How to Browse the Internet Anonymously – In this article, we have explained how to browse the internet anonymously. We have mentioned here the 7 best ways to browse the web anonymously. These are effective ways to do it easily. If you are really excited to know about it in detail, then please read this article carefully till the end. Let’s start.

7 Best Ways to Browse the internet Anonymously

Here we have mentioned the 7 best ways to browse the web Anonymously. If you want to know about these in detail read this article carefully till the end.

Use Tor Browser

The Onion Router, better known as Tor (which is not an acronym; the initial-caps spelling is a shibboleth to identify outsiders) optimized for low-latency web browsing using only TCP is. (Not UDP, sorry torrenters). And many won’t work when accessing large websites, as they block access through Tor.

Tor, also known as Onion Router, is optimized for low latency web browsing. Tor is an online browser, originally used to protect data and identity while accessing the dark web. It is specifically designed to prevent people from knowing your identity and location. It also lets you install and access the dark web. It gives you private communication.

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Use I2P

I2P is an anonymous browser that lets you browse anonymously so that no one knows what you’re doing. It helps prevent people from knowing your online activities with identity. I2P is also a decentralized network. Just as the operation of the Tor browser is compared to Onion, the I2P browser is compared to Garlic.

The full name of the Invisible Internet Project is I2P. You can use I2P to send a lot of messages at once, passing through different nodes. You can also get questions and answers through secret routes, which is why most people prefer I2P. Let me tell you one more thing about I2P, this traffic is more complicated to research than Tor.

Use Freenet

Freenet is also a popular and oldest network browser, having been established in the 2000s. It is designed like a P2P network. It also works like other internet browsers like Tor and I2P. In addition, it helps protect your data and identity while using the dark web. The major function of Freenet is to store protected documents that can be accessed only when you want if you comprehend the relevant keys

Freenet Browser is for both users who post notifications or those who download it. Freenet comes with strong privacy with anonymity controls that let users browse safely and securely. You can also publish files anonymously.

Don’t Use Any VPN Service

We know that VPNs are not anonymous, so it doesn’t make sense to use a VPN in this case. There is nothing to use if you use a VPN for anonymity. Since everyone expects a VPN to be on their list of anonymity tools, we are going to eliminate this idea instead.

A VPN relies only on servers from your ISP or, if you’re traveling, from your local coffee shop or hotel, or airport WiFi network. There are many legitimate security reasons why using a VPN is a good idea, but anonymity is not on that list.

VPN helps to shift your traffic from your ISP itself. But if you use it like any other browser then it will not help you like that. It cannot prevent people from identifying your locations and your online activities.

Use an ad blocker

Now advertising has become common on the Internet. Ads are one of the best ways to know your identity or even your location easily. Google and Facebook are the most commonly used platforms for advertising. They track you across the web and in meatspace, even if you don’t have any of these accounts, and even if you’re not logged in.

But if you download the ad block that will prevent these and save your data and identity. One more thing if you download the ad blocker is not a fixed cure, but something is better than nothing. The Brave Browser helps to prevent the ads and trackers from default and save your data.

Use zero-knowledge services

Did you know that Google can read all the emails you send or receive? In the same way, Dropbox can play or test all of your uploads. So that there are so many servers and browsers that can read or check all your activities.

So, the important point here is that, if Google can see your activity, others can see it too. Since there is no privacy service here, anyone can see your online activities. But don’t worry about it, we have a solution for this too.

You can use a zero-knowledge service to do this, which will protect you from these. The zero-knowledge email claims that it is mathematically impossible for them to hand over your email to a third party.



How can I browse anonymously for free?

If you want to install or download a free internet browser that will help you to browse anonymously for free, then here you are in the right place. Here we have mentioned a list of browsers that will help you in protecting your identity and locations.

  1. Hidester Proxy.
  3. Hide. me
  4. Kproxy
  5. HideMyAss Free Proxy.
  6. VPNBook
  8. Megaproxy Anonymous proxy.

How to Browse Privately in any Browser and on any Device

You can easily browse privately in any browser and on any device. Below are a few steps to do so.

First go to Google Chrome, press Ctrl+Shift+N to open the “Incognito Window”. If you use a Safari browser then you can easily open the browser and click on private browsing on the right corner as three vertical lines. Same steps found for Mozilla in Mozilla Firefox and click on Private Browsing.


Finally, I hope you liked this article about how to browse the internet anonymously. We have also mentioned some tolls and browsers that will help you browse safely. With the help of these browsers, you can easily browse anything without worrying about stealing your data and location.

It will also hide your identity and data. If you really liked this article then please share it with your friends. And if you have any queries related to this article then do let me know in the comment section below.

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