If you are looking for where to download the latest version of FM WhatsApp V8 35 Download, you are in the right place. You may be happy to know that here you will be able to install it immediately on your Android smartphone. In recent, you can’t find fm whatsapp v8 35 download in play story. So, you don’t worry about that because you will get it here.

If we want to use FM WhatsApp from here, you need to download the APK file from BELOW, then install it manually. Let’s discuss in detail how to manually install and download all the versions including the latest version with tutorials. First of all, what is fm WhatsApp?

If you’re already familiar with GBWhatsApp or YoWhatsApp, then FMWhatsApp is nothing new. FMWhatsApp on the other hand is the next version of YoWhatsApp (we can say).

FM WhatsApp V8 35 Download

FMWhatsApp So, you can download the latest version of FMWhatsApp (FMWA) V8.35 from the link above!

What is FMWhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp V8 35 Download (With Anti-Ban Enabled)
FM WhatsApp V8 35 Download (With Anti-Ban Enabled)

This is a MOD of WhatsApp created by an independent developer named Fouad Mokdad. So you can call it moded WhatsApp. Interestingly, you can get all of the service which you get before in the orginal version (is it interesting that). Plus, it includes lots of great features like maximum privacy just mode, image resolution, and customization and which is not present in the official WhatsApp.

In this mode of official WhatsApp you can get 5 minutes video status limit instead of 30 seconds. Cool? Isn’t it?

It also brings a lot of exciting things that can definitely blow your mind. So download fm whatsapp v8 35 without delay and enjoy those features. You can also decide if you want to switch from standard WhatsApp to FM WhatsApp on your device:

FM WhatsApp V8 35 Features

1. Privacy features

In the FMWhatsApp app you don’t have to worry about privacy as it is the highest priority here. Moreover, you can prevent others from letting you know if you have read the messages. In this case, you only need to turn off or turn on the read receipts fm whatsapp v8 35 will get a blue tick disable option that will prevent others from seeing the blue tick in their sent messages.

FMWhatsApp privacy

Not only that, you can also show your online status to people online (if you want to). However, it lets you set any date or time for the last status you see.

2. Chat feature

You’ll find tons of fantastic chat features here. The most interesting thing is that new emojis have been added. You may be surprised to learn that with the new emoji, you can surprise anyone on your list when you text them. Also, the chat screen customization option changes the UI. Not only this, with the help of this you can change the theme, background, icon and many more.

If you want to get fast messaging, bubble style messaging, group chat, group call and many more interesting features then fm whatsapp v8 35 is best. Because the above features attract the users to use  fmwhatsapp download instead of the standard version.

3. New additions

Gives you the ability to send up to 100 images at once. But you may laugh to hear that the real WhatsApp will not give you that advantage. Also, came up with another nice feature, called Chat Guy. This allows you to create a passcode to access your contacts’ chats (is it interesting that).

4. Video status

FM WhatsApp V8 35 Download (With Anti-Ban Enabled)
FM WhatsApp V8 35 Download (With Anti-Ban Enabled)

Typically, the original version gives you access to WhatsApp to keep a 30-second video status. Interestingly, fm whatsapp v8 35 lets you keep a video status up to 5 minutes (isn’t great news).

5. Miscellaneous

  • Allows you to send any type of file (APK, EXE, ZIP, RAR, etc.) from the file manager
  • Android lets you include Orio emojis
  • Special locking mode by pattern, fingerprint and pin.
  • Lets change the name of the contact on the home screen
  • Custom hide / view status
  • Font style preview font
  • Enables / disables the message counter in the launcher icon
  • Delete conversation media even after deleting chat
  • Lets control the conversation lock in the Communications / Group Information section
  • Lets color the page title in the text
  • Turkish translation
  • Show / hide path drawing pattern
  • Maximum image resolution
  • Privacy-only mode
  • Send status video up to 5 minutes
  • Added separate options for the color of the navigation bar
  • Allows you to save story photos and videos to your device
  • Mohnad font
  • Lets pinup 1000 chats
  • Reduce network usage
  • Lets swipe from left to right to exit a conversation
  • Send high-resolution images, up to 10 MB (HD)
  • See the photo broadcast icon in the chat
  • Load theme from SD card (XML file)
  • Lets change the color of the emoji header
  • Round WhatsApp icon
  • Lets disable head-up on Android 7.0+
  • Lets change the background color of the emoji picker
  • Lets set profile picture as chat screen wallpaper
  • Recent colors
  • Allo tick and 3D bubbles
  • Square image angle
  • Lets change the color of the hyperlink
  • No ads (ad free MOD)
  • Gorgeous screen

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What’s new in Fouad’s WhatsApp MOD?

Since FMWhatsApp is the newest version of GBWhatsApp YoWhatsApp, you’ll find something extra with the YoWA feature and that’s normal. You’ll be glad to know that you don’t have to miss any of your favorite old YoWA elements. Instead, there is more. Let’s take a look at what’s new in the latest update:

# 1: Yothims

This is a great feature that comes with the latest version of fm whatsapp v8 35. Users are fascinated with the new colors for themed themes. Plus, you can easily get rid of annoying old UI. At the same time with just one click a lot of nice themes can be applied to the entire UI.

# 2: Emoji variant

There are some new emojis that come with fm whatsapp v8 35 by default. You do not need to download from external sources, but you can send numerous emojis to your contacts from here.

FM WhatsApp V8 35 Download Anti- ban

You already know that FMWhatsApp is not available in Google Play Store, so you need to download the APK file from the link below. Once downloaded, you need to install it manually. Let’s download and install like the usual APK from the link below:

FM WhatsApp V8 35 Download

FmWhatsapp APK v8.35 Version Details

Name FMWhatsapp
Version v8.35 Version
Developer Fouad Mokdad
Package Name com.fmwhatsapp
Size 50 – 55 MB
Required Android 4.0+

Changelog for FMWhatsApp 8.35 (22-May-2022):

Things that have been added since the last update of FM Whatsapp,

  1. Group chat now has a separate tab (optional)
  2. Separate group tabs for the bar below
  3. Dubai (Arabic) font
  4. Switch light / dark mode will save your current settings and restore it when switching
  5. Font preview
  6. Error “App not installed”
  7. Fingerprint timeout randomly switches to “immediately”.
  8. Swipe across the screen when the swipe row is active
  9. Hide the second tick
  10. IG status is disappearing
  11. WhatsApp emoji / sticker shows in phone gallery
  12. The bar below is not working in Urdu
  13. Group description in Dark mode is not clearCustom privacy checkbox not appearing in RTL language
    Other bugs
  14. Advanced (Arabic, Urdu, German, Turkish, Spanish, Russian) translation
  15. Default UI returned to tabs
  16. Familiar Bugs: Unread counter Flickr when group tabs are enabled
  17. Changelog for FMWhatsApp 8.26:
  18. Click to mark status as viewed! Go to the first message
  19. Option to enable 5 minute status / story
  20. Option to increase the forward limit to 250! (Instead of 5)
  21. Message deletion time (delete for all) has been increased to 100 days!
  22. Hidden chat calls are visible on the Call tab
  23. Live location
  24. “Mark as seen” and save the wrong status / story
  25. Black ticks instead of blue on some phones
  26. Bouncing / Flickr text on the home screen
  27. Older emojis don’t have emojis
  28. Text status font style not showing
  29. IG status style crash
  30. IG status style image background problem

More bug fixes and improvements!

The last word

It is better to leave WhatsApp to get more access and some unique features. And to get the exciting features is a wise decision to get a modified version like FMWhatsApp. Share this post with your close ones and those who use the original version of WhatsApp, so that they too can benefit from it.
Thank you

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