Chaining VPN servers – The chaining concept comes when you want to think about using multiple VPNs. However, people wonder if it’s okay to use multiple VPNs at once?

It is possible to use multiple VPN servers at once. In addition, it will provide you with an extra high level of security. It’s not necessary that it will double the encryption level, but yes, it will be very close to that.

Chaining VPNs is simple yet challenging if you’re doing it for the first time. First, you connect to the VPN and then you chain to the second VPN after connecting first, and bunch of like that. After that, you share the same IP and chaining goes similar like that.

I’ve covered chaining VPN servers in detail below in this article, just scroll down to read it carefully and use it successfully.

What is Chaining VPN Server

VPN chaining is a technique to improve online security and privacy while online. Chaining technology present in Virtual Private (VPN). It means that you are connecting not to one VPN but to multiple people in a layered system that looks like your PC > First VPN > Second VPN > Internet.

You cannot trust any VPN service provider. Since most VPN providers claim that they do not keep your logs. However, you cannot trust all VPN providers, as some VPN providers are fraudsters who claim that it does not store your logs, but behind the scenes, it does keep our logs. That’s why sometimes we get into some trouble. Because there is no way to prove it.

It enhances your privacy by connecting to multiple VPN servers that are operated by different companies. The advantage of using VPN chaining is that users are becoming increasingly difficult to track.

How does VPN work?

The major function of a VPN is to hide your real IP address from hackers and cyber attacks. It will hide your real IP address and them for great security while using the internet.

If you use two or more VPNs, it will be more difficult for ISP providers to trace your location and identity. When you connect your device to VPN 1, it gives your IP1.

But when your device is connected to VPN 2 it gives you IP 2. Then IP1 is routed through IP2, and IP1 is changed to IP2, so the level of anonymity is increased.

There is no limit to the VPN connection, even if you can connect through hundreds of VPN in one go. For that, you should have that much capability.

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How to chain VPN servers

You can easily chain VPN servers with the help of virtual machines so that you can access other operating systems inside one. So, you can connect to a VPN service using your main OS, and then connect to another VPN from within the virtual machine.

Then all connections under the virtual machine will be run through both VPNs. So, a 2 server chain using a virtual machine would work something like

PC to  VPN 1 to  Virtual Machine to VPN 2 to  Internet

After pursuing a VPN, you will be protected by 2 completely different VPN services. This makes it twice as difficult for any hacker and adversary to identify you and your location. You can apply this only if you use privacy-friendly no-log providers.

Also, you can easily and freely connect to any server you want. You can also chain multiple and unlimited servers to get the desired speed and privacy.

To do this, you will need to use two VPN services instead of one. If you want two VPN services then it will be a bit expensive. So, you have to pay for each VPN.

If you get any free VPN chain, you cannot do all the things like a pro, as most of the free VPN services are not trustworthy, as it keeps your logs and data.

It will take a little bit more time to set up. So, you may suffer from it.

Advantages & Disadvantages of VPN chaining

We have mentioned some advantages and disadvantages of using a VPN connection.


  • If you connect to 2 VPNs at once, no one can identify your real IP and steal or view your data and internet activity.
  • Connecting to two VPNs gives you twice the performance and experience in security and anonymity. Your data is first routed through VPN A. The encrypted information is passed through VPN B, which re-encrypts the previously encrypted information. That results in double protection.
  • If you are connected to Double VPN then you are protected from cyber-attacks, hackers, and traffic correlation attacks.


  • If you get multiple VPN services, some are expensive, others because IP chaining and two-level encryption cost more.
  • This will slow down the speed of your device. Because it does a lot of work at once it can be slow.

Is it possible to connect to a VPN through another VPN?

Is VPN chaining secure? Yes! It is secure, even as it protects you towards a more secure VPN. When you connect a VPN to multiple VPNs your data is routed between two or more VPN servers as it travels between you and the Internet.

One thing you must think about before connecting, it gives you some security benefits, but at the same time, you will result in a major loss of speed.


How chaining VPN works, how to chain servers, what are the advantages and disadvantages of chaining VPN servers, all the possible answers are covered in this article. You can read it scrolling above.

Chaining VPN servers means high security, it is an advanced VPN security feature that routes your traffic through multiple VPN servers at the same time, and encrypts your data much more than before.

Chaining has many benefits, as we told you earlier in this article, such as it enhances security and protects your data from online activities.

It gives you the next level of IP protection. When you were connected with your first server, your IP was visible. And Now as soon as you’re connected with the second server your actual IP and other information are not visible.

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