ibVPN Review: Services, Price, Details – VPN allows you to browse data in safe mode on the internet. ibVPN is a great VPN for encrypting your internet traffic if you’re used to web browsing a lot. In this ibVPN review article, we’ve covered its features, why you should use it, speeds, and much more.

If you think about getting the best VPN for unblocking Netflix, Hulu, and Crunchyroll, IBVPN is not the best option for it. Because ibVPN is not able to unblock these sites. You can use some of the best VPNs like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, CyberGhost VPN to unblock these types of sites, which will really help you.

If your preference is for general web browsing, then ibVPN may be the right choice for you in 2021. Without further delay, let’s get started…

What is ibVPN?

ibVPN seems to have its actual name “invisible browsing” VPN, and its services match the correct name. It focuses on multiple security parts including security and privacy. ibVPN helps you hide your public IP in case you relocate to another country of your choice.

ibVPN is a small VPN with only 180+ server networks in only 50 countries. But, it is also a great VPN in that you can use it for various purposes like streaming, torrenting, and bypassing censorship.

It also provides great protection for using restricted webs safely. It also has various packages with features selected for specific uses of the VPN. For example, you can get a streaming VPN plan specifically for secure and anonymous streaming.

We have tested ibVPN to check its performance and security. Then we found that it provides great torrenting support with robust security. It also has a no-logs policy, so that even IBVPN cannot store your logs and data.

But, It also has some disappointing things, which is that it will not provide a speed like other VPNs. It will also not be able to access popular streaming sites. If you want to get a VPN to unblock Netflix. Then this is the worst option for you, as it cannot unblock Netflix as well.

If you think about getting a VPN for streaming and unblocking Netflix and other sites. I would suggest you get other best VPNs, such as ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and CyberGhost VPN instead of ibVPN.

ibVPN Review: Performance and Reliability

ibVPN has OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, and SSTP protocols which are the most common security protocols. These are commonly used in local VPN servers. It also does not provide great performance, which is why most of the users do not like to use this VPN.

When talking about customer support, it has some positive rates in this case as the website has its SmartDNS services, which offer customers the chance to use ibDNS to enhance their experience.

You can check different servers one by one to get better speed, which can provide better speed for you.

Does ibVPN slow down your internet?

When we talk about the speed of ibVPN, it is good but cannot be said to be the best. But there are some features that will help you increase the speed of the VPN by choosing a faster VPN server.

It has a server location indication that indicates how much traffic is on each server. So, you can choose the most used server for better speed.

ibVPN comes with a Quick Connect feature that helps you automatically connect to the fastest servers. But it takes a long time to connect, and may not even work properly.

How Much Security and Privacy ibVPN Can Give?

Earlier this VPN was used to keep your log for seven days. But after reporting, users should turn off keeping logs. And now ibVNP doesn’t keep your logs and data, which is a big deal.

It ensures better security so you don’t need to be worried about privacy and security. It allows you to provide minimal information about yourself when you register in it. You can easily pay through bitcoin safely and securely.

How Much it Costs?

You can get any one of the four plans as per your wish. All these different plans have different features for monthly and yearly. It is a little more expensive than average. You can also get some discounts on annual subscriptions.

If you get an expensive plan, then it will provide you with a lot of great features. It will let you access VPN, proxy, and SmartDNS services for better security and performance on all servers.

It also provides TOR Over VPN, Double VPN, and Stealth VPN services. If you get the remaining three affordable plans, then it will give you some special features.

What Features and Services ibVPN Provides?

Some features are provided by the ibVPN service.

  • It lets you use it on almost all devices like Windows PC, Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS.
  • It also has a mobile app for mobile users which you can easily download from Google Play Store.
  • Also, there is a wide collection of servers in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, India, Hong Kong, UAE, South Africa, and many more.
  • It has also securely dedicated servers for P2P/Torrent, Streaming, Gaming, Double-hop VPN.
  • It also offers built-in Smart DNS for better security.

Is ibVPN any good?

  • It gives a good speed.
  • comes at an affordable price
  • kill switch feature
  • Also HS multi-hop server
  • It offers a large selection of protocols
  • You Can Access Tor Over VPN Too

What are the CONS Of ibVPN?

  • Can’t unblock Netflix.
  • Limited work on everything except Windows
  • Worst Windows User Interface
  • Excessive ping length increases
  • It only offers an Ultimate VPN subscription which has all the features
  • Uses third-party payment processors, which are the ones with the highest risk in payment processing.


In the end, I hope you liked this article, which is entirely about the ibVPN review. ibVPN is also a great VPN that helps protect browsing and prevents people from knowing about your identity.

It also hides your IP address so that no one can identify you and your location. Let us tell you that ibVPN does not provide better speeds for a great experience.

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