Lenovo Z70 80FG0037US Laptop Review The beast – Have you ever purchased a Lenovo product? If not, you can take a new lane to try out the laptop. 

Much like the notebook available in the market, this model is capable of standard tasks. This is a Lenovo laptop that is in the higher range. The overall product body is also on the larger side. You can check the specifications to get a better idea. Usually, the standard laptop features are an asset but this model has more specifications to cater to more needs. Now, you can know the features as well as the outcome if you consider the product.   

Product Specifications of Lenovo Z70 80FG0037US Laptop

Specification of the device is always mandated information for the consumers. This is because you are basing the purchase on this. The overall usage will be dependent on the functionality and the capacity. 

The Internal Features of Lenovo 80FG0037US

  • The processor for the laptop is Intel Core. It is a Dual Core processor with i7- 5500U. 
  • The clock speed is at 2.4 GHz.
  • The operating system the laptop comes with is Windows 8.1 with 64 Bit computing system. 
  • The laptop comes with a graphics processor, the NVIDIA GeForce GT 840M. 
  • Bluetooth connectivity is available with Bluetooth 4.0. 
  • A wireless protocol is there for internet connection. It has an 802.11ac Wi-Fi feature.   

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The Physical Aspects

  • The display for the laptop is 17.3 inches. It has full HD resolution quality. The resolution is 1920 x 1080.
  • The RAM comes with 16 GB RAM. It is a DDR3 RAM with a 1600 MHZ frequency.
  • The storage capacity of the Hard Drive is 1 TB, HDD. The Cache detail is 8 GB SSHD. 
  • The laptop also has a DVD burner feature, a SuperMulti type. 
  • The laptop has a webcam available for video purposes. 
  • There is also a built-in microphone and speakers on the laptop. 
  • There are ports incorporated in the laptop for external connections.
  1. There is 1 USB 3.1 port.
  2. There is 2 USB 2.0 port. 
  3. There is 1 HDMI port.
  4. 1 VGA port.
  5. 1 Display port. 
  • The laptop weighs about 8.2 pounds. 
  • The dimensions are 22.52 inches, 2.68 inches, 13.23 inches (L x W x H).

Utilisation of 80FG0037US 

When it comes to using a laptop, many attributes control the outcome. You could be a user who does not need an appealing feature. However, there are consumers that the manufacturer targets to grab their appeal.

Sleek and thin features are often preferred over the bulkier ones. These are actually because of the convenience character the laptop holds.

What is this model catering to?

  1. First of all, this Lenovo laptop has a 1 TB storage capacity. This ample amount of storage is enough for more than mandated work data. This means that you have extra room for collecting whatever you desire. You can have entertainment at your fingertips. In case of internet issues, you can opt to watch movies and series which you have stored. 
  2. Besides space the 5400 RPM is good enough for multitasking and more work requirements. 
  3. The RAM provided for the 80FG0037US laptop is 16 GB. This DDR3 process of 16 GB is powered enough to help run apps smoothly. A standard notebook with 4 GB RAM is powered enough to complete daily tasks. You can do word processing, browse the internet, make presentations, and do all the basic work one expects. Hence, a good amount of 16 GB RAM is more capable for intensive tasks. 
  4. The i7 processor is quite advanced compared to former processors in the notebook range. However, the product has a higher-priced approach so it is expected. You can pretty much utilize similar content in both the lower and higher range.
  5. The laptop has Windows 8.1 operating system which is familiar to most. There are no hindrances to understanding the interface. Users can adapt to the system without putting in much effort.
  6. Moving on to the weight of the product, it is 8.2 pounds and on the heavier side. Although users tend to prefer lighter products for physical benefits, you can consider a larger product. Here’s why the bulkier weight of the product usually is to accommodate the hardware aspects. This in turn gives you a much more efficient laptop. 
  7. The dimensions are wider and since the screen is also a 17-inch display, it is a larger build. You can immediately categorize the type of laptop that you need by separating the size content. For those willing to try the large 17-inch display, it will provide a larger entertainment experience.  
  8. The other assets that one can use in this laptop are the connectivity feature manufactured into it. It has an 802.11ac wireless type for the connection. After all, what is a laptop if it does not allow the users to use the internet? This is not a machine made for only typing. 
  9. Speaking of typing, the hardware section has a keyboard and touchpad for the pointing device. This is a pretty standard feature and there is not much one needs to comprehend. 
  10. The laptop comes with a webcam for multipurpose usage. It has 1 MP quality and can be used for video calling using the internet connection. For entertainment purposes, users can also click pictures but the quality will not be the best. 
  11. There are ports available for USB. External connection to the webcam is also possible if you decide to purchase a better camera. The port can support the external connection type.
  12. The laptop also comes with NVIDIA GeForce 840M graphics processor. This is one of the appealing reasons besides the RAM that can make users opt for the laptop. This is actually because it provides a specific need. 
  13. Gaming and Video Editing features are doable because of the laptop composition. The graphics and RAM are powered enough for you to work on them. Lagging and low-quality issues are often prevalent in notebooks. Since you are paying more you can consider this a valid usage of it.
  14. The battery usage capacity is 4 hours. But this will solely depend on your usage. The heavier task will drain the battery faster. It is advisable to stick to a charging area to have full laptop usage without worries.
  15. Overall, the utilization of the Lenovo 80FG0037USa product is not complex. The qualities provided are all beneficial if used the right way much like any standard laptop.   

Pros of Lenovo Z70 80FG0037US Laptop

The laptop comes with many promising elements the user can navigate around. 

  • The widescreen display is Full HD enabled. Your viewing experience on the laptop is enhanced. The 17-inch display also adds to this list. 
  • The graphics card NVIDIA GeForce integrated with the laptop helps provide a visual advantage. 
  • The 16 GB RAM is a powered gear that helps run the device smoothly. To add to this, the i7 processor is capable enough to provide strength. The users can hence, avail more difficult tasks. 
  • Another benefit that the laptop provides is gaming ability. The graphics processor and the RAM can provide enough capacity to enjoy a game session. 
  • Are you an artist? Well, here is an advantage for you. The graphical and design work can be completed with the required apps in Lenovo 80FG0037US. The laptop can take the tasks for art and design.
  • Video editing is also a complex and power-required task. This Lenovo laptop will allow you to have a good editing experience. 
  • It is always an attractive feature when the laptop gives you more than what you expect.
  • Another beneficial work you can do is the regular laptop duty. The typing, the internet browsing, and the data work. All these simplified works required for offices and colleges are easily doable. This Lenovo model is what you can consider an above standard usage.        

Cons of Lenovo Z70 80FG0037US Laptop

As much resourceful as the product sounds, there are drawbacks to the 80FG0037US model. Even if not many, the reasons might be a hassle enough for a user to not purchase the device. It is also quite dependent on consumer preference. 

  • Firstly, like many other product conditions, the battery is an issue. The battery hours provided might not suffice the needs. The laptop can operate on a larger scale and therefore you can expect it to require more power. To dismantle this issue, the user can depend on the AC Adapter and a charging spot. You cannot use it for long hours on a plane and in areas where there is no charging option. 
  • The weight and size of the Lenovo 80FG0037US can be an issue. The laptop display is a 17-inch screen. Hence, the overall body is also larger. The wide body is not convenient enough to carry everywhere. It will also be difficult for the user to fit it into a regular bag. The laptop bag usage is therefore a mandatory deed. 
  • The weight of the laptop is 8 pounds, which is quite heavy. It is not impossible to carry it around since it is a portable device. But the catch here is the difficulty that you might face. If you travel back and forth daily from work and college, carrying this is not suitable. An 8-pound weight on the bag daily is going to tire any user. 
  • A factor that will determine the Lenovo 80FG0037US purchase is the price and budget of the user. The product price is on the higher end. It might not be accessible to all.  

Should You Consider the Laptop?

The pros and cons have clarified quite a bit when it comes to a purchase. The features are plenty and easy to understand. This laptop is not pocket-friendly and this might throw off the consumers. This is a priority to check before the investment. 

Since you are paying more, the quality of the Lenovo Z70 80FG0037US Laptop does live up to it. Therefore, if you are willing to spend extra bucks for the above-average product, you can buy this Lenovo 80FG0037US.    

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