (PKR-139’000/-)
  • Yamaha YBR125G (PKR 163’500/-)
  • Honda CB125F (PKR 174’500/-)
  • Honda CG125 (PKR 144,900)

What is the petrol average of Honda 125?

The Honda CG 125 has a fuel tank volume of 9.2 liters, with a direct injection fuel system. It requires petrol to run and gives mileage of 30 KM/L in City and 35 KM/L on Highway.

When did the Honda 125 2021 come out?

As per the rumors going on in the market, the CG 125 2021 model is expected to arrive in October 2020.

Wrap Up

The Honda CG 125 is the latest version of the Honda bike that comes in an attractive look. It also provides better mileage of around 30 to 35 KM/L. 

It also has a beautiful front light and a new shape for the backlight. Also, has a tachometer with a fuel gauge, which helps in tracking the remaining fuel in the bike. 

Honda CG 125 comes with Euro 2 technology engine, which delivers great mileage on the road while maintaining a good balance and road grip.

If you found this article helpful and liked this article, then don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below. And don’t forget to share it to support your friends and relatives too.

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