Verizon Safe Wi-Fi ReviewYou want to connect with WiFi networks but you’re not sure whether it is safe or not. Verizon Safe Wi-Fi protects your personal data and makes it more secured so that you can access it without any worries.

It provides security to connect any devices confidently on any Wi-Fi network. Verizon Safe Wi-Fi Review article, we have focused on many aspects to give you in-depth information in one place.

Let’s begin and know the actual review of Verizon Safe Wi-Fi.

What is Verizon Safe Wi-Fi VPN?

Verizon Safe WiFi is just a VPN, which helps you hide your IP address when using public networks. If you are an Android and iOS user, then you can easily access it, as it is made just for you.

It will also protect your privacy by blocking online ads and unwanted content. You can easily get it at a low cost to better protect your information and online activities.

It will also protect you from cyber attacks and hackers to hide your IP and identity. Secure WiFi comes with an ad blocker that will prevent ads from tracking your online activities and browsing. You can also use it on 10 different devices at the same time.

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It also lets you use a secure WiFi VPN outside the country and keep your device safe from public networks and WiFi.

Although these are common features that all good VPNs have, now we will talk about some of the best and advanced features of Safe WiFi VPN. It comes with a high level of encryption and protocols that are used by Open VPN, L2TP, and SSTP.

Safe WiFi VPN also has some advanced security tools, which kill switch, double VPN, and DNS leak protection, which provide a standard level of security.

Verizon’s Safe Wi-Fi VPN Pros and Cons


  • it is easy to use the app
  • Available to most Verizon Wireless customers.
  • Not available for 250MB and more for non-nationwide plans, prepaid, and business.
  • 128-bit AES encryption
  • unknown protocol
  • You can easily use it in 10 simultaneous connections.
  • 30 days free try


  • It has no logs policy
  • Also, there is no count and place list.
  • It won’t let you choose your server or location
  • No way to select your encryption or protocol
  • Comes without a kill switch

How  to Use Verizon Safe Wi-Fi

Safe WiFi is designed for Android and iOS users only. So, you can easily use it on your device with a few steps given below. It lets both users install and access it in a single process.

This app is available for multiple plans like The New Verizon Plan, The Verizon Plan, Most More Everything Plans, Nationwide Plans, Mobile Broadband Plans, International Plans, and Features.

First, install Verizon on your device and open it by agreeing to the terms and conditions. Then you have to get its 30-day free trial, which only costs $3.99 per month. You can easily do all the work on the phone, so you do not need a laptop or tablet for this.

After opening the app, you can get the option to turn on or off the ad blocker. After enabling or disabling it, you can see the list of available secure and unsecured networks. Then all you have to do is choose a network and turn on the VPN.

Is Verizon Safe WiFi VPN safe to use

Most people use VPN to protect their online privacy, activity, and crucial information from cyber attacks, ISP providers, and third-party internet users. Apart from this, most internet users also use VPN to unblock blocked sites and apps with restricted content.

The specific function of VPN is to hide IP that will protect the identity and location of users so that users can easily unblock the dark web and blocked sites and apps.

As an ISP, Verizon collects all your information, browsing history, Internet activities, and location data. It also complies with US anti-privacy data retention laws.

This is clearly described in their Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. If you look under the hood, it is not surprising that Secure WiFi VPN logs your data.

In addition, McAfee, an antivirus software company supports and manages Verizon’s Safe WiFi VPN app data. Therefore, you are monitored “at your own risk” by McAfee.


Is safe WiFi from Verizon worth it?

Verizon Safe WiFi VPN helps to hide your IP from hackers and cybercrimes. It also comes with an ad-blocking feature that prevents the advisor from stealing your personal information and browsing data. It also blocks ads from Verizon websites, so you’ll never be able to trace online activities to anyone. Overall I would recommend it to you, as it is only worth $3.99 per month.

Is Verizon safe WiFi free?

You can use secure WiFi if you are a Verizon customer or you are an Android and iOS user, as it will not support PC and Mac. You can get it for just $3.99 per month. And you can use the same account on 10 different devices.

It also gets a free 30-day trial, so you can easily decide if it’s the best one for you. If you want to get a secure WiFi VPN you will need to log into the My Verizon app and navigate to “Products and Devices”. After that, you have to scroll down the cursor till you find Safe WiFi and then use it.

Can I trust Verizon Digital secure?

Yes, you can trust this app for privacy. The version is used by over 1,750 internet users for better security and to easily unblock restricted apps and sites.


VPN makes any Wi-Fi connection secure and it allows you to browse privately very safely.

As you know virtual private network (VPN) secures your private data from online activities. So using this VPN could be the best solution for you.

Please let me know in the comment section below, what do you think about this VPN. Also, you can share this article with your friends and help them to get secure browsing online.

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