Dell Inspiron i5555 Review – Dell has provided a series of laptops accommodating different needs. Students also hold a position in the market as buyers. Ranging from school to college every class can be expected to have more than 50% contribution. Much like the students, office goers all depend on a laptop/PC device. Based on these, the need and characteristics of the laptop are built.  

Dell Inspiron series is made to have a wider range of notebooks. Notebooks are convenient to consumers and can have multiple purposes. Assembling PC components is a luxury for the user. Therefore, notebooks can be an affordable set of devices for almost anybody. 

Dell Inspiron i5555 for Work Space

An office from any private to public sector uses a computer. A traditional work setting might have physical files and folders. In the technological era, these traditional setups have also started to rely on computer devices.

What types of computers are suitable for work? 

  1. A computer that has a visual display and typing capability is a basic norm. You cannot start any work done otherwise.
  2. Desktops are relevant and important to cater to office needs. However, for personal convenience workers have opted for laptops. Laptops are more portable, personal, and easily accessible in a workspace context. 
  3. Dell Inspiron i5555 is a series that is a part of a consumer-friendly approach. Does it possess the basic requirements needed for office work? The answer is yes. It can cater to a good amount of workload. 

What type of computer is required for a student?

  1. Firstly, the idea of need is not limited. Students can prefer and have varieties of purchase ideas. However, the mere need for college and school work comes down to fewer features.
  2. Secondly, there is a leisure and specific work preference that many students will acquire. There are activities that no one can do without. Gaming is a preferred approach and students do opt for laptops with gaming components.  
  3. Dell Inspiron i5555 is also from a laptop range that can deliver more than college tasks.    

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What type of computer is required for personal and professional use?

  1. Professional usage laptops are always an expensive purchase. 
  2. Laptops can cater to gaming capability. A good graphics processor and RAM capacity will take you through a good game session. The compatibility of the device is the first step for installing games. 
  3. There are other sets of groundwork required when a laptop is needed for specific work. Graphical work requires a heaver component, one that will not lag. The laptop can run multiple apps without lag if it is well set. 
  4. Dell Inspiron i5555 is also a laptop considerably handy but might not suffice for all heavier work. 
  5. Editors spent more laptop devices to have a smoother operation of the apps. Video editing requires good storage. The data collection in HD quality consumes space. The editing process in the apps is also dependent on storage. The RAM capacity plays a big role too. 
  6. Users can customize and also opt for laptops that satisfy their choice. You could want a laptop device to watch movies with friends. You could also need a device to write and produce a script.  A decent standard laptop can cater to these preferences.    

Specifications for the Dell Inspiron i5555

The features and details are where we get to know the device’s ability. The components built into the laptop will clarify the spending. 

Internal Details 

  • The processor is AMD A8-7410. The processor speed frequency is 2.3 GHz. It is a quad-core processor.  
  • The operating system for the Dell laptop is Windows 10. It has a 64-bit computing system. 
  • The processor count in this laptop is 2. 
  • Bluetooth connectivity is available on the laptop. Bluetooth 4.0 feature is available for this purpose. 
  • For wireless connectivity the laptop has 802.11bgn capacity. 
  • The connectivity speed in the Dell Inspiron i5555 laptop goes at 2.4 GHz.

Physical Details

  • The display screen of the laptop is 15.6 inches sized. The resolution for the display comes at 1360 x 768 pixels.
  • The display for this Inspiron is a touchscreen. It is an LED-lit display.  
  • The storage capacity of the laptop is 1 TB which is the norm these days for the storage of data. The interface for the hard drive is Serial ATA. The rotational speed for the hard drive is 5400 RPM. 
  • The RAM is 6 GB. The memory type is DDR3 SDRAM. The memory can expand to 16 GB.  The speed available is 1600 MHz.  
  • The weight of the laptop is 2.35 KG which seems to be on the heavier side as compared to the laptops which are being recently released.
  • The Dell Inspiron i5555 laptop comes with an optical drive feature. The drive type is Tray load DVD Drive.
  • The body dimensions of the laptop are, 10.3 inches, 14.9 inches, and 1 inch (W x L x H).
  • This Dell laptop has a port for USB 3.0 and 3 in 1 Media card reader. An external visual feature is also possible with the HDMI slot. 
  • The laptop comes with an in-built audio system. It has stereo speakers with a MaxxAudio feature. 
  • The laptop is provided with a standard keyboard and touchpad for navigating the pointing device. 

Utilisation of the Device 

The Dell Inspiron i5555 usage is comprehensive and targeted to all kinds of audiences. You do not have to be tech-savvy. Like every other laptop, the system operation is standard. 

  • The laptop has the latest Windows operating system. The usage of this is quite comprehensive. The icons and search buttons are available. 
  • Regular everyday usage is possible in the device. It can run word and spreadsheet for different tasks. Work for writing and number-related tasks are both doable.
  • The users can use the device for studies and store study material in the storage. The space is ample for work data and entertainment. The laptop can hold movies and music video collections.
  • Internet connectivity feature is given in the laptop as well as Bluetooth. Any compatible device can be connected for usage. 
  • The audio feature mentioned can be utilised for sound purposes on the laptop.   

The Advantages and Drawbacks of Making the Dell Purchase


  1. This notebook device is capable of providing you a good task capacity. It can run word processing and project-related apps for the office.
  2. Students can use it for presentation and assignment workload. 
  3. The laptop has a good Windows operating system that is the latest and easy. The set-up is easy and therefore appealing to all customers. 
  4. The internet connectivity feature provided on the laptop can be used for browsing. Work-related research can be done. Leisure usage of the internet for online music and videos is possible.  
  5. There is an optical drive available which can be beneficial to external data transfer and DVD needs. 
  6. The display is a touchscreen feature. This is an appealing component to many users. Touchscreen laptops are also expensive and this one provides the feature with a better price range.


  1. The drawbacks of this laptop can be because of its speed. It might not be the fastest. A fast and efficient way to boot and open for usage is a desired feature of any laptop. Users can get annoyed when required to have long waits for any utilisation. 
  2. The speed also caters to the overall usage of the device. You will require apps to function and perform tasks. The speed can hamper work-related apps which can in term create unsatisfying usage. 
  3. The body of the laptop might be a drawback to some. It is not a compact-sized notebook. Hence, trying to fit the Dell Inspiron i5555 laptop in any random bag will be an issue. 
  4. The battery is not suitable for long work hours. This means you have to constantly search for a charging area. This is not always possible. If you have important work while traveling, you might not be able to rely on this laptop. Carrying the laptop daily to your workspace is also another issue. Although it is not too heavy, the weight is average. Fitting a larger body in a bag and carrying it will therefore create discomfort for the user. 
  5. The price is not pocket-friendly. It is slightly in the mid to higher-end range. Users might prefer to opt for a lesser budget buy that can provide regular tasks. 
  6. Overall, in terms of the body, it is not impossible to carry. But it just might be an inconvenience many users might prefer to avoid.    

Overall Verdict of Dell Inspiron i5555

The overall purchase experience can be enhanced when you purchase from a reliable source. You can avoid broken parts and responsive customer interaction. Other than the external factors, the drawbacks have clarified the issues that come with the laptop. The issues with freezing and lagging will be the inconvenience factor users might want to stay away from. Waiting can be annoying when using a device for work.

The standardized work for office and school can be fulfilled which is the basic need. Hence, if you are ready to spend on a device, you can. This device can get some work done with a touch screen feature. Minimal work and usage can be enjoyed but on a higher budget.

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