I believe most of us were fans of the analog camera that we grew up on. We experienced purchasing reels, getting the photo washed, and most importantly waiting. Millennials will also relate to it. As the technology advanced into faster internet and portable devices, we also received many digitalized goods. A new era came, retro fashion came back into action. So did many styles of retro. We now use the old telephone as a fashion tool, ranging from the candlestick to our landline telephone. This is how the style in the photo came back.

What is the Polaroid effect?

A polaroid camera gives you a beautiful effect of light, and a good glare light on the photo. The camera gives you an instant physical picture which is why it became so popular. It is not only a digital photograph. Many enthusiastic users have done alternate means to get the quality of the photo. Certain apps with collage ability also give you a white border, like a frame. This white frame border gives you a somewhat similar effect. Users print this border effect photo, and voila a picture with the effect is yours.

Here are some Polaroid Fame Apps that will give you the desired effect of the polaroid camera


This is your basic polaroid border effect app. Different types of frames replicate the desired effect. You can also edit the photos and personalize them as you please. The popular white border frame and other colours with a pattern are in the app. This is a simple tool for you. And sometimes minimal is better. There is nothing complex in the app and you get what you need directly. You can also use blur texture, and other kinds as well.

PolyCam- Vintage Filters Cam, Aesthetic Leak Effect

Here is another app along with the retro feel of the effect. This is a way to bring the effects of the Fuji Instax Camera. You can get cool Kodak frames for the photo. You can also add a light effect like the rainbow leak. This app gives you so much potential to play with and make your photo vintage. This app has a free Instax maker that gives you the same kind of feel. You can print the photos and make them appear vivid. Another cool feature of this app is that you can connect to a printer. It will act like the real polaroid and give you quality content.

  1. It gives you more than 20 retro camera effects.
  2. It will give you a light leak filter effect, a grain texture filter, and also burn film effect. You have more than 30 options to choose from so that gives you a variety to select from.
  3. There are also frames available that are very similar to the Instax kind.
  4. The effect of how retro lens looks.
  5. You have the freedom to play with the size, the HSL, and ratio, etc.
  6. More effects like VHS glitches are easily available.
  7. You can use skin retouching effect and vignette as well.

Lomo Cam – Vintage Cam, Analog Film Filters

This is a good retro effect app. You can also connect the app to the printer and get what you need. You can avail of a variety of filters here.

  1. There is an 80’s look filter, burn film filter, rainbows, and other types of light leak effect.
  2. You get a good amount of vintage look effects.
  3. Many light leak options as well. And features ranging from dust texture to other kinds of texture.
  4. The app gives you many border frames to choose from and also adjustable settings.
  5. You also get a vignette effect.

Disposable Camera & Vintage Film Filters

This is the app version of the analog camera. It will give you a good 80’s vibe photo. The app promises you a look as aesthetic as the film cinematography. This is a free app that brings you all types of oldie’s feel. These are what you can do in the app.

  1. It gives you the required light and shadow for your photo. The app provides you a refined mellowness to the photo.
  2. If it is cloudy with low lighting, the image will still be captured well. The colour saturation in the app is quite natural and therefore, gives you a quality photo.
  3. You can find good polaroid filters; the style and artistic beauty of the filter will satisfy you.
  4. You can avail a very good effect here, to take a food photo. It will be similar to loops. The colors are perfect for food pictures.
  5. You can find a filter similar to that of Lomo retro. It has a classic vibe.
  6. There is also old grain type of filter, pink purple filter, filter vibe, and sparkle glitter effect which Is quite popular.
  7. You also get double exposure, half-frame, and all sorts of appealing frames.

The app also has a timer and setting changes that can be made to your liking.

All these apps are a great example of the polaroid frame and basic vintage effect. Your real-time image to your edited ones, can all be made super-vintage. There is nothing to dislike if you appreciate a good oldies vibe. With a little editing here and there with apps like these and more, your photo is completed. You can understand, the frames, borders, light leaks, grainy filters, and exposure, and then finally edit. This is what makes your photo of quality and simply retro.

1988 Cam-Vintage Camera

The name of the app draws your attention with the mention of the year 1988. It already gives you a retro vibe. Now, getting into what the app offers, you can expect grainy filters, light leaks, and dust effects, etc. You are the right demographic for this app if you are looking for a retro feel polaroid effect. You can share your images from the app with ease. You also get to edit your photos as you please. You can also find features like.

  1. Vintage filter, retro look, black and white, portrait, landscape mode, pro, and cinematic, etc.
  2. You have an instant preview.
  3. You get to use a good 3D effect that is realistic.
  4. You can avail of a cool date and time stamp on the picture.
  5. You get to use film effect, dust, grainy, and light leak, etc.
  6. You can click your pictures on self-timer here.
  7. You can also edit your photos and add the desired filters after clicking a photo.
  8. You can use real-time effects and filters while clicking a photo or recording a video.
  9. You have the freedom to adjust and straighten your photo.
  10. You can crop and skew the photo while editing.
  11. The important settings like contrast, saturation, fade, vibrancy, warmth, exposure, tone, and sharpness can be changed.
  12. You can easily save the edited photos to your device gallery.
  13. You can open your gallery to bring the images to the app and edit them.

These features are quite important for your customizable fun polaroid look. The app is free and there are no requirements for a subscription. You can edit, save, and capture images with no watermarks in them. The 1998 cam is quite popular for users preferring a retro look. And you can easily connect to your social media accounts to share your fun pictures.

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