Toshiba is a name for itself in the market of laptops for its long functional life at a very reasonable rate. This laptop commonly manages an ideal balance between specs and price. It arrives with a classic yet outstanding Toshiba design and you might get here disappointed if you are looking for some new change. Toshiba c55-c5379 works very well and the keyboard of this laptop is a full-size keyboard that comes with a dedicated number pad. We are here the lots of interesting things of this Toshiba c55-c5379 and it comes with 8GB of RAM, Core i3 CPU at a cost-effective rate.

The standard trackpad is something interesting and it has around 5 pounds of weight and comes with the dimension of 14.96 x 10.20 x 0.89” that is really comfortable. The weight is quite light if you compare it with another laptop in the same size category. Well, not essentially smaller, but yes it is very much portable to carry along with you while traveling.

Toshiba Satellite c55-c5379 Drivers

The powerful and strong processor can deal with everyday usage such as browsing the web while playing games and working on the office/school project and other similar stuff. You also can edit photos and videos with this laptop. It has 8GB DDR3L and 1600MHz RAM is a very good memory amount. This is as similar as the sweet spot while Toshiba satellite c55-b drivers have RAM in a mid-range laptop just like this one. Being a low voltage memory, there is less power consumption and it will operate fast. Undoubtedly, you can do various tasks on this laptop to the content of your heart.

Toshiba Satellite C55 Screen

This laptop comes with a serial AT drive that has 500 GB of capacity and this is the best storage option that should be enough if you use the laptop for general purposes. If you have already a lot of data and then, you can get a reasonable external hard drive to meet your requirements. The hard drive has Windows 10 and this is the latest and best in the Microsoft Soft ecosystem. It also has some outstanding features that will enhance the experience of the users.

Battery Life and Storage

When the question is about the storage then, there is a bit less on this Toshiba c55-c5379. Basically, people are looking at the 500 GB hard drive which works at 5400 pm. It is quite standard within the price point although the 1 TB hard drives are more appreciated nowadays by seeing tough and time taken works.

There is a fact that when it comes to battery life then, there is no such information available beyond the truth that this laptop has a 4 cell battery. If compare with other similar models in battery life and specs then, it can be easily said that this Toshiba c55-c5379 can provide the backup of 4 to 5 hours without any adapter in the sight.

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Strong CPU, More RAM, and Many More

People usually considered RAM while buying any laptop because the performance and smooth task depend on the RAM. This new Toshiba c55-c5379 notebook has a very aesthetic 8 GB DDR3L module that works at 1600MHz. You cannot use the expandable but 8 GB will be more than enough for various users whether they need it for home or professional purposes.

For the new interesting idea, 8GB of RAM will make you capable to open different tabs to do dozens of work and at the same time, you can run various programs in the background without any slow speed issue. Usually, devices become slow in such cases when there is low RAM.

When it comes to graphics then, this Toshiba c55-c5379 laptop has Intel HD Graphics 5500 and it is quite a good graphics card to edit images, watch movies, and do some video editing without any error.

Well, this is quite noticeable that this graphics card is far from ideal for gamers and graphic designers who should stay clear of any laptop Toshiba c55-c5379 that lacks a dedicated graphics card in case if you want to achieve the best customer experience.

This is quite considerable that this is a pretty solid set of specs which has the Toshiba c55-c5379 as the best workstation and good domestic laptop̣. If you are looking for a laptop for surfing the web, watching movies, Skype with friends, editing documents and many more and then, you will be disappointed by Toshiba’s new launch.

Standard Display on the Typical Design

Well, Toshiba will not be going to win any award for the design for this design. The Toshiba c55-c5379 is an attractive design that doesn’t feel as “reasonable” as other alternatives within the same price range because of the brushed metal design that provides it a more “sleek appearance”.

The advanced released model of the display comes with a standard 15.6” TFT LED panel with a 1366 x 768-pixel resolution. The display has the TruBrite technology that enhances visibility when you are using your laptop while traveling.

When we talk about the fully-fledged keyboard and weight then, it stacks up at 5 pounds of weight and the average thickness of 0.9” will make it look stylish. All in all, the Toshiba c55-c5379 is within the standards with the expectation of such type of laptop at this price.

Toshiba c55-c5379 Drivers Windows 10/64 bit

The Toshiba c55-c5379 laptop might not be the best laptop to choose from when it comes to playing serious games. This laptop only has an integrated graphic card. This Intel HD GPU is quite good but it is not as appropriate as the dedicated ones. You can run games such as League of Legends, World of Warcraft, and other online-based games. But when the Toshiba c55-c5379 drivers Windows 7 64 bit comes to games such as GTA V and Fallout 4, you can lessen the setting to a complete low.

Wrap up

With the above-given information and according to the Toshiba c55-c5379 review, this laptop is fantastic when it comes to watching movies, editing photos, and doing your typing work. But this is not a laptop that has top-level features but the 8GB of RAM and the 5th GEN Core i3 CPU are deeply appreciable.

If it is the performance which you are looking for and you don’t want to spend hundred dollars for a more expensive PC where you may not notice the difference then, this Toshiba c55-c5379 laptop is actually what you need.

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