How Many Developers Work in Google – This question is asked plenty of times in online communities about how many developers work in Google?

It has not been officially announced how many developers work at Google, but the estimated numbers come from various sources, with more than 60,506 people making software and 38,593 people probably doing R&D.

Google LLC is considered one of the world’s five largest tech companies. It is an American multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products, focusing on a search engine, digital advertising, cloud computing, software, and more.

When was Google founded?

Google was founded on 4 September 1998 and the founders of Google were Larry Page and Sergey Brin, in Menlo Park California, United state.

At that time they were Ph.D. students at Stanford University in California. Together they own about 14% of its shares and control 56% of the stockholder voting power through super-voting stock. Sundar Pichai was appointed CEO of Google, replacing Larry Page, who became the CEO of Alphabet in 2021,

How many Developers work in Google

According to a Technical report in 2013, Samsung has a total of 275,000 electronics employees, when you limit it to just software engineers, five times the size of Google, Samsung has a total of 40,506 people who make software.

And Google has 18,593 in R&D, which is likely to be most of them making software. Ars Technica writes that Samsung also has twice the size of the engineering headcount, but Samsung is still not able to produce anything in the software world, something big, whereas Google produces many effects in the software world.

Samsung is cranking it out, the hardware side. In 2014 alone, Google released 46 smartphones and 27 tablets as well.

How is the work culture in Google

Google’s work culture is very flexible, as it encourages its employees to work to their liking, and at the same time, Google offers many fun things to keep employees entertained, such as nap pods, ping pong, and video games, etc.

Even Google offers its employees a coach that encourages them to use the “Googler to Googler” program. Another point here is that employees encourage each other because they understand that cooperation is very important for them. The program includes core business skills such as public speaking, management, and orientation as well as extra-curricular activities such as kickboxing.

Here employee’s first step is to build a sense of community to create a more positive company culture. The many micro-kitchens scattered around the Google campus are one way the company helps bring people together. Break-out locations give people a place to have lunch.

Conversations in the breakout zone are generally about work, products, users, and new ideas according to Bock. Google also rewards creativity and encourages employees to actively innovate.

Employees are encouraged to ‘shoot for the moon and be rewarded for their failures at Google X Lab. Here Failure is seen as a learning tool and is essential for employees to move towards bigger and better things.

Google Developers Salary

The salary of Google Developers is based on their experience and level. You will earn more according to your experience, if you have a better experience then you will earn better than others. But, if you have made a fresh start in this job, you will earn an average total compensation which will naturally tilt towards the lower end of the scale.

In terms of salary, Google is one of the top identified technology firms, offering employees a high-quality lifestyle with experienced salaries. When you are at a higher level, there is no doubt that your salary will be equal to that of a top-level employee whom Google favorably compensates.

Benefits of Working at Google

Endless benefits are working at Google. Do you know? Google offers employees many benefits in addition to salary. Google not only offers salary packages but also offers other benefits to encourage employees. As a Google software engineer, you will be entitled to many types of benefits.

Google offers many benefits throughout the year. Such as Google providing international trips to employees and their families throughout the year. It also provides on-site thieves or table massages to its employees.

Not only this, whenever you are the father of a child, the company provides you with $ 500, so that you can take care of your household cleaning, diaper bills, and other related expenses.

These are the three main benefits offered to Google employees:

  • Insurance and Health Benefits
  • Transport advantage
  • Home, Financial and Other Benefits


How many people work for Google?

It has been declared that at the beginning of 2021, Google’s parent company Alphabet employed 1,39,995 full-time employees in the company. The number was 1,35,301 in 2020 and it’s increasing as the company is growing and developing new software products.

It has not officially declared or the latest data in detail about how many people work in Google, but it has a strong and intelligent mind in Google.

Does Google Hire software developers only?

No, Google hires people from different industries and different skills. They have advertisers, managers, HR people, salespeople, watchmen, etc.

However, I’m pretty sure you really wanted to ask if Google only hired graduate engineers in technical positions. That is not the answer either. While this is less likely to happen, Google hires non “engineers” as well.

Which country has the most software developers?

Germany has the largest number of software developers around 901K. After that, the UK and France come at number three. Also, it cannot be ignored that India produces the best programmers.

Slovakia, Mexico, Poland, Hungary, and Ukraine are the top 5 countries with the best developers according to the SkillValue report.


The most visited website worldwide is And some are also in this list of the most popular websites including YouTube, Google Ads, Google Maps, and Blogger.

This article was focused on answering how many developers work in Google and we hope you get the idea in detail.

Google is the most likable and trusted platform, they solely focused on solving customers’ existing burning problems, and to do this quickly and adequately they need developers who can platform the exact task Google want.

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