Add fun to your life with this X-Ray cloth scanner simulator app. This is one of the funniest apps to see through the clothes. You can easily see through clothes using this software as it can take a picture of your friends and show the unadorned version of them. The interesting thing about this app is that you can take their unclothed photos as well and dress up them with your desire. This application is only for entertainment so, never hurt anyone with it.

Now, pranking your friends has become easy with the help of this outstanding X-ray Cloth Scanner Simulator. Tell your friends that you have a photo and it has a unique photo x-ray application. This application is designed specifically to uncover what the people have worn underneath their dresses.

This is the first X-ray cloth scanner application in the world and it allows you to see what people wear under their sweaters or coat. Download this application now and experience it yourself.

  • Allows you to see underneath just with a single touch
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Good and simple prank application
  • Xray Man, Xray Woman

This is a fact that you can even check the chest of your friend and you can choose if the friend is male or female. Just know the process where you will need to decide about the gender of the person and the body part you want to scan. After that, choose the chest and you can also choose the big and sexy breast or even fat body to make fun of them.

You can move afterward onto taking a picture and wait unless the data is being checked and then, enjoy the funny result that might look real. With this simulator, you can start fooling others and share your idea that how you can see beneath a person’s clothes. While choosing body image, you can start making X-rays and feel just like a real X-ray machine. The best part of this X-ray Cloth Scanner Simulator is that you can scan your friends and also provides you the scanning result.

The idea of making the cloth scanner application is to add more fun and enjoyment to your life. You can fool people by using this application and use this simulator application to enjoy it by showing it to your friends and families; they think that you have a real X-ray body scanning that can scan thoroughly.

After that, a genuine X-Ray scanner camera full body and will do some procedure and after that, an inventive body scanner camera will show the random picture of a person and you can show it to your friend. Definitely, your friend will amaze to see the undergarments picture of his/her through the this simulator App.

After choosing the body image you can start making X-rays. The body scanner will look just like a genuine X-ray (as we already discussed) under the clothes. You can send the scanning result of your friends by scanning them. See if your friend is a fat guy and make a funny joke and show it to the friends that what have they wear under the clothes. X-ray Cloth Scanner Simulator app helps you to scan all body parts and the scanning app will show the figure body parts. In short, all the special parts are scanned by using the special body scanner application.

X-ray Cloth Scanner Simulator app is compatible with the iPhone app as the name suggests, this app duplicates the same work of an X-ray machine. This is an X-ray boy scanner app and it provides the X-ray images of the person whom you want to see.

You only need a functional phone and the phone should have a camera. You can download this application and when you open it, you will be asked to specify your gender. When you are done with this then, this is the time to select the body parts which you want to scan. Keep the camera with an aim toward the person and click a photo. The photo which you get will uncover the body parts which you have chosen.

This app is just faux and doesn’t have any X-ray capabilities but it can be one of the best applications to see through clothes to prank your friends. Although, this see via clothes software and is only for above 18-year old people.

This application is very funny and very amusing as well as you and your friends can play with the phone see how you are scanning them.

This scanner app fantasizes behaves just like a genuine X-ray Cloth Scanner Simulator so, just enjoy this prank now and let the other images that you have a tool that can actually see beneath the clothes.

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