Suzuki 110 Price in Pakistan – Latest Suzuki GD 110S 2021 Specifications and Features – Nowadays motorbikes are usually people use for their common vehicle. This very small that’s why people don’t need a large garage for motorbikes. Also, motorbikes are less expensive so that any age of adult people can afford motorbikes. In recent times lot of offices, people want to know about Suzuki 110 Price in Pakistan. That’s why I have written a bit about Suzuki 110.

Suzuki 110 2021 Overview:

Suzuki is a very reputed brand that will fulfill customer’s anticipation. The Suzuki GD 110 was also designed and made with the extra efforts of Suzuki engineers. You can get the Euro II technology fulfilling for the very best and affordable fuel price. The brand Suzuki comes with high performance and durability with Suzuki 110.

Also, you will get the stylish, elegant look of this bike.

Suzuki 110 price in Pakistan:

The price of Suzuki 110 is PKR 181,000. According to the performance of this bike, the price is very decent. Suzuki increased the price of GD 110s this year. But it’s also a fair price for this bike.

Pak Suzuki Installment Sales Plan (Available at company-owned Showrooms)

suzuki 110 chart

Suzuki 110S 2021 Fuel Average:

You will be very happy to know that the Suzuki 110s bike will give you an excellent fuel average on the road. You can ride approximately 35 Kilometers per liter of fuel. This is much better for this Suzuki GD 110s.

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Suzuki 110 2021 Features:

According to the price of Suzuki GD 110s, It has the best modern look and elegant features, which is quite good. It has a sporty look with the latest speedometer. Also, it has Alloy Rims. You can get the Head Cowl in the design.

Suzuki 110s have the Self-Start Switch, which will help you to start the bike quickly. You can get absolute comfort after sitting on the Stair-type seat of Suzuki 110s. It has the latest strong metallic fuel tank, which is more durable with its side cover. For the Suzuki 110 Price in Pakistan, it has added value to the bike. Also, it brings the color fenders, which is excellent.

What are the colors options available in Suzuki GD 110?

You can get the Suzuki 110s in 3 different colors, and those are –

  • Silver (It also looks great)
  • Black (recommended)
  • Red (People love the red color always)

Suzuki 110 2021 Specifications

suzuki 110 specifications
Suzuki GD 110S Specifications

FAQ about Suzuki 110 price in Pakistan

What’s It Famous For?

Suzuki 110 is famous for its price range and the durability which it provides. The customers loved it, and it has the very best feedback also.

Which people should buy Suzuki 110?

Any age of person can use this bike for comfort. But this is mainly focused on the office employers for their regular use. Also, students can use this for their regular outgoing. So the cost of fuel is very low for this bike because it will give you 35 KM ride in just one liter of fuel.

What are the Pros and Cons of Suzuki GD 110?

[box title=”Pros” bg_color=”#6AC870″ icon=”thumbs-up” icon_style=”border” icon_shape=”circle” align=”left” text_color=”#fff” height=”300″]

  • It will not affect the environment
  • Durable and efficient design
  • Maintaining is very easy and reliable
  • It will give you high mileage
  • Value for money in this price range


[box title=”Cons” bg_color=”#EF5350″ icon=”thumbs-down” icon_style=”border” icon_shape=”circle” align=”left” text_color=”#fff” height=”300″]

  • You will not get the disk brakes in this bike



Last Words about Suzuki 110

This bike is durable and also available in Pakistan. You can get this bike from any Suzuki dealer’s showroom in Pakistan. So I have already given you the Suzuki 110 price in Pakistan. Also shared the specifications and features, which might help you buy this bike and let you know all about Suzuki gd 110s.

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